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July 01, 2022
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By The Numbers Lido Nation

Le catalyseur du projet Cardano en chiffres

Cardano a été fondé et lancé par IOG, Emurgo et la Fondation Cardano. Dans une large mesure, ces entités dirigent toujours le développement et la prise de décision pour le…


Annonce : LidoNation lance le Cardano Blockchain Lab au Kenya

L'année dernière, Lido Nation s'est mis en relation avec un groupe de jeunes diplômés d'université, qui ont travaillé avec nous alors que nous commencions à explorer ce à quoi pourrait…


Cardano Flirts with Representative Democracy

Picking up where the United States stopped, and Britain before them, and the Roman republic before that, Cardano is flirting with representative governance. After months of hints that researchers at IOG were exploring the next phase of governance on Cardano, IOG introduced on their blog on "April 10 the concept of “Delegate Representatives (dReps).”

Open Letter+

An Open Letter to News Media, Journalists, and Podcasters : There’s more to the Blockchain story!

By now I’m used to sighing and bracing myself when popular media covers blockchain technology news. No matter what the actual story is, someone will squeeze in a contemptuous sneer…


Plongez dans le monde de la blockchain

Introduction to Ethereum and Cardano

An anonymous group of developers debuted the Bitcoin network in 2009. They used cryptography, proof of work, and decentralized computer networks. The principles that…

Project Catalyst: Quality assurance of proposals

In each round of funding the Cardano community always comes up with a challenge that people have to come up with the solutions/ proposals…

Project Catalyst Funds - Inception thru Fund 4

Cardano is a proof-of-stake blockchain platform: the first to be founded on peer-reviewed research and developed through evidence-based methods. Project Catalyst is a series…

Project Catalyst: Make your proposal a winning proposal

Project Catalyst is an experiment in community innovation where ideas are brought to the table and turned into impactful projects that are meant to…

Lido Nation - Getting in the middle of it

So what is blockchain? First and foremost, blockchain is about decentralization. Instead of a world-wide-web that is mostly controlled by a few huge service…

Smart Contracts - Speed & Convenience

Cardano has been known to achieve 250 Transactions Per Second (TPS) with plans to grow this number much higher. The 250 TPS simply means…


Projets prometteurs destinés aux consommateurs dans l'écosystème Cardano. Wallet Revue

  • is a Cardano wallet for Chrome and Firefox browsers, or Android and iPhone mobile devices. provides a full set of features for interfacing with Cardano to receive and send ADA and NFTs, vote, manage stake pool delegation, and interact with decentralized applications (DApps).
  • gets high marks for having many great features: over 17 to date. However it has room to grow in the areas of newcomer-friendly interface and user experience.

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Yoroi Cardano Wallet Revue

  • The Yoroi wallet provides a simple newcomer-friendly interface for Cardano ADA holders to receive and send ADA and NFTs, vote, and manage their stake pool delegation.
  • Yoroi gets high rating for its ease for getting started in Cardano via browser or mobile, however there’s lots of room to grow in the areas of stability and customer support.

Project Catalyst Revue

  • The Cardano Treasury provides perpetual funding for development of the network, and is paving the way for the future of the Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO).
  • Project Catalyst gets high marks for its powerful vision, but so far lacks the clear end-to-end processes it needs for long term success.

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