From Prototype to Powerhouse: Catalyst Explorer in Fund 10 and beyond

Half of what we do here at Lido Nation is education, in simple English, Spanish, and Swahili. The other half of our time is spent building new things. We build and host We built the Every Epoch one question giveaway for over 40 epochs now. We recently built a learning management system to power our Swahili “learn to earn” funded project proposal.

We also built the Catalyst Explorer, which many in the community consider the best place to research Project Catalyst proposals and teams. Our first prototype showed what it could do, and with funding from Catalyst, we recently rebuilt over 80% of the tool. We transformed it from a prototype to software that can run well for a long time.

Most of these updates were made to the proposals listing page. The improvements included:

  • Performance increase of over 20x Version 1.
  • Number of advanced filters increased by 10x.
  • A new quickpitch-only view
  • Ability to download your search results in 5 different formats
  • 5x more sorting options
  • A brand new dashboard for funded proposals to claim their catalyst profile to gain ownership of proposals associated with claimed profiles.
  • And over 10 new features you can see and read about in the closeout report linked to the bottom.

LIDO Nation in Fund 10 and beyond

Project Catalyst is growing and changing. We want the Catalyst Explorer to stay ahead of the curve, so that the community continues to have access to powerful insight and analysis of the “experiment.” Here is what we are thinking about next:

The hardest part of providing the Catalyst Explorer has been getting the data. With each funding round it has gotten easier but it’s still not ideal and often requires many hours of manual cleaning up. The new systems coming online promise to make data scarcity a thing of the past. We’re not waiting for the system to be production ready before getting our hands wet and jumping in with 3 proposals in fund 10 to make the Catalyst Explorer tool even more useful to the community.

Catalyst Explorer 2.5: Accessible Catalyst Data & Tools

When we appear on Twitter Spaces and have conversations with our friends in the community about what’s going on in Catalyst, we use the Catalyst Explorer constantly. We use it to figure out how many current proposals are about Africa, or to find every mention of DAOs, or whatever is being discussed. Within seconds, we can reference facts about how many proposals there are, or how many proposers, or how many proposals a given person or group has. If proposers have participated in multiple rounds, the Explorer surfaces evidence of how many projects have been completed, and what their project reports look like (did you know some are just a smiley face?). It’s indispensable for helping us share informed opinions and advice existing and new participants about how to be effective contributors to the experiment. Based on site traffic and the feedback we’ve heard, hundreds of you are asking thousands of questions each month.

We have heard your requests, and developed some new ideas ourselves. Here is what we would like to do in the next phase of development for the Catalyst Explorer to serve the growing user-base:

  1. We have a backlog of over 30 direct community-requested features we would like to address.
  2. Give to other catalyst datasets the same love we’ve given to proposals. This proposal will fund us to increase the accessibility and ease of research for:
    • people in catalyst (reviewers, proposers, moderators, dReps, etc)
    • Companies and groups behind the people of catalyst
    • Community reviews
    • Monthly Reports
    • Project closeouts
  3. Add more social features to the tool, and make it easy to share and follow each other’s research.
  4. Start prototyping what it would look like to vote directly through the Catalyst Explorer. This will be possible with the new governance API that is coming out soon, and we want to be ready to offer a smooth voting experience to those who want it

Read full proposal:

Catalyst Explorer dRep module: Directory, Community, Draft Ballots

If everything goes according to plan, dReps are coming in fund 11. When they do, we want them to have nice tooling to use to manage their work and collaborate with their delegators or with the entire Cardano community. The deliverables for this proposal are:

  • See public dReps
  • See dReps’ voting records
  • Delegate to dReps
  • dReps can create profiles
  • dReps can co-create ballots with their delegators

Read Full Proposal:

Catalyst Turbo - Community Catalyst Infrastructure Experiments

As soon as we have a deployed test version of the new systems, we plan to start running a series of lab experiments to help test the new system! The big idea is to try to do three specific things:

  1. Use the system to run a catalyst round with very different parameters, using a cardano native token instead of ada as the first configuration. We’re working with the Disco Solaris Neo Miami Community to host their Discatalyst.
  2. We also want to extract the snapshot module and give a way to offer “snapshot as a service” to the community. This would enable any stake pool operator to generate snapshots for the community based custom parameters. For example an spo would be able to generate a list of how many Hosky holders are there and their balances at a given time.
  3. Lastly we want to test different ways to deploy the system in production besides the two defaults (docker and earthly).

Read Full Proposal:

Time to study, review, and vote!

We look forward to reading other great proposals on the ballot. We’re excited to have the Cardano innovation engine ticking once more. Thank you for your support in fund 9, and your consideration in Fund 10!

How are you participating in the catalyst in fund 10 and beyond? What is the most challenging part of catalyst for you? Which bit do you enjoy the most? Leave your comments below.

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