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Cardano & Crypto News

Project Catalyst - All the news that’s fit to print - July 2022

Cardano Project Catalyst by the Numbers

Announcing: LidoNation launches Cardano Blockchain Lab in Kenya

Cardano Flirts with Representative Democracy

An Open Letter to News Media, Journalists, and Podcasters : There’s more to the Blockchain story!

Innovation Fatigue: The Cardano Community Takes a Deep Breath

Project Catalyst Fund 8 Governance in full swing

Cardano goes Big on Pioneering Blockchain Governance in 2022

2021 Reflections & The Year Ahead: with Charles Hoskinson

IOHK Secret 20 Million CFund

New Cardano Partnership = Exciting future for your phone!

Twitter's iPhone users can now tip author in Bitcoin

Cardano launches Smart Contracts; What does it mean?

Ideafest! Come meet over 70 Catalyst Proposals and the humans behind them!

ShapeShift is Decentralizing

Cardano launches support for smart contracts on testnet

Cardano ADA coming to a bank near you!

Amazon to start accepting Crypto: Including Cardano

Project Catalyst reaches 200,000 plus voters

University of Wyoming Research Lab Launches Cardano Staking Pool

Grayscale Investments adds Cardano to its Fund - as its 3rd larges holding!

Cardano Cash! Ahhhhhhh!!!

University of Wyoming may be staking ADA

Ethiopia integrating IOG's Cardano based system to manage student records

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Lido Nation: Origin Story

The Lido Nation staking pool launched on the Cardano mainnet in December 2020. From there, a couple of dreamers started to talk about what our little corner of the network should look like. As a pair of curious birds, who get excited about learning and sharing knowledge, we noticed that there wasn’t enough of the kind of material we wanted to read about blockchain, and Cardano.

So we started to write it!
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