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aikkahn Proposals (9)

AdaQuest(aka The Quest for Ada)

$75,000 Requested

<p>Building the first mobile classic fantasy MRPG Game in a world called ADA. Fully related game design to Cardano´s blockchain technology.</p>

Fund: Fund 6 Challenge: F6: DApps & Integrations
over budget Requested 30% of the fund.
0 (1)

The Quest for ADA

$100,000 Received
$100,000 Requested

Solution: We will offer the whole fantasy gaming experience, story, exclusively hand-drawn artworks, world and game design will be fully hand-made!

Fund: Fund 5 Challenge: F5: DApps & Integrations
completed Awarded 40% of the fund.

AdaQuest - Concept Phase 2

$55,000 Requested

Solution: ++La fase 2 ofrecerá:++

D-Crawler 3D Coop PVP/PVE Matchmaking Saqueos, NFT Drops (play2earn) ¡Gana territorio para tu tribu!

Fund: Fund 7 Challenge: F7: Gamers On-Chained
over budget Requested 22% of the fund.
0 (1)

AdaQuest ARENA - Finalize

$40,000 Requested

Solution: Polishing, balancing & testing needs time and resources. Our team already working on the Alpha release will require both to finalize it!

Fund: Fund 8 Challenge: F8: Gamers On - Chained
over budget Requested 8% of the fund.
0 (1)

AdaQuest PVE Quests & Stories

$35,000 Received
$35,000 Requested

Solution: Quest & Stories will deliver adventures within AdaQuest. With this mode, we will aim for the PVE players thus reaching a wider target group!

Fund: Fund 8 Challenge: F8: Gamers On - Chained
completed Awarded 7% of the fund.
0 (1)

AdaQuest GOBLINVERSE Cross Spring

$39,000 Requested

Solution: Creation of 1st (meta)Goblinverse module - Cross Spring The place for socializing & housing in the world of AdaQuest (see concept art)

Fund: Fund 8 Challenge: F8: Gamers On - Chained
over budget Requested 7.8% of the fund.
0 (1)

AdaQuest MARKETING campaign

$35,000 Requested

Solution: We will create a feasible marketing plan that will use the entire budget of this proposal to boost AdaQuest's attention level.

Fund: Fund 8 Challenge: F8: Gamers On - Chained
over budget Requested 7% of the fund.
0 (1)

AdaQuest ENHANCED ARENA Visual Mode

$20,000 Requested

Solution: We will re-design, create and enhance our characters to make them ready for this visual upgrade

Fund: Fund 8 Challenge: F8: Gamers On - Chained
over budget Requested 4% of the fund.
0 (1)

AdaQuest DCrawler Vertical Slice

$164,000 Requested

Solution: After creating the Concept & Prototype for Phase 2 we have to develop the Release Candidate. This will allow us to deliver the finished product to the public. This is usually stated as Early Access.

Fund: Fund 9 Challenge: Dapps, Products & Integrations
not approved impact proposal Requested 2.089% of the fund.
0 (1)

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