Project Catalyst Fund 12 Proposal: Cardano Component UI Library

The Problem

Developing applications on the Cardano blockchain often involves repetitive tasks. Each project must recreate basic HTML and CSS to display the same on-chain data. This significantly slows down development and hinders rapid prototyping. Developers are constantly “reinventing the wheel” for common tasks like signing transactions, displaying NFTs, and showing stake pool information.

The Solution

Lido Nation proposes creating a comprehensive library of Cardano and Catalyst-specific UI components. This library will include professionally designed templates that developers can use as a starting point for their projects. The goal is to provide a set of high-quality, plug-and-play components that can be easily integrated into any Cardano project, thus accelerating the development process.

Open Source Commitment

The Cardano Component UI Library will be made public and open source under the Apache-2.0 license. The components will be available for free on, ensuring that the entire community can benefit from this resource.

Project Details

Community Involvement

Inspired by our collaboration with Intersect and our participation in the Catalyst Working Group event in Nairobi, we will host community workshops to determine the most needed UI elements. These workshops will help ensure that the library meets the needs of the broader Cardano community.

Core Components

The library will include components for:

  • Signing transactions
  • Displaying single and multiple NFTs
  • Showing stake pool information
  • Listing Catalyst proposals and DReps
  • Displaying Cardano transactions
  • Wallet login interfaces
  • More! Based on community workshop finding.

These components will be designed by professional UI/UX experts and implemented by the experienced Lido Nation team.

Not Just Another NPM Package

This project is not about creating another framework or NPM package. Instead, it will provide a website where developers can view a list of Cardano UI elements, copy the code, and customize it to fit their needs. This approach ensures that developers have full control over their UI components without the hassles of overriding CSS.


The Cardano Component UI Library is expected to save developers and companies hundreds of hours by reducing the need for repetitive coding tasks. It will also facilitate faster prototyping, enabling more innovative solutions. The project aims to:

  • Enhance development efficiency
  • Improve the quality and consistency of Cardano applications
  • Foster community engagement and collaboration


Let’s foster a collaborative and innovative Cardano community by voting in Project Catalyst Fund 12.

You can learn more about this proposal at

You can use the Lido Nation Draft Ballot tool to bookmark your favorite proposals and get ready to vote!

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