Cardano in Africa

In Fund 6 of Project Catalyst, Lido Nation was funded to work with a group of native Swahili speakers in Kenya. We helped them to learn about Cardano, translate Lido Nation articles into Swahili, and ultimately to write their own original content about Cardano for a Swahili-speaking audience. This article is part of the Swahili-content series, translated into English!

Cardano already has a big presence in Africa and it plans on going even further to be recognized in many more African countries.

Charles Hoskinson, the founder of Cardano, has spoken about the large potential of the African continent for adoption of blockchain technology. During an interview with John OConnor, who is the Director of African Operations at IOG announced that IOGs projects in Africa are great.

IOG is currently engaging locals by delivering projects that solve real-world problems. There has been a repeated funding campaign in Project Catalyst “Grow Africa, Grow Cardano” which focuses on Africa. Through these projects, Africa gets some support, commercial projects building in Africa get support from the community, and Cardano gets an encouraging environment for mass adoption. Here are some of the examples of African countries that are working with Cardano;

Cardano in Ethiopia

The Ethiopian government is working with Cardano to benefit five million students. John OConnor , IOHK African operations director said, “Ethiopias blockchain based education transformation is a key milestone on IOHK`s mission to provide economic identities and employment, social and financial services for the digitally excluded,“

Ethiopia will implement a national, blockchain-based student and teacher ID and attainment recording system to verify grades, monitor students performance to boost education and employment. The aim of this is to provide students with blockchain verified digital qualifications to reduce dishonesty in universities and to increase mobility by allowing employers to verify all applicants’ grades.

Aside from education, IOHK is in discussion on a blockchain-based digital transport ticketing system in the capital city of Ethiopia, Addis Ababa.

Cardano in Tanzania

As announced earlier, Cardano landed a second partnership deal with Tanzania aiming to build scalable infrastructure in the country.

Tanzania is a country in East Africa. Tanzania is partnering with Cardano to facilitate mobile internet connectivity, digital identity and financial empowerment to rural communities in the country.

According to a report given, the companies would start this project from Zanzibar. The main goal will be to deliver good quality internet connection while using sustainable solar-powered energy sources. They will be providing mobile internet to those who don’t have it. They are working with a mobile network in Tanzania called Telecom and plan to give its users a digital identity and have ADA as the payment method.

Cardano in Kenya

Cardano is also in Kenya through a proposal won by Lido Nation. Through this project Cardano has built the first blockchain lab in Kenya, known as the Ngong Road Blockchain Lab based in Nairobi, Kenya. The project started last year with two young college students who are web developers. Earlier this year the team added three more students who are in charge of article translation to Swahili. The aim of this is to make many Swahili speaking nations be able to learn more and understand more about Cardano thus giving Cardano mass adoption. To learn more about the project here is an article on them,


The alliance between Africa and Cardano aims to transform all 54 countries into a digital market. They want to invest in digital infrastructure to allow industries to bloom and create opportunities in African economies, this includes investments in network, education, transportation and more.

These are just a few examples of partnership of Cardano projects in Africa. These projects have made Cardano gain recognition and mass adoption in Africa. In case you have a project/ proposal that can grow Africa and grow Cardano you can drop them on to get funding.

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