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Bridge Builders own proposals

Community Reviews across funding rounds

Total des critiques
Addresses Challenge
4.23 Star
4.07 Star
4.05 Star
Value for money
4.01 Star
Impact / Alignment
4.3 Star
Impact Alignment
3.84 Star

Proposals Across Funding Rounds


Funding data last updated

Bridge Builders Proposals (22)

Bridge Builders - Governance Events

$18,000 Received
$18,000 Requested

Solution: Programmation d'événements publics en ligne où la communauté, les gens d'IOG, du FC et d'Emurgo se réunissent pour s'aligner et discuter des sujets de gouvernance.

Fund: Fund 7 Challenge: F7: Community Events
completed Awarded 9% of the fund.
0 (1)

Cross Chain Cyber Security Collab

$11,000 Requested

Solution: Explorer un environnement transversal où les communautés DLT/Blockchain partagent des expériences communes et commencent à élaborer des solutions ensemble.

Fund: Fund 7 Challenge: F7: Disarm cyber disinformation attacks
over budget Requested 11% of the fund.
0 (1)

Cardano Ambassadors & Latin America

$35,500 Received
$35,500 Requested

Solution: Mise en place d'une équipe d'experts de la communauté Catalyst d'Amérique latine et d'ambassadeurs Cardano pour fournir des services d'accueil de haute qualité.

Fund: Fund 7 Challenge: F7: Grow Latin America, Grow Cardano
completed Awarded 7.1% of the fund.
0 (1)

Mission& Vision driven SPO Networks

$10,500 Requested

Solution: Créez un réseau innovant de FS axés sur Catalyst, travaillez avec d'éminents constructeurs de Catalyst et documentez leur parcours de FS.

Fund: Fund 7 Challenge: F7: Global Sustainable Indep. SPO's
over budget Requested 10.5% of the fund.
0 (1)

SPOs Supporting Community Projects

$4,988 Received
$6,650 Requested

Solution: Créer un registre des FS intéressés, les associer à des projets communautaires, et établir des normes pour l'attribution des récompenses, la sécurité et les rapports.

Fund: Fund 7 Challenge: F7: Global Sustainable Indep. SPO's
completed Awarded 6.65% of the fund.
0 (1)

Catalyst Leadership Academy

$18,290 Received
$18,290 Requested

Solution: L'Académie de leadership Catalyst est l'endroit où les membres de la communauté peuvent enseigner et apprendre des compétences de leadership. Proposez des cours pertinents et de qualité.

Fund: Fund 7 Challenge: F7: Catalyst Accelerator & Mentors
completed Awarded 3.658% of the fund.
0 (1)

Challenge: Boosting Diversity in Catalyst

$300,000 Budget

En tant que communauté, comment pouvons-nous accroître la diversité et amener de nouvelles personnes et communautés dans le Projet Catalyst ?

Proposed in Fund: Fund 7
Budget 2.344% of the fund.
0 (1)

Open Data Lake Blueprint

$105,000 Requested

Solution: Work with Catalyst community to outline initial needs, training, whitepaper, and resources for constructing phase 1 of a Data Lake plan.

Fund: Fund 8 Challenge: F8: Open Source Development Ecosystem
over budget Requested 8.75% of the fund.
0 (1)

Leadership Academy Operations

$23,900 Requested

Solution: The Catalyst Leadership Academy is where community members can teach and learn leadership skills. Offer high-quality and relevant courses.

Fund: Fund 8 Challenge: F8: Miscellaneous Challenge
over budget Requested 4.78% of the fund.
0 (1)

Bridge Builders Operations

$100,800 Requested

Solution: Bridge Builders has been mentoring and helping the community since Fund 6. We provide events, 1 on 1 engagement, and project mentoring.

Fund: Fund 8 Challenge: Business Solutions (B2B & B2C)
over budget Requested 10.08% of the fund.
0 (1)

Challenge: Governance Praxis

$500,000 Budget

What governance experiments can we try, what knowledge can we share, and what forms of organization will emerge from this collective effort?

Proposed in Fund: Fund 8
Budget 3.906% of the fund.
0 (1)

Challenge: Collaboration for Governance

$500,000 Budget

How can the Catalyst community develop its governance capability, and its readiness for governance to move from IOG to the community itself?

Proposed in Fund: Fund 8
Budget 3.906% of the fund.
0 (1)

Ledger Developer Onboarding Course

$43,000 Requested

Solution: Create a Project-based Learning (PBL) course to take developers through a hands-on project to learn how to create Ledger Live integrations and enable Ledger devices on their products.

Fund: Fund 9 Challenge: Dapps, Products & Integrations
not approved impact proposal Requested 0.548% of the fund.
0 (1)

Connecting Tech 2 Business. Promoting Cardano tech startups to business customers for sales, pilot or market feedback.

₳58,850 Requested

Solution: Provide business development activities to prepare & connect tech startups on Cardano with prospect clients in order to support market analysis/feedback loop, pilots and actual sales.

Fund: Fund 10 Challenge: Developer Ecosystem - The Evolution
not approved Requested 0.932% of the fund.
0 (1)

Fundraising support. Workshops, one on one sessions and a final pitch event for investors.

₳65,450 Requested

Solution: Web 3 VCs to guide on how to approach investors, start up coach will conduct workshops to prepare pitch-decks and one on one sessions to improve them. A pitch event with investors.

Fund: Fund 10 Challenge: Developer Ecosystem - The Evolution
not approved Requested 1.036% of the fund.
0 (1)

Venture Capital deal flow: Connect investors with companies building on Cardano. Establish a deal flow process that will make it easier for investors to see the opportunities within the ecosystem.

₳72,050 Requested

Solution: A platform for companies to update their investment information and promote it to venture investors. Matching between the right opportunity with the right investors will increase chances of funding.

Fund: Fund 10 Challenge: Developer Ecosystem - The Evolution
not approved Requested 1.141% of the fund.
0 (1)

Cyber security & Cardano. Collaboration between a world leader in cyber security and the Cardano ecosystem. This collaboration will be essential to be able to offer Cardano technology to international corporations.

₳87,500 Requested

Solution: Conduct workshops and research, collaborating with (a cyber security leader, active in the EVM network) to define the best strategy for Cardano smart contract security validation.

Fund: Fund 10 Challenge: Developer Ecosystem - The Evolution
not approved Requested 1.385% of the fund.
0 (1)

Bridge Builders: Open Mastermind Workshops for the Cardano Community

₳71,600 Requested

Solution: We will hold open Mastermind workshops where we present learning materials to attendees and allow them to have deep conversations on these topics with peers and experts on the topics.

Fund: Fund 11 Challenge: F11: Cardano Open: Ecosystem - non-technical
not approved Requested 0.682% of the fund.
0 (1)

Monthly Reports

The project has been delayed a little bit because the contribution of the people involved has allowed us to discover new dimensions to this initiative. So we have privileged a deep reflection on the content and the construction of solid foundations, especially in a qualitative way within the relationships between the members before moving on to concrete deliverable actions. In the next two months, we will be able to move into action, in a way that is beneficial both to the community and to the team members with whom we have been working on a case-by-case basis to explore their potential and get the most out of their involvement.

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We are re-envisioning it by bring diverse leadership from the community.

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Still in progress
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