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Partnerships in All Shapes and Sizes

Cardano + UN Refugee Agency + TURF NFTs + a Very Good Dog

Blockchain technology could change the world. Decentralization pushes power to the edges, where every person has the power to participate and influence that change. The future is for everyone.

The Cardano community is known not just for holding these values,…


Cardano Partnership with UN Refugee Agency

A global NGO tackles the blockchain learning curve

Last November, the Cardano Foundation announced that it is partnering with Switzerland for UNHCR (the United Nations Refugee Agency). This partnership emerged from the second annual Global Impact Challenge, an opportunity for Cardano to forge new partnerships that showcase…


Many Minds:

Tyler (the Collaborator) on Connecting & Working Together

In a recent interview, Tyler discussed his beginnings in Cardano and offered insights into his journey with collaboration.

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Lido Nation: Origin Story

The Lido Nation staking pool launched on the Cardano mainnet in December 2020. From there, a couple of dreamers started to talk about what our little corner of the network should look like. As a pair of curious birds, who get excited about learning and sharing knowledge, we noticed that there wasn’t enough of the kind of material we wanted to read about blockchain, and Cardano.

So we started to write it!
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