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20+ years in insurance, 5+ years in blockchain, bvizdev, sysdev, product validation

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ESUSU: MicroInsurance Nigeria

$75,000 Requested

Access to many types of insurance in Nigeria is not available and unaffordable.

Challenge: F5: Grow Africa, Grow Cardano
over budget Requested 30% of the fund.
3.8 (14)

Tarax: a news and media DAO

$500 Requested

Lets say we got a reddit to run by ourselves. How would we change it in the spirit of Cardano?

Challenge: F8: Open Source Development Ecosystem
funded Awarded 0.042% of the fund.
3.9 (15)

KYC Credentials PoC

$26,300 Requested

How can SSI technology help streamline the process of KYC verification so more business can comply with regulations?

Challenge: F8: Self-Sovereign Identity
funded Awarded 6.575% of the fund.
4.3 (21)

Community and Content Accessibilty

$45,000 Requested

A lack of real content in multiverses and blockchain projects - a huge barrier to entry. No one knows how to distribute content. We do…

Challenge: F8: Open Standards & Interoperability
unfunded Requested 9% of the fund.
2.7 (15)

Destination CARDANO

$15,000 Requested

Blockchain is alien, scary and misunderstood to those that aren’t involved.

Challenge: F8: New Member Onboarding
unfunded Requested 7.5% of the fund.
2.7 (27)

Proof of Article (SMALL ASK)

$40,000 Requested

Currently Cardano does not have a strong foundation to make any change in any country as the freedom of speech does not exist universally.

Challenge: F8: Nation Building Dapps
unfunded Requested 5% of the fund.
3.2 (9)

Liberated Global Education

$60,000 Requested

Every nation needs a free and relevant education system - class and geopolitical circumstance define the type of education accessible

Challenge: F8: Nation Building Dapps
over budget Requested 7.5% of the fund.
4 (24)

On-Chain Tilemaps for Game Worlds

$9,500 Requested

On-chain storage doesn’t have the capacity to house game worlds. Tile maps would offer a solution for vast worlds created from mapped pixels

Challenge: F8: Gamers On - Chained
over budget Requested 1.9% of the fund.
4 (27)

Checkpoint Learning and Media

$12,000 Requested

There is a lack of well established and established media projects with focus and use-case on DLT/Blockchain technology.

Challenge: F8: Film + Media (FAM) creatives unite!
over budget Requested 8% of the fund.
3.4 (15)

GameChanger: Most Wanted Features ❤

$12,000 Requested

Devs and users frequently demand features and bugfixes. As a pure community driven Cardano wallet (no VC/token launch) we need some support

Challenge: F8: Developer Ecosystem
over budget Requested 1.2% of the fund.
4.1 (18)

NFT Multiverse Marketplace

$180,000 Requested

There is a lack of integrated NFT to content solutions.

Challenge: F8: DApps and Integrations
unfunded Requested 7.2% of the fund.
3.2 (18)

Cross Chain Multiverse Travel

$32,000 Requested

There is no real motivation for people to use multiple blockchains and no clear way that assets are cross chain compatible.

Challenge: F8: Cross-Chain Collaboration
over budget Requested 8% of the fund.
2.7 (21)