Project Catalyst Fund 12 Proposal: Open Source

Seamless Research, Analytics, and Acceleration Tools for Catalyst Users

Project Catalyst aims to foster innovation and groundbreaking technology-driven projects. However, there is currently no open-source tool dedicated to deep research and analytics of these projects and proposals. The proposed solution,, seeks to fill this gap, providing a comprehensive open-source platform to enhance Project Catalyst's impact.

The Problem

Project Catalyst is rich with data from many proposals and funded projects. However, accessing, analyzing, and utilizing this data effectively remains a challenge. Without a robust tool, stakeholders, including researchers, project teams, and voters, struggle to make informed decisions and maximize the potential of the resources available.

The Solution

The solution is to open source the existing Lido Nation Catalyst Explorer and transition it to a dedicated domain: This platform will build upon the foundation of the current tool, incorporating additional features for in-depth research, dynamic analytics, and business acceleration.

Key Features of Catalyst Explorer

Zero Click Insight: The homepage will provide answers to common questions about Project Catalyst, such as the largest funded proposal or total voting power in the last fund, without requiring any navigation. This feature is designed for quick access to key information.

Deep Proposal Research: By aggregating data from multiple sources, including Telegram channels and various spreadsheets, the platform will offer enriched proposal data. Users can explore funding distribution, community review payouts, milestone data, and more, providing a comprehensive view of each proposal’s impact and costs.

Dynamic Analysis & Charts: The tool will enable users to generate detailed charts and fund trends, enhancing their ability to analyze data visually. This feature will help identify patterns and trends over time, supporting more strategic decision-making.

Compare Proposals: A comparative table view will allow users to evaluate similar proposals side-by-side, making it easier to identify the best ideas without switching between multiple tabs.

Jormungandr Explorer: This feature will index voting records, enabling users to explore voting history and power while preserving voter privacy. It will facilitate analysis and help address voter-related issues, enhancing transparency and accountability.

Impact on the Cardano Community

Informed Voting Decisions: Voters will have access to detailed information, both current and historical, empowering them to make educated decisions about which proposals to support.

Quick access to vital Project Catalyst data will streamline information dissemination, especially in fast-paced discussions and decision-making environments.

Fostering Partnerships and New Ideas: By making it easier to explore and analyze Project Catalyst data, the platform will facilitate collaborations and inspire new initiatives within the community.


Catalyst Explorer makes Project Catalyst data more accessible and useful, leading to more informed voting, better project outcomes, and a more connected community. Making this tool open-source is the right next step for this tool whose raison d’etre is public transparency and empowerment. By providing a robust, open-source platform for research, analytics, and business acceleration, will continue supporting the success of Project Catalyst.

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