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JO8N own proposals

Combined CA Review Across Funds

1.6 / 5

Total PA Reviews across funds

Impact / Alignment
1.25 Star
1.43 Star
1.75 Star
Addresses Challenge
3.5 Star

Proposals Across Fund Rounds


Funding data last updated

JO8N Proposals (6)

Condense PA/VPA Into New dRep Role? Quickview

$100 Requested

Solution: dReps can give greater transparency and community through assessments with proof of life that verify their votes.

Fund: Fund 9 Challenge: dRep improvement and onboarding
not approved Requested 0.067% of the fund.
1.06 (18)

Everyone Start With More 👏 Quickview

$100 Requested

Solution: Everyone Start With More 👏  and present the proposals according to actual Popularity in Ideascale. Right now, the popularity ranking is wrong, for it ranks according to who put up a proposal first.

Fund: Fund 9 Challenge: dRep improvement and onboarding
not approved Requested 0.067% of the fund.
1.13 (15)

DAO DAO! (sing song, like: tä-ˈdä!) Quickview

$3,333 Requested

Solution: Focus on what you are going to do –> Starting with the 1st principle, I TAO/道 (daʊ) to justify a TRUE belief of the definition of D.A.O. I TAO, therefore I D.A.O…I only, truly know a DAO of One.

Fund: Fund 9 Challenge: DAOs <3 Cardano
not approved impact proposal Requested 0.333% of the fund.
1.72 (18)

💧 Democracy Means Everyone is dRep Quickview

$100 Requested


Fund: Fund 9 Challenge: dRep improvement and onboarding
funded impact proposal Awarded 0.067% of the fund.
1.38 (21)

Challenge: Catalyst Built AI Art Generator 🌅

₳12,800,000 Budget

Can Project Catalyst collectively build the best AI Art Generator native to Cardano for everyone in the community to use? Can Project Catalyst collaborate and grow with this DAO tool?

Proposed in Fund: Fund 9
Budget 100% of the fund.
2 (30)

Decriminalize & Decentralize 🍄🌺☮️ Quickview

$3,703 Requested

Solution: Incentivize valuable dialogue catalysis and create CNFT "memes" from My City's Council Meetings as We discuss Psychedelic Decriminalization.

Fund: Fund 8 Challenge: F8: Miscellaneous Challenge
over budget Requested 0.741% of the fund.
3.08 (12)

Monthly Reports

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