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In the 1700s the steam engine paved the way to the industrial revolution. When it arrived in 1983, the internet paved the way for the information revolution. Both innovations created vast amounts of new wealth, for new people. This forced society to change how we live and govern. Yet, the happiness or misery of a child born today is still tied to what government and social class she is born into. Cardano is a new technology that wants to use the blockchain to change that.

Cardano has a digital currency called ADA. You can use ADA to buy food and services where accepted. You can also trade ADA for local currency, as you might exchange US Dollars for Euros. One way that ADA works better than traditional currencies is that it is easy, fast, and cheap to send it anywhere in the world. It is also accessible and secure, so that even areas of the world without reliable banking can use it.

Why stop at money? You can also send other money-like things. For example, home or car ownership certificates. Things on the blockchain are permanent and incorruptible. As a result, no one can bribe a government worker to steal your home from you.

Identity & Records
When you go to a new country, or even a new state, your identity does not follow you. Cardano uses the blockchain to store your identity. And because the blockchain is global, your ID and personal records are available wherever you go.

Imagine a world where the same driver’s license that works for you in Texas, also works in Sierra Leone. And the same goes for educational achievements, professional credentials, and medical records.

Cardano wants to change how we form, interact with, and hold governments accountable. Cardano is currently the only blockchain protocol trying to do this. With the blockchain and Cardano, we can create true democracy. Imagine a country where any citizen can create an agenda on the blockchain. Then every citizen can vote, with total security. Imagine a future where bad politics and corrupt government must change, or be changed.

Cardano in the World
Beyond these few examples, Cardano is what we make of it. It’s like Windows without Microsoft or iPhones without Apple. It’s a public utility, like the internet, or radio waves. The difference is that with Cardano, everyone can have a say in how the system works.

Greece is running an experiment with storing their diplomas on the Cardano blockchain.

Ethiopia is launching a new pilot system built on Cardano for 5 million of its citizens.

You can lobby your student or local government to move record-keeping to Cardano. You can use a drag and drop builder to create escrows, swaps, bonds, and financial contracts without coding knowledge!

As more things move to the Cardano network, the more control and freedom we gain for all people.

Cardano is the world’s new operating system for finance, identity, and governing. Cardano has a currency called ADA. By buying and holding ADA, you can take part in how Cardano grows and changes. Cardano is the most secure, safe, and open public utility we have ever built.


I believe it’s important to understand the evolution of the crypto world to really grasp the magnitude of potential in Cardano! This article paints the picture perfectly!

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I just love it. I love the idea, I love the system and how it functions. It feels good to actually know my money will be monitored by a softer ware instead of relying on humans. It takes the blame game from mankind and just put it on a computer. Like I love it and can’t wait for everything to just fall in place.

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Darlington Wleh

Great idea right! The beauty of this that once we figure out how to do for most of not all of our monies, we can do it for all sorts of other things that need tracking while keeping us fully in charge. Medical records, school attainment records, voting records, just to name a few. Actually Cardano is actively working on doing exactly this for both school attainment and voting records.

That we don’t have trust easily corruptible people allows us all to be our better angels. If none can be bribed or threatened to handover your private information because only you hold the key to unlock it, everyone will sleep better at night and grow into their very best selves!


I think so many can relate to this idea of things being easily transferable and creating a simpler way to live and do life. From what it sounds like, this idea would be a big step forward to simplifying some of the too complicated systems we have in place and create more opportunity and positive change.

Darlington Wleh

Thanks for your comment Rhea. “Opportunity” for positive change can’t be stressed enough. All of this streamlining will magnify not just democratic systems but also socialist, autocracies, and everything in between. It’s important that everyone understands blockchain technology so we can all help create systems that works for all.


This seems like an amazing idea! It would be so amazing to have a storehouse for all your priceless information that can transfer globally! My question - how can this be made totally secure?


That’s what cardano takes care of. It’s radical technology.


The Cardano Blockchain and ADA are both great tools. Often, what is missing is how that is translated to a broad audience––this article does that so well. It is concise and easily readable. No knowledge of blockchain is needed. Thank you for writing this; I’ll be sure to send it to plenty of people I talk to about Cardano!

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