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September 26, 2021
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ShapeShift is Decentralizing

In the coming year, a company of about 65 people and 6.5 Million USD in revenue will relinquish control of its future to its 1 Million plus customers. Shapeshift is transitioning from a typical corporation to a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO). Currently, Shapeshift is headquartered in Zug, Switzerland, and is run out of Denver, Colorado, USA. After the transition, the company will be fully controlled by its 1 million customers, employees and community members. If a “DAO” is a new…


Cardano launches support for smart contracts on testnet

On August 2nd, 2021, Cardano enabled smart contracts on their public test network. The concept of “Smart Contracts” goes back to the 1990s. It simply means that a computer can execute an action automatically, in response to a predefined event. When smart contracts are combined with blockchain technology, their potential is tremendous.


Cardano ADA coming to a bank near you!

In a bid to make it easy for small businesses to get into crypto and allow everyone to access blockchain services at their local banks, the Cardano Foundation wants to onboard 50 banks to the Cardano blockchain by the end of 2022!


Amazon to start accepting Crypto: Including Cardano

In late July 2021, exciting clues emerged that Amazon is getting ready to join the blockchain revolution. Rumors started to swirl when the company opened up a new job posting for a “Digital Currency and blockchain lead”. The ecommerce giant has yet to release official news, but an anonymous insider claimed that Amazon will start accepting Bitcoin within this calendar year. What’s more, it was stated that the next currencies in the queue are Ethereum, Cardano, and Bitcoin Cash.



Deep dive into the world of blockchain

Cardano's Project Catalyst: Experiments in Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO)

Project Catalyst is an experiment in collaboration and innovation for Cardano. This experiment is made possible by the Cardano blockchain. The format of Project…

Lido Nation Elevator Pitch

Blockchain technology is a powerful way of using and extending the internet as we know it, and it’s going to change our world. Like…

DAOs Demystified: Organization that puts people first

Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) is an emerging way to organize work that changes the usual model of hierarchical power. In this new way of…

Kids these days! Cryptocurrency for the next generation...and you!

Someone in my extended family who shall remain nameless has earned a reputation, and more than a few eyerolls, for continuing to whip out…

Why does crypto currency price go up and down

The prices of cryptocurrencies rise and fall for the same reason it takes more genetic information to create a tomato than a human; for…

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Promising consumer facing projects in the Cardano ecosystem

Project Catalyst Review

  • The Cardano Treasury provides perpetual funding for development of the network, and is paving the way for the future of the Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO).
  • Project Catalyst gets high marks for its powerful vision, but so far lacks the clear end-to-end processes it needs for long term success.

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