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sangeet Muralidhar own proposals

Combined CA Review Across Funds

3.6 / 5

Total PA Reviews across funds

Addresses Challenge
4.22 Star
3.11 Star
3.44 Star

Proposals Across Fund Rounds


Funding data last updated

sangeet Muralidhar Proposals (11)

KodeKlash Hackathon Quickview

$80,000 Requested

Solution: We propose to have Konma host hackathons where groups of developers come together and develop smart contracts and Dapps as per challenges. This will help bring in more Haskell devs into the ecosystem

Fund: Fund 9 Challenge: Developer Ecosystem
not approved Requested 8% of the fund.
3.96 (24)

Konma to bring in TRUTS on Cardano Quickview

$60,000 Requested

Solution: We propose to build a platform that records reviews and insights from community members on-chain , this platform will help the communities rate themselves and others based on activities.

Fund: Fund 9 Challenge: Cross-Chain Collaboration
not approved Requested 6.667% of the fund.
3.07 (15)

Konma x SardaM DAO Quickview

$38,000 Requested

Solution: Provide platforms for spreading awareness of the Cardano Blockchain and its underlying Haskell use cases, overseen and managed by self-governing DAOs.

Fund: Fund 9 Challenge: DAOs <3 Cardano
vote pending impact proposal Requested 3.8% of the fund.
4.06 (18)

KONMA Chain : L2 ZK Roll up for ADA Quickview

$800,000 Requested

Solution: Konma proposes a layer 2 solution that will act as a support layer to Cardano and other projects, it will also host Konmas web3 projects.

Fund: Fund 8 Challenge: F8: Cardano scaling solutions
not approved Requested 80% of the fund.
1.67 (12)

Konma OpenLib Quickview

$38,000 Requested

Solution: KonmaLabz will document and maintain a repo of all smart contracts which can later be used by developers by either forking or importing.

Fund: Fund 8 Challenge: F8: Open Source Development Ecosystem
over budget Requested 3.167% of the fund.
2.67 (15)

KodeKlash Hackathons Quickview

$80,000 Requested

Solution: We propose to have konma host hackathons where groups of developers come together and develop smart contracts and dapps as per challenges.

Fund: Fund 8 Challenge: F8: Developer Ecosystem
over budget Requested 8% of the fund.
3.75 (24)

Invoice Finance DeFi Platform - CR2 Quickview

$100,000 Requested

Solution: インボイス・ファイナンスDEFIは、すべてのビジネス・オーナーが、偏見や地理的な制約を受けることなく、安価な運転資金を迅速に入手することができます。

Fund: Fund 8 Challenge: Business Solutions (B2B & B2C)
over budget Requested 10% of the fund.
3.89 (9)

Konma Labz Quickview

$30,000 Received
$30,000 Requested

Solution: Haskell/Plutusの開発者で構成されるKonma Labzを作成・展開し、Cardanoチェーン上でのDeFiプロジェクトを展開するビジネスをさらに支援する。

Fund: Fund 7 Challenge: F7: Seeding Cardano's Grassroots DeFi
completed Awarded 15% of the fund.
4.42 (12)

KONMA DAO Quickview

$75,000 Requested

Solution: DAOは、KONMA ORGとそのdAppsを管理し、より簡単に分散型コミュニティを提供するためのものです。

Fund: Fund 7 Challenge: F7: DAOs ❤ Cardano
over budget Requested 15% of the fund.
3.72 (18)

Konma WEB3 payment Solution Quickview

$25,000 Requested

Solution: Konma Labzは、ADA pay APIを利用して、電子商取引サイトでShelly Era Walletsを利用した暗号化された支払いゲートウェイによるシームレスなチェックアウトプロセスを実現する予定です。

Fund: Fund 7 Challenge: F7: Catalyst Natives COTI: Pay with ADA Plug-in
over budget Requested 25% of the fund.
4.11 (36)

Konmaswap a DEX for Cardano Quickview

$73,600 Requested

Solution: KonmaSwapは、スマートコントラクトをカルダノチェーン上に展開するための簡単な方法を提供し、セールスツールを活用して簡単にICOを行うことができるようになります。

Fund: Fund 7 Challenge: F7: Boosting Cardano's DeFi
over budget Requested 14.72% of the fund.
4.27 (15)

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