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挑战: F8: DApps and Integrations
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We are computer science and software engineers, who have worked with many years of experience, specialized in software development, bigData analysis, AI, Cloud computing & Blockchain technology. we are creative startups such as Games, Apps, dApps, eCommerce applying blockchain.




\n\n[IMPACT] Please describe your proposed solution.

Our story begins with cPay which is a project that we have funded and are completing.

The project is in the challenge Fund7 of COTI, we have the support and cooperation with the leading technology engineers of COTI (Mr @NaorSella and @yairtesta).

It was a great partnership and we learned a lot from each other to develop more dApps and APIs or Opensource for Developer Ecosystem on Cardano Blockchain. ====== Proposed Solution =====

With cBilling we want to develop a total solution for the retail, e-commerce, and online shopping industry based on transactions via cryptocurrencies, here are currencies built on Cardano Blockchain.

Cryptocurrency payments will be analyzed in depth by us and stored in a database of the cBilling software system.

From these data analysis algorithms, the data will be refined and queried to serve the functions of the retail and e-commerce industries. Such as accounting, sales invoices, taxes, exchange rates… cBilling will go through the following development stages:

  • Build open libraries as well as APIs tools available for developers to access and integrate with e-commerce platforms.

  • Build its own database based on specific integration into e-commerce

  • Build and develop applications for users with the features of the designed cBill software.

  • Improving and developing the customer base using cBill, deploying applications on retail platforms, selling PoS directly, and e-commerce. The implications of the proposal are:

This cBilling DApp will impact and attract a large number of users with the audience being individual customers and retailers, e-commerce.

Especially the first Cardano blockchain project to build applications on it.

It will have a direct effect on ADA holders who want to report their transactions as well as manage purchases and view the input and output of their coins on the Cardano network.

The management of cryptocurrency transactions is often difficult for those with little knowledge or are afraid to access, now through the cBilling application you can manage and view all your transactions via your phone. 

With cBilling will manage and create invoices for you anytime you want.

Please describe how your proposed solution will address the challenge?

Modules, software functions as well as the overall solution of the project that we will implement: 1/ Build cPay module.

cPay: Accept payments with cryptocurrencies on the Cardano Blockchain system.

With cPay we are building features around it such as: Development of cPay wallet. Avoid volatility by automatically converting coins. Safeguard your coins in our vault and lock them for as long as you want. Automatically send payments to any crypto wallet you want. Grow your business globally with borderless, instant and low-cost crypto transactions. In the future, we will allow the integration of other cryptocurrencies outside the Cardano blockchain. 2/ Build the cBill module.

Make bill pay easy for yourself or your assistant manager by having more visibility into all expenses and bills - in one powerful platform.

With cBilling, we build a bill management system for corporate and individual customers to use. Our platform is focused on retail, e-commerce and online shops.

The features and modules that we will develop for cBilling are: Build Plugins:

Build plugins for major commerce platforms and online shops like Alibaba, Woocommerce, Shopify, Magento, Opencart, Wix…

This will help customers who need their stores to set up our system very simply and quickly. Create ADAPay buttons:

Build easy checkout buttons for integration into your e-commerce website or online shopping. You can use our crypto payment button anywhere on the internet platform you want to integrate. 

It is optimally designed for simplicity and ease of use for users who do not need to know much about blockchain technology or information technology. Technical solutions and integrated processes:

UI Button maker => Input POST Fields on HTML form => View and Check Short code in programing:

<form action="" method="post" target="_top">

<input type="hidden" name="cmd" value=“c_pay">

<input type="hidden" name="reset" value="1">

<input type="hidden" name=“to_shipping" value="0">

<input type="hidden" name="merchant" value=“349c67da438552cfeb906e6d7f31c96a”>

<input type="hidden" name="crypto" value=“ADA”>

<input type="hidden" name="amount" value=“5.00”>

<input type="hidden" name="items" value="Buy A">

<input type="hidden" name="allow_extra" value="1">

<input type="hidden" name="success_url" value="">

<input type="hidden" name="cancel_url" value="">

<input type="image" src="" alt="ADAPay">

</form> Build APIs tools

Build APIs for integrating ADA crypto payments and transaction bills. Technical solutions and integrated processes:

Authentication => API Response => API POST Fields Authentication:

The HMAC signature is created from your request’s full raw, POST data. Every API call has an SHA-512 HMAC signature generated with your private key.

API Response:

The API will return an array with elements to process the next step action

API POST Fields:

API calls are made as basic HTTP POST requests Voice Builder:

Build your customer’s invoices based on the transactions that come from their crypto wallets during the commercial transaction.

Analyze data and query according to customer requirements, build a web admin for customers to be proactive with their crypto trading-related work.

  • Create payment bills for customers.

  • List payments.

  • View statements of payments.

  • Query and store the completed transaction.

  • Payment tracking.

  • Create a link for customer payment completion. Stay compliant with real-time syncing to your accounting system

Automate everything from payment preferences to approvals - so your vendors get paid the way they want. Build Mobile App

Building cBilling app on Android and iOS to make payment via Mobile more convenient and easier.

  • Generate QR codes for code scanning and payment.

  • Manage your account anywhere.

  • Pay in many places that you can use when our app is present. POS - Tools development

Build payment gateways for retail locations or pay directly in the form of PoS.

We will integrate crypto payments with PoS machines for restaurants and retailers. 

This will be convenient when you have both payments via our mobile App QR code and can be combined with PoS at the place you pay.

At the PoS site, you simply open your wallet integrated with cBilling and scan the QR code to accept your bill payment. 

You can view the transaction history on the account you have registered with our website. The KPIs for the project to go straight to solving the problem are:

The number of transactions extracted and statistics from ADA holders. The number of plugins built on commercial platforms. The number of ADApayment buttons implemented on payment gateways and webshop. The number of wallets that integrate and connect to the cBilling app. The number of downloads of cBilling application. The number of people who use cBilling application regularly. The number of invoices generated. The number of PoS integrated cBilling applications. Cryptocurrencies are integrated into the application. Communication strategy:

We will build communication channels on

Youtube, Facebook, Twitter to promote your application. In addition, building information exchange channels about cBilling applications for ADA users.

Create user manual content of the App, the benefits of using this application. Promote directly on e-commerce platforms about cBilling app. We open online AMA sessions with the community to share information about our products. Train or hire regular media KOLs for this dApp. We believe that with every methodically deployed and communicated content, the cBilling application will be known and downloaded by many people on their smartphones.

What main challenges or risks do you foresee to deliver this project successfully?

===== Risks and Solutions =====


Limited acceptance of crypto payments in retail and e-commerce. Exchange rate fluctuations in the crypto market are always a concern when paying with cryptocurrencies. Personnel working for crypto-payment operations are hard to find. Different decentralized blockchain platforms cost a lot of resources for research and testnet deployment. Solution:

We believe that today's media about cryptocurrencies is more open, especially in the very active crypto investment world. It is shaping up to be an attractive and sustainable financial market over time, so retailers and e-commerce don't want to miss out on their customers in dealing with cryptocurrencies. Surely in the future, it will be widely paid, the rest of us is to persevere in making our products well. It is true that the exchange rate in the crypto market is always volatile and makes orders difficult. We will develop reasonable exchange rate conversion mechanisms between cryptocurrencies according to the algorithm of stablecoin Djed that Cardano has successfully researched, in addition, a strong real-time system is also an advantage to prevent rate slip. transaction price. We will conduct staff training and will have training courses for customers to use cBilling products easily and have a good understanding of transactions in e-commerce with cryptocurrencies. It is really difficult to differentiate between blockchain platforms nowadays, making it difficult to build a DApp that integrates seamlessly into payments on the internet.

But obviously, it helps for diversity and general decentralization in the financial sector, especially bill payment. That problem is both a hindrance and an opportunity for us to develop the most useful decentralized applications for businesses and individuals to use. That is also an issue we need to invest in human resources to develop in the long term.\n\n[FEASIBILITY] Please provide a detailed plan and timeline for delivering the solution.

===== The Project Roadmap =====


Analyze transactions on the Cardano blockchain platform. Shaping and formatting the database for the dApp system to use. Design the database architecture of the cBilling application. Detailed definition of the enhancements of the dApp. Build APIs for cBilling and open APIs for partners to do the same. Built plugins for all the major ecommerce platforms. Maker ADApayment button for intergration on shoping online. Building a common web portal for cBilling dApp. Q3/2022

Design the operating system for cBilling. Design management interface for dApp. Design graphics user interface. Build invoice templates. Programming for the user interface. Programming DApp functions (automatic invoicing, sending invoices, order management.) Deploy the cBilling version on PC. Released the MVP version of cBilling. Q4/2022

Programming DApp functions (Export to accounting, QR code generator, invoice links generator.) Developing mobile applications for cBilling on Android. Developing cBilling App on iOS. Build plugins and integrate them on e-commerce platforms. Released the cBilling dApp version 1.0. Build channel for customers support. Q1/2023

Improve the interface and functionality of the DApp. Practical integration for retail and individual customers, e-commerce. Expanding markets, promoting marketing to potential customers. Build POS - Point of Sale Tools. Integrate POS at the point of sale directly. ===== Term Success =====

Short-Term Success After 3-6 Months:

Finished designing software and hardware systems for cBilling application development. Finished building APIs for integration with end-users and developers. Completed cBilling's website homepage. Finished graphic design for cBilling application. Completed invoice forms. Complete plugins for integration into e-commerce platforms. Finish programming the basic functions of the application. Release of trial version and PC version of cBilling application. Short-Term Success After 6-12 Months:

Complete programming of cBilling features. Release version with full functions of cBilling on PC. Release version 1.0 on the Android operating system platform. Release version 1.0 officially on iPhone, iPad. Integration into e-commerce platforms: (Alibaba, Woocommerce, Shopify, Magento, Opencart, Wix…) Develop separate community channels for customers using cBilling. Reach thousands of customers using the App. Short-Term Success After 12-24 Months:

Build customer support service channels for the application. Improved functionality of cBilling application. Build and integrate PoS with cBilling. Upgrade to version 2.0 for cBilling application. Implement communication and advertising campaigns to potential customers. Reach tens of thousands of customers using the App. Please provide a detailed budget breakdown.

========== FUND 8 Detail Fund Allocation ========== Blockchain developer: (Smart-contact coding, Analysis transaction logs, Intergrate Cardano blockchain to the dApp..)

     ~180 x ($65/h) = 11,700 System Design: (Sever system, network, security, cloud services ..)

     ~ 60h x ($50/h) = 3,000 Graphics Design: (Design UX/UI of App & Web)

     ~ 60h x ($45/h) = 2,700 Web Frontend Dev: (App Functions, Admin page, Plugin coding, Templates build, UI coding)

     ~ 150h x ($45/h) = 6750 Web System Backend Dev: (Coding API, Database query, monitoring, backup system ..)

     ~ 160h x ($50/h) = 8,000 Mobile App Dev: (Programming app to build on Android and iOS)

     ~ 150h x ($50/h) = 7,500 QA & Testing dApp: (Testnet dApp, App functions testing, unit test, security testing ..)

     ~ 80 x ($40/h) = 3,200 Hardware: (WebServer, storage, cloud services ..)

     ~ 3servers x 350$x6months = 6,300 Tax(10%) now 0% by support from our government for entertainment content & IT StartUp. Total budget: $49,150

Specifically, see this link of ours:

Please provide details of your team members required to complete the project.

===== Co-Team Membes & Experiences ===== Trong Nguyen

Software, cloud engineer, Cardano fan, ADA stake pool owner, technology startups. 


A software engineer and IT specialist who worked for many big IT tech firms in Japan such as GNT, ISFNet, and IBM. 

Experienced in software product management, digital content with 10 years of mobile app development for Android and IOS. Experienced with Cardano technologies. CA and well understand Catalyst project.

Co-Founder ADAboys LAB.

Founder of Technotes.Asia | Specializing in digital transformation for advanced technology and tech startups. 

Founder of Peafone Studio game ( | Develop game content on mobile and applications on smartphones. 

Founder of [ATA] Pool (

Proposer funded in F7 (IronSky game proposal, cPay proposal, 2MinApp proposal) Responsibilities: 

Product management.

Digital content.

Project Management.

Software engineer. Contact:

Telegram: Linked: Thang Tran

Software expert, blockchain enthusiasm, a fan of Cardano technologies.


Design and implement products at all levels. Long track experiences with high volume, high availability critical mission system. 

More than 15 years in software development and more than 4 years as a blockchain engineer. 

Experienced with Cardano general technologies, Plutus, Marlowe, smart contract, tokens and more.

Lead technology engineer team ADAboys LAB. 

Co-Proposer funded in F7 (cPay proposal, and leader technical in IronSky game proposal, 2MinApp proposal)

Co-Founder ADAboys LAB. Project responsibilities: 

Product design and development. 

Engineering management.

Main full-stack engineer. Contact:


Github: Duc Tiger

ADA lover, running one of the largest Cardano community groups in Vietnam, CA leader.


Business owner, digital marketing, community management, data analysis. 

Experienced with Cardano economic model. Full-time working and well understand Catalyst.

Founder: Tiger stake pool as SPO role (

Proposer funded in F6, F7 (2MinReview proposal, cPay proposal, 2MinApp proposal) Project responsibilities: 

Marketing management.

Finance management.

Community influencer. Contact:

Telegram: Linkedin: ADAboys LAB:

This is a team of about 9 members who are technology engineers and computer scientists with many years of experience. They are people who are always passionate about new technology and start-ups in the fields of software, games, cloud computing, artificial intelligence and blockchain.

The team is currently working on a number of projects that have been funded in Fund7 and are focused on Cardano's blockchain technology.

Besides TrongNguyen and ThangTran, the group has 7 other members:

( Le Thang: Software engineer, programmer

Experience: Coding, App, APIs, BackEnd Bao Hoa

Software & System engineer, programmer

Experience: Coding, BigData, Backend, System architecture NgocKhanh

System engineer, network security specialist

Experience: Coding, Security, Network ThanhTuan

Software & System engineer, programmer

Experience: Coding, Build System, SPO, FrontEnd LuanNguyen

Software & System Engineer

Experience: Master AWS, Build System on Cloud, Infra architecture Toan Nguyen

Senior full stack & blockchain engineer

Experience: 8 years of experience with software and blockchain development, capable to implement software at at all level, run high volume products.


GitHub: Thanh Nguyen

Senior full stack engineer

Experience: more than 8 years of experience with software development backend, frontend and mobile apps.


GitHub: Responsibilities: 

Consulting technology and researching solutions to solve problems appearing in the project. Executing the assigned tasks in the project. Develop detailed functionality of the designed application.\n\n[AUDITABILITY] Please describe how you will measure the progress and the development of the project?

===== Manage project development progress and indicators =====

For this project, we use the scrum model. In order to manage and track the progress of cBilling dApp development, we have divided specific and clear roles within the project participants.

Simply put, the process we apply to cBilling development is explained as follows: Organization: Organize project team and Roles

▪ Proposal Owner

▪ Project management (Coordinator )

▪ Development Team Document (Atifacts): Outputs

▪ cBilling products (List of product development functions)

▪ cBilling tasks (List of functions to be developed for each stage)

▪ Estimation (The team's estimated result) Process: Specifies how the project will operate

▪ cBilling Planning meeting (Meeting to plan for each phase)

▪ cBilling Review (Meeting to summarize for each phase)

▪ Daily cBilling Meeting (Daily review meeting) The Proposal Owner is the person who owns the product, who decides what functions the product has and who decides on the cBilling Backlog, and will be a part of the software development process. The project manager is the person who ensures that the project's processes are implemented correctly and smoothly, helping the Team to do the best product development work. Development Team

A team of 4-7 software engineers (ADAboys LAB) is responsible for product development. The project team works with the Proposal Owner to decide what to do in this cBilling (phase) and what the results will be. At the same time, the group also discussed coming up with solutions, estimated the time to perform the work, and met to evaluate the work results. If the project is large, we will divide it into small projects. Besides, we monitor the development of the project through indicators such as:

The number of tasks completed in the project. The number of functions of programmed cBilling dApp. The number of plugins built and deployed on E-commerce platforms. The number of invoice forms created. The number of users, number of people downloading the app. Version numbers are released. With such a tight and dynamic software development process, we always ensure the progress of the project as well as anticipate problems. Together with the above recognizable metrics by numbers, we believe the project will be successful. See more details of the proposal by following the link:

What does success for this project look like?

===== We success in this funding =====

The first phase is very important for our project.

We identified certain success steps to be achieved during this phase as:

Built a database system for cBilling dApp development. Complete the invoice forms. Build complete APIs for integration for online and retail sales platforms. Build plugins for webshop platforms. Building cBilling software management website. When this phase is completed, it will basically allow individual users as well as customers to integrate on their sales platforms. From here cBilling users on the PC version can search for their transactions, retrieve and invoice their customers.

It is an extremely useful utility that cBilling helps ADA users to solve their billing and transaction problems.

cBilling will open up a world of transaction management, retail invoice management, and e-commerce, which is more decentralized than ever.

In the future, when the cBilling application is widely deployed, its outstanding advantages will surpass the current traditional invoice managers.

Save time

With the apps and e-shop integration, you save a lot of time.

nX faster payments 100% comfort. Easy management:

The cBilling mobile apps and online dashboards offer the greatest comfort for management and tracking your bills.

Safe & Sercurity

Data safety and accuracy are based on the absolute security of Cardano’s blockchain technology.

Please provide information on whether this proposal is a continuation of a previously funded project in Catalyst or an entirely new one.

This proposal is a part of our focused efforts to adopt Cardano technologies in to true life. The first proposal that we have been funded in the Fund7 is cPAY - TrustOrder Anti SpamOrder. In this fund-8, we are submitting some more proposals that utilize the power of blockchain and smart contract to solve some existing toughest problems & create new values across some domains:

cReport - Catalyst analyzer & KPIs cBilling - Cardano Billing DApp (this proposal) BWORKs - Smart contract HR platform BWORKs - Right Dev in Right Work BWORKs - Pay As Done Works Platform Your vote for us is a hand to help solving problems for human life, creating more value for the better world. Let's "VOTE" for us.

Thank you and kind regards.


Addresses Challenge

5 / 5
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Does the proposal effectively addresses the challenge?

社区评论 (5)

Commenter gravatar
April 13, 2022

This is a project with great potential. It builds an invoice management application (with the name cBilling) for crypto transactions on the Cardano blockchain platform, invoice, send bill, export, QR code, PoS. It has effectively solved the challenge (cryptocurrency integrated into the application, number of downloads, number of uses, number of wallets connected to cBilling,…). It will impact and attract a large number of users with the audience being individual customers and retailers, e-commerce.



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Commenter gravatar
April 13, 2022

The ramifications the proposal brings are immense. The impact this could have on the payment methods through Cardano in a digital shopping-driven world of ours is huge. We have seen a lot of ideas that provides user gateways to pay through crypto coins, but this proposal goes a step further into providing the businesses to download invoices and other billings for various purposes such as taxation which was clearly something that is essential considering the adoption of crypto payments across e-commerce platform. On successful implementation of the proposal, something of this caliber would increase the rate of adoption and inturn traffic across the chains in turn boosting the overall value of the Cardano ecosystem. The proposer also makes points of how they plan to advertise their product through youtube and other channels, thus spreading the awareness of Cardano and its capability to a new untapped section of potential investors and users.



Replying to

Commenter gravatar
April 13, 2022

cBilling dApps, this is a proposal to create an application on Cardano's Blockchain platform to provide services related to e-commerce through transactions with cryptocurrencies, specifically in this case transactions associated with the ADA coin. To support retail and e-commerce platforms, cBilling builds a platform with very useful functions on it: Invoice builder, Payment services, Retail sale PoS… With the previous success of the proposal in the COTI challenge, the proposal continues to expand the features and inherits the achievements of the cPay project in Fund 7. It is true that there is a shortage of dApps developed on Cardano that support retail and e-commerce as well as online sales. The proposal poses a precise and highly impactful, widespread issue directly related to ADA transactions. The solution to the problem implemented at each stage is Developing APIs, libraries for accessing and creating databases for applications, developing applications, and integrating into e-commerce websites. , develop and improve functions, retail integration, and PoS points. The implementation solution is very clear and reasonable, the proponent has correctly identified the problem and the steps to be implemented in his project. In particular, the author also cites the important code of the project or the steps to build APIs tools with technical solutions (Authentication => API Response => API POST Fields). The functions of the dApp are also fully described and easy to understand. A variety of KPIs are identified and listed as The number of wallets that integrate and connect to the cBilling app. The number of downloads of cBilling application. The number of people who use cBilling applications regularly. The number of invoices generated. Prove that the proposal has evaluated the indicators that need to be implemented to be successful. In addition, the risks are also raised along with it, and the solutions are very reasonable. On top of that, the community creation campaign was also mentioned demonstrating the proposal to care about the users and commercialization of the cBilling product. You guys have come up with a highly impactful proposal and very sublime solutions, keep up the good work guys, I love this project.



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Commenter gravatar
April 13, 2022

Having an easy way to integrate with ada payment for individuals and SMES are essential for Cardano as they are the majority. Personally, I support the creation of such app as proposed in this project. I believe this DApp will help to attract more users/investors to join Cardano ecosystem. The benefit this DApp brings to users and community is clear and undeniable.



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Commenter gravatar
April 13, 2022

Problem statement Too few tools and dApp from Cardano support retailers & eCommerce. ADA holders need an app for easily retrieving their transaction invoices. Solution to build an invoice management application for crypto transactions on the Cardano blockchain platform. Invoice, send bill, export, QR code, PoS. Cryptocurrency payments will be analyzed in depth and stored in the database of the cBilling software system. From these data analysis algorithms, the data will be refined and queried to serve the functions of the retail and e-commerce industries. Like accounting, sales invoices, taxes, exchange rates. This will help develop units and individuals using electronic payments, now there are many dapps built to analyze transactions of individual e-wallets for investment instead of serving. for commercial payments. I find it interesting to integrate crypto payments with PoS machines for restaurants and retailers. The proponent gives 4 risks with clear solutions, it would be better to add security information when users use this system



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Given experience and plan presented is likely that this proposal will be implemented successfully?

社区评论 (5)

Commenter gravatar
April 13, 2022

Information about the team is very complete and detailed. It can be seen that your team consists of many members, each member has full knowledge, skills and experience in many fields: blockchain, software, cloud engineer, marketing,… Together, they have certain successes: funded at fund7, influential in the community, worked in many large companies and organizations, held important positions,… Contacts are also described specifically This increases the transparency of the team's information. Besides, with the help of COTI leading technology engineers, I fully believe that this team can carry out the project. The project roadmap has been provided, it is very specific. This makes it much easier to identify the tasks in each stage. Risks and challenges are also listed, and I appreciate you identifying ways to reduce those risks. Reasonable and transparent budget allocation (determining specific hours of work, salary for each hour). The indicators to measure the progress are very complete, it makes it easy for everyone to track and evaluate the progress of the project. However, I went to the link you provided: "" , it looks like the site is empty, it says "This repository is empty." The time I access is March 22, 2022 (Vietnam time). If this is my mistake, I sincerely apologize!



Replying to

Commenter gravatar
April 13, 2022

The proposer provides the community with an illustrative plan about how the team plans to reach its goals. The proposer provides a quarterly plan along with what short-term goals they intend to achieve along the way. The team is introduced brilliantly and the mix of members it comprises are no doubt experienced in the field and have had prior ventures in the field. The team is also aware of the obstacles they might face and also makes a brief mention of the solutions that can be used to overcome them. The requested fund of about 49k is reasonable and lies within the ranges defined in the campaign brief. The budget breakdown of the same adds more transparency to it and makes the proposal more viable and practical in nature. The expertise of the team and the impact the product could have are clearly on the positive side for the community and the world in general.



Replying to

Commenter gravatar
April 13, 2022

The team behind this proposal is diverse in skills, from software programming to product management to community leadership and development, to marketing and financial management. In addition, many software engineers from large technology companies will support the good development of this project. With many years of experience as the main members of the project, I find that they are highly capable people to ensure the success of the project, especially dApp projects that need a team of technical experts. You totally get it. Above all, they suggested forming a team of talented engineers “ADAboys love Cardano technology”. I went through the team's GitHub link and saw that many of their projects with Catalysts are being actively deployed on it. I like projects that have teams that specialize in technology so it ensures better project development than outsourcing. The way you build the team and engage with the project is very reasonable. The proposal also includes a very detailed development roadmap, many of the tasks listed start from Q2 and develop until Q1/2023, which proves a project with a long-term vision and series. items to be completed. I am not listing those details here, reading more closely I see there are milestones in each step of the logic implementation, from data analysis to application design, application development, MVP releases, and integration into e-commerce platforms. Those milestones are 3-6 months PC version, 6-12 months full version 1.0 which is great with a not too long time to have a dApp with so many useful features… With a total funding requirement of $49K for 6 months of project development, that is quite a modest budget, above all, the cost table is detailed with a detailed description of the payables in the project including the tax and export tax. as server rental costs. I have nothing more to say about this part because you guys did a great job and made all costs transparent. With the above 3 parts about the development team, budgeting, and work routes, I see that you are completely capable of executing this project.



Replying to

Commenter gravatar
April 13, 2022

Core team profile looks great. They have both senior develpers in software development and Blockchain in the team, which is a guarantee for the successful implementation of this project. The team is well organized with defined roles for members. The project roadmap is clearly stated with specific targets that the project have to achieve in both short and long terms.



Replying to

Commenter gravatar
April 13, 2022

The project's development plan and roadmap is implemented in 4 quarters and ends in the first quarter of 2023. The work items to be done are very clear, I appreciate this information. The proposed cost has 2 main parts which are the quantity cost for the positions that perform the work by the hour and the appropriate unit price in addition to the required hardware cost in 6 months, so after 6 months, this cost will be provided. From what source? The project's team includes people with experience in the related field, the information of each member is provided in full, easy to verify.



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4.8 / 5
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Does the proposal provides sufficient information to assess and audit progress and completion?

社区评论 (5)

Commenter gravatar
April 13, 2022

The information about the project is provided very complete and detailed. This will facilitate the assessment of its success. Personally, I fully believe in the success of this project. This is a very valuable project, if successfully implemented, it will certainly bring a lot of value (creating a total solution for the retail, e-commerce, and online shopping industry based on transactions via cryptocurrencies), contributing to the outstanding development of the Cardano ecosystem. Thank you for a great proposal!



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Commenter gravatar
April 13, 2022

The proponent also states to use the scrum model to manage and track the progress of cBilling dApp development. There are also other metrics (Number of plugins built and deployed on E-Commerce platforms / Number of invoice forms created / Number of users, number of people downloading the application). The team also submitted 5 proposals at fund 8. The team also sponsored 2 projects at fund 7



Replying to

Commenter gravatar
April 13, 2022

The proposal's final outcomes are well outlined and quantifiable and are based on a properly defined roadmap. The number of users, number of invoices generated, number of plugins created are all measurable and aligned with the expected metrics defined in the campaign brief. However, a few managerial metrics such as cost of quality, productivity, customer satisfaction index, and daily active user to monthly user ratio, customer retention ratio will probably provide more insight during the periodic audit process. The team however has been an active member and was successfully funded in F7 and also has several proposals in the F8 round. But with such a detailed game plan, detailed metrics probably broken down quarterly instead of the just final outcomes would have done the trick and made the entire proposal complete in every way. Hence, I personally feel 4 out of 5 for the auditability would do justice.



Replying to

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April 13, 2022

Governance and transparency in this proposal, Your team has a very methodical working process, in my opinion, you are applying the scrum model to managing this project. You have described very carefully the process of tracking the progress of the project, the working process of the team, and developing the product, it shows very science and logic in the work. I'm sure you've used a lot in your previous projects, which makes me feel secure when this project is funded. In addition to applying a great process, you also listed indicators to track the success of the project with milestones such as: Built a database system for cBilling dApp development, Complete the invoice forms, Build plugins for webshop platforms… Finally, here is the proposal that is part of a large project for you around the Cardano blockchain platform. cBilling is a key component of many of your major software platforms. I also clicked the links you provided to check out these very good projects and potential for the Cardano ecosystem. It is important that you have built a team with technical expertise working with the Cardano blockchain technology and are able to do even larger dApp projects. I love this proposal and support you to develop it for the catalyst community to use and enrich Cardano’s dApp ecosystem.



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April 13, 2022

The estimated cost is divided by small sub-tasks and software modules, which I think clear and tractable for 9-month project. the metrics to evaluate the project output are also clear and sufficient and I have no objections on that.



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