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Pioneers and Company.

LIDO nation is an idea to build a community for everyone by everyone. Jump in! Visit our contribution page. The humans on this page are both LIDO Nation pioneers and contributors like you! If your name is not listed please send us a note.

  • Darlington

    idealist, realist, blockchain guru

    Darlington has the brains of an engineer and the heart of a humanitarian. He's been using his skills and experience to help small businesses use a wide range of technolgies since 2007. Darlington has a deep understanding of cloud technologies, computer programming languages, and blockchain technologies.

    The blockchain is a powerful, disruptive technology that is changing the world. Darlington wants the LIDO Nation community to be a part of that change, to create a better future for you, your neighbor, and the rest of us.

  • Stephanie

    teacher, tech translator

    Stephanie bridges the gap between the tech nerds and the rest of us. She has spent a decade working as a consultant, helping nonprofits leverage cloud technology to support their mission. She sees LIDO Nation as another way that technology can create more good in the world. The blockchain train is leaving the station, and Stephanie is here to help you get on board.

Join our pool!

2% Margin + 340
Competitive margin to help keep the servers running and support creating content for the site. Unless mandated by the ecosystem, we will never raise our margin!
24/7 Monitoring
0 full downtime since 2016. Our LIDO deployment is one of 8 enterprise cloud environments we keep happy and healthy. It's our day job, not a gig or a weekend project.
Kubernetes Powered
Enabling a host of super powers including but not limited to rolling updates (aka zero downtime upgrades) and self healing. This also means that if something really bad happens and we have to switch cloud providers, we could be back online in under 1 hr. K8s also lets us increase our RAM, CPU and disk with less than 1 minute of downtime for the producer, zero downtime for other nodes.
About the "rig"
8G RAM 3Cpd Coffee 32Gbps Network Because we can scale up < 1 min, we reduce waste by not over provisioning our nodes keeping our cost super low!! Our network is powered by Google’s well-provisioned, low latency, highly reliable Premium Tier global network, an extensive private fiber network with over 100 points of presence.