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Steve Lockhart own proposals

Community Reviews across funding rounds

Total reviews
Addresses Challenge
4.67 Star
4.57 Star
4.29 Star

Proposals Across Funding Rounds


Steve Lockhart Proposals (13)

Challenge: Mission Driven Challenge

$500,000 Budget

<p>How do we focus our community's desire to correct imbalances?</p><p><br></p><p>A specific challenge addressing mission-driven initiatives.</p>

Proposed in Fund: Fund 6
Budget 9.259% of the fund.
2.56 (9)

Challenge: Grow Latin America, Grow Cardano

$500,000 Budget

How do we grow the Cardano ecosystem in Latin America?

The same way we do in Africa, focused initiatives!

Proposed in Fund: Fund 6
Approved Approved 9.259% of the fund.
4.67 (6)

Challenge: Grow East Asia, Grow Cardano

$250,000 Budget

How do we grow the Cardano ecosystem in East Asia in an inclusive and supportive way? The same way we do in Africa, focused initiatives!

Proposed in Fund: Fund 6
Budget 4.63% of the fund.
3.33 (6)

Challenge: Grow Africa, Grow Cardano

$0 Budget

How do we grow the Cardano ecosystem in Africa?

The same way we do everywhere, focused initiatives!

Proposed in Fund: Fund 6
4.17 (12)

Planting Roots In Africa

$125,695 Requested

Solution: Funding basic infrastructure in African hubs will allow us to collaborate, coordinate, educate and initiate building out local use cases.

Fund: Fund 5 Challenge: F5: Grow Africa, Grow Cardano
over budget Requested 50.278% of the fund.
4.5 (20)

Cardano After Dark - Hold'em poker

$40,000 Received
$40,000 Requested

Solution: Create a decentralised poker-platform where players can play for cryptocurrencies directly from their wallets with minimum fees

Fund: Fund 7 Challenge: F7: Gamers On-Chained
completed Awarded 16% of the fund.
4.61 (18)

Challenge: Expand Access to Extend Cardano

$350,000 Budget

++In areas with subpar electricity and internet penetration, how can grassroots populations help realize Cardano's potential & solutions++

Proposed in Fund: Fund 7
Budget 2.734% of the fund.
3.93 (15)

Mobile In-App Wallet (RN) 🔥

$10,000 Requested

Solution: Create a React Native library for storing hashed mnemonics and private keys inside mobile's secure context, by leveraging other tools.

Fund: Fund 8 Challenge: F8: Open Source Development Ecosystem
over budget Requested 0.833% of the fund.
3.52 (21)

Escrow Smart Contract for dApps 🔥

$3,000 Received
$3,000 Requested

Solution: Create a sophisticated Escrow Smart Contract which can be used by a variety of applications in different use-cases, with good documentation.

Fund: Fund 8 Challenge: F8: DApps and Integrations
completed Awarded 0.12% of the fund.
4.33 (18)

CAGA, a Card Game App Framework

$55,000 Requested

Solution: Provide a reusable framework to be used for bootstrapping new Card Games.

Fund: Fund 8 Challenge: F8: Gamers On - Chained
over budget Requested 11% of the fund.
3.67 (15)

Bonfire - Scheduling dApp 🔥

$15,000 Received
$15,000 Requested

Solution: Mobile dApp to allow people to schedule time with one other & receive crypto payments in exchange for their time, without personal data.

Fund: Fund 8 Challenge: Business Solutions (B2B & B2C)
completed Awarded 1.5% of the fund.
4.27 (15)

Proposers’ Hive

$30,000 Requested

Solution: Create a product, in the form of an independent proposers’ group. It will champion proposers’ interests, address issues faced by proposers, and welcome proposers in many languages & time zones.

Fund: Fund 9 Challenge: Dapps, Products & Integrations
not approved Requested 0.382% of the fund.
4.61 (18)

Web3 Education DAO by Wada

$75,000 Requested

Solution: Build a Web3 Education DAO with Cardano’s ecosystem builders and thinkers to develop, modify and test DAO tools. This enables exponential community growth and showcase Cardano as a DAO go-to platform 

Fund: Fund 9 Challenge: DAOs <3 Cardano
over budget impact proposal Requested 7.5% of the fund.
4.39 (18)

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