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Cardano and Blockchain Insights

Whiteboard Video Part 2: Scalability

In Part 1, we learned that the 3rd Generation of cryptocurrency is about solving the problems of Scalability, Interoperability, and Sustainability. In this second excerpt from the whiteboard video, Charles explains the Cardano solution to Scalability:

Scalability has a lot of meanings, but from a cryptocurrency perspective, you can think of it three ways:

1) Transactions Per Second (TPS)

You’ll often hear people say, “Well Bitcoin has 7 transactions per second” or “Ethereum has 10 or 20 transactions per second”. This is simply the notion of how many transactions are able to get processed on the blockchain within some finite period of time. [Editor’s note: Cardano has achieved ~250 TPS, with plans to grow that number much higher!]

Introducing Ouroboros

To address TPS, we developed a peer-reviewed whitepaper for our provably secure proof-of-stake protocol called Ouroboros. Ouroboros is one of the most efficient consensus protocols in the cryptocurrency space, and it’s the first to be proven secure in a very rigorous cryptographic way. The magic of Ouroboros is that it’s been designed in a modular way and with future-proofing in…

8 Ways to participate in Project Catalyst and Earn Monies in Fund 7!

On Nov 11, during the weekly Cardano town hall meeting, Charles Hoskinson announced the kickoff of Project Catalyst Fund 7. I counted 500+ Zoom…

"The Whiteboard Video" Part 1: The Evolution of Cryptocurrency

Whiteboard Video Part 1: The Evolution of Cryptocurrency

To understand Cardano, first you have to understand where Cardano came from. So let’s talk…

Side Chains and State Channels on Cardano

In the world of blockchain technology, a “side chain” is when you link one blockchain network to another in a parent-child relationship. The blockchain…

The Cardano Roadmap: the history, the future, and YOU

Every blockchain network is fundamentally a software development project. It starts with a small team and a big idea. If the idea works, the…

Crypto Wallet: Your Cardano Citizenship Center

Your Crypto Wallet is the most central component of your personal interactions with a blockchain network. Despite their centrality, the basic choices and details…

Cardano's Project Catalyst: Experiments in Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO)

Project Catalyst is an experiment in collaboration and innovation for Cardano. This experiment is made possible by the Cardano blockchain. The format of Project…

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