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Cardano is a network that uses third-generation blockchain technology that is uniquely fast, useful, and earth-friendly. Blockchains are all about decentralization - shared work, shared responsibility, and shared rewards. This applies to the technology of course, but it also applies to the people. Where do you fit in?

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Darlington Wleh Bio Pic


Darlington Wleh Bio Pic

Beans, Brains, & Blockchains:

The caffeinated altruism of David Baxter

Cardano Open For RealFi Businesses

Incredibly easy Web 2.0 company onboarding to enhance offerings!

Project Catalyst Mentorship:

A grassroots approach

Blockchain Headlines November 30, 2022 1₳ = $0.31


Project Catalyst - Africa Vision

Lido Nation meets up with fellow dreamers in Nairobi


Project Catalyst – Africa impact

Lido Nation drops in on Nairobi Kenya


Let's Take a Minute to Lido

All our biggest updates in one place!


The Vasil Upgrade on Cardano

The facts, thoughts, & congratulations to all

Big Announcement for Cardano at Binance What do You Need to Know

Big Announcement for Cardano at

What do You Need to Know?

Reviews Wallet Review

  • is a Cardano wallet for Chrome and Firefox browsers, or Android and iPhone mobile devices. provides a full set of features for interfacing with Cardano to receive and send ADA and NFTs, vote, manage stake pool delegation, and interact with decentralized applications (DApps).
  • gets high marks for having many great features: over 17 to date. However it has room to grow in the areas of newcomer-friendly interface and user experience.

Yoroi Cardano Wallet Review

  • The Yoroi wallet provides a simple newcomer-friendly interface for Cardano ADA holders to receive and send ADA and NFTs, vote, and manage their stake pool delegation.
  • Yoroi gets high rating for its ease for getting started in Cardano via browser or mobile, however there’s lots of room to grow in the areas of stability and customer support.

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Important Dates

  • 01

    Pacific Town Hall

    Starts (UTC): Dec 01 02:00 AM
    Ends (UTC): Dec 01 03:30 AM
  • 02

    Africa Town Hall

    Starts (UTC): Dec 02 07:00 PM
    Ends (UTC): Dec 02 09:00 PM
  • 02

    Latam Town Hall

    Starts (UTC): Dec 02 10:30 PM
    Ends (UTC): Dec 02 12:30 AM
  • 03

    Cardano Eastern Town Hall

    Starts (UTC): Dec 03 10:00 AM
    Ends (UTC): Dec 03 12:00 PM

catalyst Numbers

Completed Projects
Builders in Catalyst
Number of Funded Projects
Average Funded Amount
$30,000.00 Received
$30,000.00 Requested
Awarded & Received 60% of the fund.
Yes Votes:
₳ 128,182,897
No Votes:
₳ 31,021,581

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Beans, Brains, & Blockchains:

The caffeinated altruism of David Baxter

In this article, we look at how resiliece and a desire to contribute have led David Baxter and comrades to address prevalent societal issues and work on ways their example can inspire others across the globe!


Cardano Open For RealFi Businesses

Incredibly easy Web 2.0 company onboarding to enhance offerings!


With the increased tweets and Twitter Space discussions about the lackluster state of Cardano developer tooling and services for companies wanting to build on Cardano, we decided to add our two lovelaces to the conversation. Blockchain ecosystems live…


Project Catalyst Mentorship:

A grassroots approach

In today’s article, you’ll see how one man's sincere questions seem to grow into natural opportunities for a sort of mutual mentorship. We’ll look at how respect and communication both contribute to collective success, how this type of collaboration helps raise the bar for quality in the Catalyst ecosystem––and a few tips on how you might also get started!


The Avalanche Blockchain Platform

A new-user 101

If you've spent any amount of time in the Cardano and Catalyst communities, you've likely noticed a cross-chain positive tone in conversations regarding other cryptocurrencies. In that spirit, [tweet post_id=146 tweet='Cardano and Catalyst communities are known for their cross-chain positive…


Blockchain the Builder

A glance at blockchain solutions to inspire new ideas

Lido Nation connects people to education about blockchain technology. Whether you are here to invest, help the space grow, or utilize it for your existing endeavors––welcome. This article explores a few industries that have live blockchain use cases. We hope…


The Cost of Honesty

The price of blockchain’s permanent record

In recent years, Blockchain has benefited from an increase in well-informed users and ever more technologically aware governments, organizations, and institutions. As we all learn about the nascent capacities of the tech, we see that, on the one hand, it…


Stephanie E King

Stephanie is a consultant and educator, bridging the gap between the tech nerds and the rest of us.

Darlington Wleh

Darlington has the brains of an engineer and the heart of a humanitarian. He’s using his skills and experience to present blockchain to the 99%.

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