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Twitter's iPhone users can now tip author in Bitcoin

If you are a regular Twitter user, this is no news to you. For everyone else: on September 23rd, Twitter announced that iPhone users can now “tip” each other on Twitter’s iPhone app using Bitcoin. The company also plans to add support for other gen-z favorites, like venmo, cash app, etc. Additional new blockchain-related features will allow Twitter users to verify ownership of the NFTs they post. This is huge progress on a mainstream platform, solidifying blockchain technology into yet another piece of modern infrastructure.

How Twitter is going to do this:
Unlike Tesla’s experiment from earlier in the year, Twitter is not going to run their own Bitcoin nodes and process all the transitions themselves. Instead they will work with Strike, a company that has developed a “Lighting Network” wallet. Users will link their Strike account to their Twitter account in order to send Bitcoin payments. The Lightning network sits on top of the regular Bitcoin network, allowing “Lightning-fast” blockchain payments by sending the payment directly from sender to receiver without waiting for a bunch of nodes around the…

Cardano launches Smart Contracts; What does it mean?

On September 12 at 21:44:51 UTC the Cardano blockchain crossed over from epoch 289 to 290. At that moment, the ecosystem entered the long awaited Goguen era. Goguen is the third of five developmental milestones on the Cardano roadmap, launching smart contracts onto the chain. The design of Cardano’s smart contracts is different from its predecessors in important ways. This successful launch will lead to the next stop on the roadmap, which will add more tools for end users.

Remarkably, this update went live without a hitch and the network has remained incredibly stable. If you follow Cardano news, you may have heard the buzz about watch parties around the world, including a Zoom party live streamed by IOG. If…

Ideafest! Come meet over 70 Catalyst Proposals and the humans behind them!

This Saturday starting at 15:00 UTC, the Cardano community will get a chance to hear from dozens of Project Catalyst 6 proposal teams! Teams…

ShapeShift is Decentralizing

In the coming year, a company of about 65 people and 6.5 Million USD in revenue will relinquish control of its future to its…

Cardano launches support for smart contracts on testnet

On August 2nd, 2021, Cardano enabled smart contracts in their public test network. The concept of “Smart Contracts” goes back to the 1990s. It…

Cardano ADA coming to a bank near you!

In July month, the Cardano Foundation released a 36 minutes video outlining their plans for the next five years. They outlined five areas of…

Amazon to start accepting Crypto: Including Cardano

In late July 2021, exciting clues emerged that Amazon is getting ready to join the blockchain revolution. Rumors started to swirl when the company…

Project Catalyst reaches 200,000 plus voters

On July 2, the Cardano Project Catalyst team posted the final voting results for “Fund 4”. According to the project’s website: **“Project Catalyst is…

University of Wyoming Research Lab Launches Cardano Staking Pool

In an exciting reprise of the old Wild West days, Wyoming is forging trails in new territory. In 2020, the University of Wyoming established…

Grayscale Investments adds Cardano to its Fund - as its 3rd larges holding!

Cardano has been invited to the big kid table at Grayscale Investments. The world’s leading digital asset management fund recently rebalanced its portfolio, selling…

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