Project Catalyst Fund 12 Proposal: Cardano Parameters Explorer

Everybody’s an expert when the right resources are available!

The Cardano network operates based on a set of “parameters” that are pivotal to its functionality and governance. Yet for many, these parameters remain a complex mystery. This lack of understanding impedes our ability to engage meaningfully in governance decisions. As we advance into the Voltaire Era, ada holders will have direct influence over choices to change or keep these parameters.

Today, these parameters are like election candidates without a platform, or a stump speech, or any website to learn more about them and track their history. If voters wish to learn about Cardano parameters, they might find a list with, at most, a 1-sentence explanation of each parameter’s function.

Something as important as this needs a robust, dedicated resource, dedicated to education and community discussion.

Lido Nation proposes a solution to cultivate an educated Cardano community: the Cardano Parameters Explorer. This multimedia hub will not only provide explanations of Cardano’s parameters but also feature interactive and engaging educational content.

The Cardano Parameters Explorer

The proposed Explorer will offer a variety of learning tools:

  • Educational Articles and Podcasts: Each of the 30+ Cardano parameters will have a dedicated page featuring an informative article and a podcast episode, making the information accessible regardless of the user’s preferred learning style.
  • Interactive Discussions and Quizzes: Community engagement will be encouraged through comment sections and incentivized quizzes, fostering a deeper understanding and lively discussions about each parameter’s impact and importance.
  • Timelines and Visual Aids: Users will be able to see historical changes and the current status of each parameter via dynamic timelines and infographics, providing a visual narrative of the blockchain’s evolution.

Engaging a Diverse Audience

The Cardano Parameters Explorer is designed to appeal to a wide range of users:

  • Newcomers will find the explanations accessible and engaging, helping them climb the learning curve of blockchain technology.
  • Experienced community members and developers will appreciate the depth of information and the ease of accessing up-to-date parameter data.
  • Voters and governance participants will gain the knowledge needed to make informed decisions about future parameter changes.

Why This Matters

The Cardano Parameters Explorer isn’t just another website; it’s a strategic piece of community infrastructure. A good resource for this information will be crucial for the ongoing growth and decentralization of the Cardano ecosystem. As parameters evolve and governance becomes increasingly community-driven, having an informed community is essential.

Call to Action

You can read our full proposal in the Catalyst Explorer, where you can also bookmark it, and get your draft ballot ready for voting!

Let’s empower ourselves with the knowledge to shape the future of Cardano. Vote for the Lido Nation Cardano Parameters Explorer and help us turn complexity into clarity.


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