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LIDO Nation Community.

Lido Nation is a global community of people who believe the future is for everyone.
Together we are learning, teaching, and building the world we want to see.

We are glad you are here.

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@HEROsPool haha, made it!
...where is my hexagon though? I paid a lot of transaction fees for that!

PS, if you're interested in digging into these monthly reports in a more consequential capacity, catalyst wants you:

@Foxfan52 We're not tracking specific KPIs but if you have ideas to do so in a scalable way, hit the DM!

@Foxfan52 Indeed, you can see disbursed vs awarded funds on funded proposal pages.

Scroll down and you will find monthly reports projects have to submit to get funding trench.

RT @TheStophe: 🧵“But the thing is Starbucks is not a bank legally. So with only a few exceptions, Starbucks’ balance cannot be withdrawn fo…

@HEROsPool did you say 420?

RT @QuasarSure: @LidoNation I'm glad you mentioned that it searchable by primary author's name and I'm wondering if anyone knows why that i…

@Anerdonawire @hoskytoken haha; me too. If you think of any improvements drop them in the dm.

RT @tonyrose023: Thread for @LidoNation twitter spaces today at 11 AM PT. Let's start with a review of "The Future Now Problem." Simple, y…

Twitter Spaces

LIDO Nation hosts 3 "Twitter Spaces" (live voice chats) each week.
Join us any time for newcomer-friendly Q&A.
  • Monday 9:30pm CT

    Tuesday 3:30am UTC
  • Wednesday 8am CT

    12PM UTC
  • Friday 8am CT

    12PM UTC

Reunión mensual

Únase con nosotros el último viernes de cada mes para nuestra reunión de planificación. Le mostraremos nuestro trabajo reciente y hablaremos de los próximos pasos. Sus preguntas e ideas son bienvenidas.

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Drop us a line via your favorite communication channel and someone from the team will respond within 24 to 48 hours.

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Unmatched Support
We provide phone and email support for all of our delegates. We understand that many of our community members are not tech or crypto nerds. You expect the same level of service and support you get from Reggie down at the bank or Saiid, your nephew or friend at the office that won't stop talking about Bitcoin. We host weekly meetups (currently online due to Covid). Visit our connect page for all the ways you can reach us.
Best in class servers
Our servers are run and managed by professionals whose only job is to manage and run servers 24/7 365/6 days a year. We run our Cardano nodes on the same servers powering other services you've come to rely on everyday, like Google and Pokemon Go. What this means for you is that our servers are always online and available to process transactions, earning you and the causes we support the optimal amount of $$$$. Visit our pool page for more technical details.
4% for community development and investment
Of all the rewards that come in, we keep 4% annually. All 4% goes towards charities you pick, paying LIDO nation community members like yourself to write code and content for the site, and grants for local community educational projects. See our financials page for full records of our spending, more details, and breakdowns.
An Amazing Community
When you delegate and join LIDO Nation, you get to participate in creating a space for people to interact, meet, learn, and teach each other. You get to be part of the engine that works to make every voice heard with equal importance. LIDO Nation is an idea. Delegate, take it and lets make something great!