Blockchain Noobs.

So you recently bought your first ADA, or bought it back in 2017 and your eclectic friend has been singing songs in your ear about cardano recently.

But but but, you still don't quite understand much of it. Resources on this page is to help give you a 6th grade understanding of blockchain technology and how cardano uses the blockchain to literally change the world.

Cardano is the world’s new operating system for finance, identity, and governing. Cardano can put the things you care about in a super safe and secure place and give you ultimate control, whether you are from Italy, or Japan, Peru, or Ethiopia...
The Cardano network rewards participants and decentralizes power, resulting in a framework that is both sturdy and egalitarian. Cardano does this through the function of its digital currency, ADA. ADA has three important functions: Currency, Voting, and Staking...
How do I buy ADA
1 min
Beginner friendly instructions for buying ADA for multiple regions around the world and from multiple exchange websites.

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