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Learning Dynamic Models Quickview

$95,100 Requested

Solution: Photrek will upgrade the Coupled VAE (CVAE) algorithm it is developing for the SingularityNETs (SNET) AI Marketplace to incorporate a dynamic model. CVAE is a risk-aware learning method.

Fund: Fund 9 Challenge: Dapps, Products & Integrations
not approved impact proposal Requested 1.211% of the fund.
4.58 (12)

OpenSource Quadratic Voting Funding Quickview

$84,000 Received
$112,000 Requested

Solution: Bring GitCoin to Cardano with quadratic voting and funding to amplify trust and opportunities to build the future of open-source Cardano.

Fund: Fund 8 Challenge: F8: Open Source Development Ecosystem
funded Awarded 9.333% of the fund.
4.81 (27)

PRISM DIDs for Catalyst CA Process Quickview

$21,000 Requested

Solution: Decentralised identity can improve the Catalyst CA process. Using Atala PRISM in Catalyst supports broader adoption of Cardano technology.

Fund: Fund 8 Challenge: F8: Accelerate Decentralized Identity
over budget Requested 4.2% of the fund.
4.22 (9)

Improving Integrity of CA Processes Quickview

$15,000 Received
$15,000 Requested

Solution: Identify the community's best improvements on reputation and ranking and integrate these into the parallel effort on CA digital identity.

Fund: Fund 8 Challenge: Community Advisor Improvements
completed Awarded 15% of the fund.
4.56 (36)

Community Governance Oversight Quickview

$27,440 Received
$34,300 Requested

Solution: Provide community oversight of Catalyst governance processes.

Fund: Fund 8 Challenge: Improve and Grow Auditability
funded Awarded 17.15% of the fund.
4.67 (12)

PRISM DIDs for CA Onboarding Quickview

$65,625 Received
$75,000 Requested

Solution: Partner with a community-led education team providing CA onboarding and issue DID Credentials verifying CA participation in the course.

Fund: Fund 8 Challenge: F8: Accelerate Decentralized Identity
funded Awarded 15% of the fund.
4.71 (24)

DID for Democracy on the Blockchain Quickview

$6,667 Received
$12,500 Requested

Solution: Develop infrastructure for Atala PRISM implementation on "consenz: agreements building platform" to practice on-chain democratic system

Fund: Fund 8 Challenge: F8: Accelerate Decentralized Identity
funded Awarded 2.5% of the fund.
4.22 (9)

Ruggedized DeFi Quickview

$49,000 Requested

Solution: Tools to assist developers in the verification of DeFi design and agent-based simulation of DeFi prototypes will stress-test proposed apps.

Fund: Fund 4 Challenge: F4: Developer ecosystem
not approved Requested 12.25% of the fund.
0 (1)

wadaDAO Quickview

$37,800 Requested

Solution: Fuse known organizational standards into DAO models. Design distributed treasury system. Confirm quadratic voting and other voting models.

Fund: Fund 7 Challenge: F7: DAOs ❤ Cardano
over budget Requested 7.56% of the fund.
4.08 (12)

Forecasting Cardano Native Tokens Quickview

$9,900 Received
$9,900 Requested

Solution: We propose the development of an automated valuation method for native tokens based on tools of machine intelligence for complex systems.

Fund: Fund 7 Challenge: F7: A.I. & SingularityNet a $5T market
completed Awarded 1.98% of the fund.
3.67 (9)

AdaQuad - Crowdfunding Platform Quickview

$24,900 Requested

Solution: Design a voting and funding method for Cardano Catalyst and other DOAs in the Cardano ecosystem.

Fund: Fund 7 Challenge: F7: Catalyst - Rapid Funding Mechanisms
over budget Requested 9.96% of the fund.
3.42 (12)

Cardano Risk Profile Audit Quickview

$40,000 Requested

<p>Cardano stakepool operators face a variety of cybersecurity risks that they have not adequately prepared to defend against.</p>

Fund: Fund 6 Challenge: F6: Cardano Emerging Threat Alarm
over budget Requested 80% of the fund.
3.75 (12)

Design & Sim of Voting Influence Quickview

$50,000 Requested

<p>Blockchain DAOs, including Catalyst, are governed by one coin - one vote policy which is susceptible to oligarchic control.</p>

Fund: Fund 6 Challenge: F6: Distributed decision making
over budget Requested 66.667% of the fund.
4.22 (9)

Challenge: Prototype Diversified Voting Method

$150,000 Budget

<p>Can we implement a prototype demonstration of diversified voting and flexible funding for one challenge fund?</p>

Proposed in Fund: Fund 6
Budget 2.778% of the fund.
4 (9)

Diversify Voting Influence Quickview

$14,000 Received
$14,000 Requested

Solution: Design and evaluate a variety of voting saturation and aggregation algorithms that balances the influence of small and large stakeholders.

Fund: Fund 4 Challenge: F4: Distributed Decision Making
completed Awarded 28% of the fund.
0 (1)

Monthly Reports

Our work on the Study Buddy curriculum is documented at the website

Disbursed to Date
Completion Target
2. In the next 3 months

Photrek originally contracted with Modig Development for the development of the Study Buddy curriculum. Michael Cenkner, who is leading the effort, has decided to complete the work as an individual rather than through Modig. As such, the contract with Modig was ended and a new agreement was completed with Cenkner.

Disbursed to Date
Still in progress
Completion Target
2. In the next 3 months

The IICAP project launch has been successful. Paul Erikson and Michael Cenkner of Modig Development have joined the team to develop a process for demonstrating core competency in the PA/vPA processes. Snapbrillia will provide their quadratic voting tools to facilitate feedback from the PA/vPA community regarding each proposed competency. Snapbrillia's bounty system will be used to reward community members who participate in the review.

Disbursed to Date
Still in progress
Completion Target

Thank you to the Catalyst Community for supporting Photrek's initiative to improve the CA processes. We look forward to working with the community.

Disbursed to Date
Still in progress
Completion Target
EP1: 'd' Parameter