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Projects (6) - Building the Future of Books is using blockchain technology to bring books into the Web3 future. At first I didn’t understand why “blockchain books” would be any better or different than any other digital book, but after a great conversation with @JasonManske at the booth at @RareEvo, I am convinced!

Using the Platform, both authors and publishers can release digital and audio books for purchase, and readers can buy them. In this way, it is like any other media marketplace. However, when you look behind the curtain, everything is different, for everyone.

For Readers

For readers of digital books, makes ownership akin to owning a printed book: it cannot be stolen, retracted, or changed. The digital item that you buy…

Blockchain the Builder

A glance at blockchain solutions to inspire new ideas

Support the Library

You can support the work we do by delegating to the LIDO pool, pickup a ware in our bazaar, or sponsor a podcast episode.

Lido Nation: Origin Story

The Lido Nation staking pool launched on the Cardano mainnet in December 2020. From there, a couple of dreamers started to talk about what our little corner of the network should look like. As a pair of curious birds, who get excited about learning and sharing knowledge, we noticed that there wasn’t enough of the kind of material we wanted to read about blockchain, and Cardano.

So we started to write it!
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