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Blockchain Technology
Is the future of decentralized record keeping

You can be a part of it! !

If you think cryptocurrency is just for techies and finance gurus, think again. The future is for everyone, and Lido Nation is here to help.

Cardano ADA

Is a Blockchain platform and Cryptocurrency

Cardano was developed to address problems found in other blockchains, based on peer-reviewed research. It is uniquely secure, fast, scalable and flexible.

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LIDO Nation

Is a Cardano staking pool

Learn how to buy ADA and grow your investment.

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Staking Pools

Staked Tokens Earn Rewards

Staked coins grow in value as the Cardano network grows, and also earn 5% APY, paid out and compounded weekly.

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Our community

4% of all rewards is reinvested in our pool to support the pool, our contributors, and causes you care about!

You can nominate and vote for your favorite charitable organization, contribute content, and connect with other pool members on our Community Page.

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News, insights, and resources in your inbox.

In the world of blockchain technology, a “side chain” is when you link one blockchain network to another in a parent-child relationship. The blockchain designated as the “child” is the side chain. The parent is typically referred to as the “main chain,” “layer 1”, or “base chain”. Side chains can provide functionality that the main chain does not, such as…

Every blockchain network is fundamentally a software development project. It starts with a small team and a big idea. If the idea…

On September 12 at 21:44:51 UTC the Cardano blockchain crossed over from epoch 289 to 290. At that moment, the ecosystem entered…

This Saturday starting at 15:00 UTC, the Cardano community will get a chance to hear from dozens of Project Catalyst 6 proposal…

Your Crypto Wallet is the most central component of your personal interactions with a blockchain network. Despite their centrality, the basic choices…

In the coming year, a company of about 65 people and 6.5 Million USD in revenue will relinquish control of its future…

Project Catalyst is an experiment in collaboration and innovation for Cardano. This experiment is made possible by the Cardano blockchain. The format…

On August 2nd, 2021, Cardano enabled smart contracts in their public test network. The concept of “Smart Contracts” goes back to the…

Blockchain technology is a powerful way of using and extending the internet as we know it, and it’s going to change our…

Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) is an emerging way to organize work that changes the usual model of hierarchical power. In this new…

In July month, the Cardano Foundation released a 36 minutes video outlining their plans for the next five years. They outlined five…