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Project Catalyst Fund 8 Governance in full swing

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On Thursday March 17, Cardano’s Project Catalyst crested the hill of Fund 8. Thousands of proposals have been Submitted, Refined, and Finalized. Now the “Governance” phase has begun, starting with Assessments and ending next month with Voting. When it’s all over, we will have witnessed the biggest funding round so far: the $12.8M budget is DOUBLE that of the previous round. This amount will fund hundreds of Cardano projects for new and returning proposers.

If you’d like to back up and read more about Project Catalyst, we’ve written about it here on the site; see links at the bottom of the article.

Continue reading here for what’s coming next in Fund 8, and how you can participate!

From March 17 through the 24th, anyone can sign up to review proposals and rate them on a 5 star system. You will be compensated for good-quality reviews: Community Advisors that review 7 to 10 proposals have reported earning 500 to 1200 ADA in past funding rounds!

Assessments are reviewed for Quality Assurance. When that process is complete, all proposals go to the Catalyst Voting App - available both on iOS and Android.

Voters have until April 7 to register their Cardano Wallet to vote. Voting begins on April 14th and ends on April 28. Anyone holding at least 500 ADA can register and vote. Voting is an end unto itself - it’s fun, meaningful, and worthwhile - but what everyone really likes is getting paid: Did you know you get paid to vote? It’s not a lot, but you should definitely try it out, and enjoy seeing that little extra reward in your wallet.

For winning proposals, funding distribution is tentatively scheduled to begin May 5th through the 12th. It’s always an exciting time as lots of new projects will be getting started. The size and scale of those projects will be more than ever this time around.

“Governance Day”: 24-Hour TwitterSpace Takeover Event!
For the second time, in partnership with the ADA Cafe, the Lido Nation crew will be hosting a 24hr Twitter Space marathon on the last day of Catalyst voting. If it’s new to you, Twitter Spaces are a new audio-based format in the Twitter app. You can listen to a Twitter Space much like you would your favorite radio show or podcast - or you can tap a button to ask a question or join the conversation. Starting on April 27, 11 AM UTC, all your favorite ADA Cafe Twitter Space hosts will lead segments and facilitate a wide array of Catalyst and Blockchain Governance discussions. Other Spaces already scheduled during that 24hrs will be taken over by the marathon!

This event debuted during the last round - Catalyst Fund 7 - and was well-received by the community. We are bringing it back again as Governance is an ongoing process, best served by lots of discussion and active listening.

The ADA Cafe is an effort to connect “people and ideas aimed at accelerating the growth of Cardano adoption, innovation, and value” by curating digital Twitter Spaces and supporting the hosts and creators of those spaces. Check them out in the links! To join us for any part of the 24-Hour Twitter Space Marathon follow @lidonation and the @TheADAcafe on twitter to get notified when we go live. The space will also be scheduled a few days in advance so you can set a reminder on your phone.

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