Leading with Knowledge: The Cardano Foundation Partners with Dubai Blockchain Center

Lido Nation knows that education is the engine of meaningful change. So we are excited to share the news about a new Cardano partnership that is centered around spreading knowledge about blockchain technology.


The Cardano Foundation has partnered with the Dubai Blockchain Center (DBCC) to offer some first-of-its-kind learning opportunities to the world. This collaboration brings together two entities:

The Cardano Foundation, whose mission is to “scale the diversity, quality, and quantity of on-chain activities,” with its focus on operational resilience, education, and adoption. https://cardanofoundation.org.

Dubai Blockchain Center (DBCC), whose slogan is “Where Blockchain Visionaries Unite for a Transformative Future”. The website also offers this impressive blurb:

Dubai Blockchain Center was inaugurated by His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum Vice President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai on the 15th of May 2018. The Center aims to bring together blockchain thought leaders, developers, investors, and educators. In addition to this note about its auspicious origin, the DBCC home page features a list of program areas, including blockchain education, certification, incubators, consulting, and more. Their events calendar features numerous blockchain events, classes,hackathons and media appearances each month, which is an impressive level of activity for a localized center focused on blockchain.



The partnership aims to launch a certification program, designed to train and certify individuals and organizations on the features and applications of Cardano blockchain technology. In designing the curriculum, they will repurpose content that has recently been developed by the Foundation for the Cardano Academy’s “Cardano Blockchain Certified Associate (CBCA)” course.


The Cardano Foundation launched the CBCA course through its “Cardano Academy” in December 2023.

Exam bookings for the Associate Certification will be available in 2024 through Cardano Academy.

The new strategic partnership was announced on May 2, 2024, during TOKEN2049 in Dubai, UAE, and it remains to be seen what its first fruits will be.


The Cardano Academy offers its course to anyone, anywhere, through its online platform. In the course of writing this article, I signed up and started checking it out! If you, like me, don’t live in Dubai, this is a good way to check out some of the educational content that will be leveraged there.

Through the new partnership, a curriculum will be designed for in-person learning in Dubai. As I mentioned, Dubai is already a hub of blockchain activity. In addition to the Cardano summit in 2023 and 2024, Dubai is host to the World Blockchain Summit, Blockchain Life, and many other events. Given the deep synergies in the area, the potential impact for Cardano getting involved as an educational partner seems really promising!


The goal of this partnership is to enhance the knowledge and adoption of blockchain technology across the MENA region - with healthy sprinkling of love for Cardano in particular, we may assume.

Blockchain and Crypto is already more mainstream in Dubai than anywhere else I’ve visited. Driving down the main drag of the city, you can look around and see various blockchain brand names splashed here and there on billboards and buildings. So it’s a very strategic place for Cardano to hoist its flag. By partnering with the DBCC, Cardano is positioned to shine as a leader in blockchain education in the region.


Visit the Cardano Academy platform for further details about the CBCA course and how to enroll. https://academy.cardanofoundation.org/

Attend the Cardano Summit in Dubai from October 23rd to 24th, 2024 to get the year’s latest insights in Cardano and Dubai in one big exciting package. Maybe we can all plan a field trip to the DBCC while we are there! https://summit.cardano.org/


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