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Nori Nishigaya own proposals

Community Reviews across funding rounds

Addresses Challenge
4.5 Star
4.04 Star
4.21 Star
Impact / Alignment
4.8 Star
Impact Alignment
3.85 Star
Value for money
3.58 Star

Proposals Across Funding Rounds


Funding data last updated

Nori Nishigaya Proposals (56)

Catalyst Entrepreneur's Book Club

$1,200 Received
$1,200 Requested

<p>There is a large amount of valuable information to teach powerful entrepreneurial skills, but many people don't know where to look or start.</p>

Fund: Fund 6 Challenge: F6: DLT Entrepreneurship Toolbox
completed Awarded 0.8% of the fund.
4.17 (12)

The Roadmap Revisited

$10,000 Requested

<p>CF must establish global partnerships with the UN, World Bank, establish 130 Local Community Centers with $30K, and engage with Catalyst.</p>

Fund: Fund 6 Challenge: F6: Partnerships for Global Adoption
not approved Requested 33.333% of the fund.
1.58 (12)

SalmonNation Decentralized Alliance

$10,872 Received
$10,872 Requested

Solution: Start a local community center in Salmon Nation with the focus on education and networking for Cardano-based solutions to local problems.

Fund: Fund 6 Challenge: F6: Scale-UP Cardano's Community Hubs
completed Awarded 10.872% of the fund.
4.67 (15)

Challenge: Increasing Diversity in Catalyst

$150,000 Budget

<p>How can we as a community increase diversity, equity, and inclusion in Project Catalyst?</p>

Proposed in Fund: Fund 6
Budget 2.778% of the fund.
4.67 (6)

Challenge: Developer ecosystem

$0 Budget

<p>How can we create a positive developer experience that helps the developer focus on building successful apps?</p>

Proposed in Fund: Fund 6
4.44 (9)

SPOs Supporting Community Projects

$4,988 Received
$6,650 Requested

Solution: 関心のあるSPOの登録を行い、コミュニティのプロジェクトとのマッチングを行い、報酬の配分、セキュリティ、報告の基準を設定します。

Fund: Fund 7 Challenge: F7: Global Sustainable Indep. SPO's
completed Awarded 6.65% of the fund.
4.56 (9)

Catalyst Leadership Academy

$18,290 Received
$18,290 Requested

Solution: Catalyst Leadership Academyは、コミュニティのメンバーがリーダーシップ・スキルを教えたり学んだりする場所です。高品質で適切なコースを提供する。

Fund: Fund 7 Challenge: F7: Catalyst Accelerator & Mentors
completed Awarded 3.658% of the fund.
4.53 (15)

Challenge: Distributed Governance

$200,000 Budget


Proposed in Fund: Fund 7
Budget 1.563% of the fund.
4.33 (15)

Community Lead Generation

$29,000 Received
$29,000 Requested

Solution: ブロックチェーン・フォー・インパクトのパイオニアになろうとする人々のために、ビジネスコラボレーションを生み出す革新的な「カルダノ・インパクト・コミュニティ」モデル。

Fund: Fund 8 Challenge: Business Solutions (B2B & B2C)
completed Awarded 2.9% of the fund.
4.22 (27)

Community collaboration standards

$35,000 Received
$35,000 Requested

Solution: A purpose driven community to build common standards, processes, and tools to increase synergies across projects.

Fund: Fund 8 Challenge: Open Standards & Interoperability
completed Awarded 7% of the fund.
4.92 (12)

The Impact Onboarding

$9,400 Received
$9,400 Requested

Solution: Build an onboarding model through an active catalyst community to welcome, connect, and support onboarding newcomers

Fund: Fund 8 Challenge: New Member Onboarding
completed Awarded 4.7% of the fund.
4.39 (18)

Challenge: Conflict Transformation

$1,000,000 Budget


Proposed in Fund: Fund 8
Budget 7.813% of the fund.
4.33 (9)

Challenge: Grow Cardano adoption in Ethiopia

$100,000 Budget

How can we increase adoption of Cardano in Ethiopia, IOG’s flagship country?

Proposed in Fund: Fund 8
Budget 0.781% of the fund.
4 (12)

Smarthubs=more impact/adoption

$28,600 Requested

Solution: Design a DAO model to connect localised hubs for collaboration starting with 3 businesses promoting Cardano (Suiss, New Zealand & Canada) to distribute & decentralise the work to onboard organisations

Fund: Fund 9 Challenge: DAOs <3 Cardano
over budget impact proposal Requested 2.86% of the fund.
4.73 (15)

littlefish - Ikigai in Community

$36,667 Received
$50,000 Requested

Solution: An Ikigai based visual onboarding/member profile tool, charting what each member loves, is good at, can be paid for, and thinks the community needs.

Fund: Fund 9 Challenge: DAOs <3 Cardano
completed impact proposal Awarded 5% of the fund.
4.92 (12)

Project Catalyst Funded Project PlayBook Revamp and Marketing/Community Project Support - SmartHubs

₳39,000 Requested

Solution: Revamp the Funded Project PlayBook, and provide support to newly funded projects with technical and non-technical parts of the business setup process helping projects structure their plans to succeed.

Fund: Fund 10 Challenge: Development & Infrastructure
not approved Requested 0.449% of the fund.
4.1 (21)

Connecting Tech 2 Business. Promoting Cardano tech startups to business customers for sales, pilot or market feedback.

₳58,850 Requested

Solution: Provide business development activities to prepare & connect tech startups on Cardano with prospect clients in order to support market analysis/feedback loop, pilots and actual sales.

Fund: Fund 10 Challenge: Developer Ecosystem - The Evolution
not approved Requested 0.932% of the fund.
4.3 (30)

Cyber security & Cardano. Collaboration between a world leader in cyber security and the Cardano ecosystem. This collaboration will be essential to be able to offer Cardano technology to international corporations.

₳87,500 Requested

Solution: Conduct workshops and research, collaborating with (a cyber security leader, active in the EVM network) to define the best strategy for Cardano smart contract security validation.

Fund: Fund 10 Challenge: Developer Ecosystem - The Evolution
not approved Requested 1.385% of the fund.
4.27 (30)

Monthly Reports

In December, the dRep Education Book Club was officially launched on the Leadership Academy Discord: and we gained 32 new members this month due to that announcement. The Discord has been set up to host a channel per book that we discuss, and will lead up to the first face to face book club meeting in mid-January. There is also a new space for community members to add any books they are currently reading and discuss the book with the community, so the book club is not limited to just the ones selected for this proposal. There has been higher engagement since moving from Telegram to Discord, so that is a good sign that this was a positive change.

Disbursed to Date
Still in progress
Completion Target
3. In the next 6 months
Comments 0

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The summer has slowed down progress on our initiative somewhat, but we hope to re-engage everyone in September and continue our forward progress.

Disbursed to Date
Still in progress
Completion Target
1. In the next month
Comments 0

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We are combining with an SPO Accelerator proposal and bringing even more value to the SPOs involved in this project. We will be launching the SPO accelerator in a few week in partnership with Harry Hellyer and his team.

We are also starting to gather SPOs that are interested in working on a certification program and will kick off our first convening on May28. We have a community Discord and Telegram group formed for better communication.

Disbursed to Date
Still in progress
Completion Target
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On April 25, Nori participated on a panel discussion with other block chain experts on NFTs. This second event was all about NFTs and their utility. This was an interesting conversation and one other company on the panel was already using Cardano as the blockchain for their in-game NFT assets. The utility of NFTs beyond "art NFTs" was a good learning opportunity for much of the audience. We are planning a third conversation around DAOs in late June.

Sanada continues to host bi-weekly Pacific Town Hall. In May we had sessions on governance, presentations on impact projects on Cardano and block chain (Landano, Algae Token, and Nature Blocks), and we had some discussions around stake pool best practices and a review of Fund 8 and how it went for the community. Recordings of Pacific Town Hall are available here:

Disbursed to Date
Still in progress
Completion Target
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We have also hosted two Pacific Town Halls in April, one a fairly deep dive into what it takes to run an SPO, and the other discussing the need for a constitution in Cardano. Recordings of the Town Hall meetings can be found here:

In April, as COVID restrictions have lifted sufficiently, we hosted an in-person event to teach people about and discuss NFTs. This event was attended by over 20 people and lasted just over 2 hours. One of the panel speakers is building a game on top of Cardano and using NFTs to represent in-game items.

Disbursed to Date
Still in progress
Completion Target
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We have partnered with Edify to offer the Sakura SPO community an Impact Accelerator to help them strengthen their business and ultimately be more successful at running a stake pool. Our kick off meeting is recorded here:

We have on-boarded a community manager (Jeremy Kiffiak) who will be reaching out to different SPO communities, and an SPO technical advisor (Bryan Lesiuk) who will be advising on Stake Pool best practices and creating a security audit to certify that SPOs are running good security practices.

Our discord server is here:

And our Telegram group:

Disbursed to Date
Still in progress
Completion Target
Comments 0

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We are convening our first meeting of SPOs and community projects on April 1 to launch this new network. We have partnered with Harry Hellyer and his team to offer SPOs business mentorship as the synergies between the groups seems to be highly aligned. We hope to take 15-20 SPOs through the accelerator program.

A Discord server has been set up to help build community and facilitate conversation for this group:

Disbursed to Date
Still in progress
Completion Target
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SANADA is now hosting the Pacific Town Hall. We've been holding them every two weeks, and the recordings of the meetings can be found here: and interested people can sign up via the Catalyst Community Meetup group:

As the SANADA community manager, I have started networking at the KWENCH co-working space, and have connected with several local companies who are interested in building on top of Cardano, and have been attending local blockchain meetups to spread the word about Cardano and Catalyst.

I have also sat on an introduction to blockchain panel discussion and represented Cardano and explained the energy efficiency of the blockchain and how it's being used in various impact initiatives. There were 23 people in attendance and it turned into a nice conversation about blockchain in general, and Cardano in particular. It's worth noting that due to COVID, this was the first face to face event that I've been able to attend in person. It's nice to be able to meet people once again. We are now planning an NFT panel discussion for the end of April for part two of this series.

Disbursed to Date
Still in progress
Completion Target
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