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Raz Proposals (40)

Youth Block Open Source Education

$60,000 Requested

Schools fail to equip youth with skills for a global digital economy. A Cardano youth program focused on transformative education is absent.

Challenge: F8: Open Source Development Ecosystem
over budget Requested 5% of the fund.
4.3 (12)

Fund8Proposals + SDGs - Cardano AIM

$9,000 Requested

Connecting UN frameworks like the SDGs to Proposals require analyses + evaluation. Support our research work in Fund 8 as in Fund 6.

Challenge: F8: Open Source Development Ecosystem
funded Awarded 0.75% of the fund.
4.6 (15)

Proposal Framework Tool - AIM

$8,500 Requested

Creating robust Catalyst proposals can be difficult. Connection with existing structures and frameworks is time consuming.

Challenge: F8: Open Source Development Ecosystem
funded Awarded 0.708% of the fund.
4.5 (15)

Onboard Impact Driven Businesses

$10,000 Requested

Businesses look to be onboarded to the blockchain with sustainable practices however, there is not an avenue to reach Cardano’s potential.

Challenge: F8: New Member Onboarding
unfunded Requested 5% of the fund.
3.4 (9)


$29,600 Requested

Lack of capacity building to close the digital divide for women and youth empowerment across Commonwealth, UNESCAP South Asia countries.

Challenge: F8: Lobbying for favorable legislation
over budget Requested 9.867% of the fund.
4.3 (12)

Youth+Women Cardano NFT4Good Party

$49,000 Requested

Lack of a cross-chain Cardano education program, equipping + empowering youth + women with 21st century skill sets + unlocking creativity.

Challenge: F8: Cross-Chain Collaboration
over budget Requested 12.25% of the fund.
3.9 (9)

Cardano impact project directory

$8,500 Requested

Lack of awareness of Cardano4Good projects and lack of ease to locate them, in an open access database, with other blockchain4good projects.

Challenge: F8: Cross-Chain Collaboration
funded Awarded 2.125% of the fund.
5 (12)

Cross-Chain Impact Lead Generator

$29,000 Requested

The impact of blockchain tech is integral to Cardano & Charles’ vision, but collaboration with other chains is relatively limited.

Challenge: F8: Cross-Chain Collaboration
funded Awarded 7.25% of the fund.
5 (9)

The Catalyst Story by Adatruth

$6,000 Requested
Challenge: F6: Improve and Grow Auditability
unfunded Requested 6% of the fund.
2.4 (12)

Proposal Framework Tool - AIM

$3,700 Received
$14,000 Requested

Creating robust Catalyst proposals should be easier. +75% proposals don’t win Catalyst funds costing assessors + proposers time + resources.

Challenge: F6: DLT Entrepreneurship Toolbox
funded Awarded 9.333% of the fund.

Community Lead Generation

$29,000 Requested

Businesses are looking to embed sustainable practices, however, very few are related to blockchain, and unlocking Cardano’s potential.

Challenge: F8: Business Solutions (B2B & B2C)
funded Awarded 2.9% of the fund.
4.2 (27)

Theatre For Change

$15,000 Requested

No one is currently using Theatre in Education to engage and inspire the young generation to understand Cardano Blockchain Technology.

Challenge: F8: Film + Media (FAM) creatives unite!
funded Awarded 10% of the fund.
4.4 (45)