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gwendal.ledivechen own proposals

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gwendal.ledivechen Proposals (6)

Cardano Capacity Building Program Quickview

$15,000 Requested

Solution: The solution is to organize trainings for 200 key community influencers jointly with the West African Blockchain Community in 8 countries.

Fund: Fund 8 Challenge: F8: Grow Africa, Grow Cardano
not approved Requested 6% of the fund.
3.17 (12)

African Blockchain Centre for Devs Quickview

$30,000 Requested

Solution: Formar a los desarrolladores de élite de Cardano en África Establecer el mejor proveedor de soluciones Cardano en África Construir la élite técnica de la futura África

Fund: Fund 7 Challenge: F7: Scale-UP Cardano's Community Hubs
not approved Requested 8.571% of the fund.
3.44 (9)

African Blockchain Centre for Devs Quickview

$37,500 Requested

Solution: * Train elite Blockchain devs in Africa

  • Establish the best Blockchain solution provider in Africa
  • Build technical elite of the future Africa
Fund: Fund 6 Challenge: F6: Developer ecosystem
over budget Requested 3.731% of the fund.
4.4 (15)

iFoncier Land Registry Burkina Faso Quickview

$63,950 Requested

<p>Burkina Faso is facing acute social tensions and increasingly violent and deadly community conflicts partly due to a failed land management</p>

Fund: Fund 6 Challenge: F6: Grow Africa, Grow Cardano
over budget Requested 25.58% of the fund.
4.07 (15)

RedToken - Blood Donation Dapp Quickview

$35,000 Requested

Solution: Increase life-saving blood supply via tokenizing Incentives for donors and API creation and integration for hospitals, creating awareness.

Fund: Fund 5 Challenge: F5: DApps & Integrations
not approved Requested 14% of the fund.
3.21 (14)

Food traceability solution - Africa Quickview

$3,500 Received
$3,500 Requested

Solution: Mapping potential opportunities in Nigeria to apply a pilot using the outcomes of "EMURGO Traceability Solution" implemented in Indonesia.

Fund: Fund 3 Challenge: F3: DApp Creation
funded Awarded 1.4% of the fund.
0 (1)

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