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Cardano is a network that uses third-generation blockchain technology that is uniquely fast, useful, and earth-friendly. Blockchains are all about decentralization - shared work, shared responsibility, and shared rewards. This applies to the technology of course, but it also applies to the people. Where do you fit in?

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  • is a Cardano wallet for Chrome and Firefox browsers, or Android and iPhone mobile devices. provides a full set of features for interfacing with Cardano to receive and send ADA and NFTs, vote, manage stake pool delegation, and interact with decentralized applications (DApps).
  • gets high marks for having many great features: over 17 to date. However it has room to grow in the areas of newcomer-friendly interface and user experience.

Yoroi Cardano Wallet 评论

  • The Yoroi wallet provides a simple newcomer-friendly interface for Cardano ADA holders to receive and send ADA and NFTs, vote, and manage their stake pool delegation.
  • Yoroi gets high rating for its ease for getting started in Cardano via browser or mobile, however there’s lots of room to grow in the areas of stability and customer support.

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July 01, 2022
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By The Numbers Lido Nation

Cardano Project Catalyst by the Numbers

Cardano was founded and launched by IOG, Emurgo, and the Cardano Foundation. To a great extent these entities still lead development and decision-making for the network; in other words, it is largely “Centralized”.

Someday, however, this power will be transferred…



去年,丽都国度与一群年轻的大学毕业生建立了联系,当我们开始探索在肯尼亚的合作关系和培训项目时,他们与我们一起工作。达林顿与两个年轻人开始了一个开发者指导计划,斯蒂芬妮与另一个小组带头开展了一个 "测试项目",将我们的一些文章翻译成斯瓦希里语,这是肯尼亚的官方语言之一。

斯瓦希里语翻译项目促成了我们在 "催化剂项目 "上的首批资助提案之一–将我们网站的其他内容翻译成斯瓦希里语在下一轮 "催化剂计划 "中,开发者学员和我们的新翻译团队的共同努力帮助我们在迄今为止最大的 "催化剂计划 "提案中获得了赞成票,即在肯尼亚建立一个官方的Cardano实验室。

恩贡路区块链实验室也是通过与恩贡路之友(FoNR)、恩贡路儿童基金会(NRCF)和新成立的TechMates培训项目合作实现的。 FoNR/NRCF为内罗毕青年提供学校教育和支持,否则他们将无法获得良好的教育。TechMates是一个新设立的培训项目,致力于帮助项目毕业生进入他们在科技界的成人职业。正是这个项目中的年轻成年人与我们一起启动了实验室。



翻译计划也将继续进行,然后随着目前的翻译团队在夏季中期之前 "赶上 "Lido Nation的翻译,开始发展。虽然翻译是他们的首要任务,但翻译团队也被要求对Cardano进行 "研究"。这种学习部分是为了告知他们的翻译工作,但也将帮助他们为他们在实验室的下一个角色以及其他角色做好准备。他们的第一个新项目将是写一些原始的Cardano文章–用斯瓦希里语!他们将提供英文翻译,同时也会提供给他们。他们也将提供英文翻译,但我们很高兴能够开始为我们在非洲新的和不断增长的受众提供斯瓦希里语的内容。

我们的下一个目标是开始为这个 "社区建设 "团队在Cardano生态系统内创造可持续的工作机会。我们正在开发一个课程,培训实验室参与者如何参与Cardano社区内的有偿工作,首先是为Project Catalyst提供社区咨询。 这项工作不一定容易,但对于任何愿意投入一些时间和精力的人来说是可以实现的。在未来,这个团队可以帮助培训新的实验室参与者从事这项工作。



Cardano Flirts with Representative Democracy

Picking up where the United States stopped, and Britain before them, and the Roman republic before that, Cardano is flirting with representative governance. After months of hints that researchers at IOG were exploring the next phase of governance on Cardano, IOG introduced on their blog on "April 10 the concept of “Delegate Representatives (dReps).”

Open Letter+

An Open Letter to News Media, Journalists, and Podcasters : There’s more to the Blockchain story!

By now I’m used to sighing and bracing myself when popular media covers blockchain technology news. No matter what the actual story is, someone will squeeze in a contemptuous sneer or dismissal: Bitcoin uses more energy than Argentina! Crypto is…



Cardano Staking, made possible by a hard fork combinator (HFC) event in July of 2020 (Epoch 208, Slot 4492800), ushered in the “Shelley Era” of the network’s roadmap. This event opened the floodgates of interest and activity in the community….


Project Catalyst Fund 8 Governance in full swing

On Thursday March 17, Cardano’s Project Catalyst crested the hill of Fund 8. Thousands of proposals have been Submitted, Refined, and Finalized. Now the “Governance” phase has begun, starting with Assessments and ending next month with Voting. When it’s all…


Stephanie E King

Stephanie is a consultant and educator, bridging the gap between the tech nerds and the rest of us.

Darlington Wleh

Darlington has the brains of an engineer and the heart of a humanitarian. He’s using his skills and experience to present blockchain to the 99%.