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❖ Cardano Science on Networks
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Promote Cardano and the Cardano protocol through a comprehensive online course about Network Theory and Blockchain Technology.


How can we promote Cardano among STEM undergraduates and technology enthusiasts in Brazil?

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❖ Cardano Science on Networks

Introduce to the Brazilian audience, composed of university students and professors, professionals, enthusiasts, and entrepreneurs, to key concepts of the Cardano blockchain technology under the framework of network science.


  • What is the blockchain technology?
  • Modern blockchain culture
  • Social networks & technological networks
  • Cardano, Bitcoin and Ethereum mechanics
  • Fundamentals of network theory
  • Proof-of-stake (PoS) vs Proof-of-work (PoW)
  • Cardano and Mass Adoption

This proposal consists of a key idea that focus on a problem that is not covered by any other Challenge in Fund 8.

We aim to offer valuable information to the community on how Cardano poses itself as a spearhead technology designed to include everyone and improve blockchain mechanics. We plan to offer a scientific course entitled "Cardano Science on Networks" that will be exhibited in Brazilian Portuguese by the proposer, Dr. Andre Vilela, Physics Ph. D. and researcher, on a 30 h online course over a three months project.

This activity is similar to other courses lectured by the proposer in his university/institution. We do not identify relevant risks in delivering this solution to the community.

<u>Month 1 KPIs - Design</u>

  1. Cardano Fund 8 engagement: CA's and community
  2. A literature review of Blockchain technology
  3. Course Design and Cardano Science on Networks website setup

<u>Month 2 KPIs - Engagement</u>

  1. Communication and course engagement: Telegram and Instagram posts
  2. Online lessons sign-up phase
  3. Course Start / Welcome Class

<u>Month 3 KPIs - Action</u>

  1. Online lessons
  2. Course ending and certification
  3. Input and feedback
  4. Final Report

<u>Fund 8 schedule</u>

Project Kickoff 2225 USD

Month 1 2225 USD

Month 2 2225 USD

Month 3 2225 USD

Investment 8900 USD

This is a solo proposal with staff support and sponsorship from the Materials Physics undergrad program of the University of Pernambuco, Recife, PE, Brazil.

Incremental Milestones for each phase:

Design (Month 1) + Engagement (Month 2) + Action (Month 3)

A broad and inclusive participation of students and professors, professionals, enthusiasts, and entrepreneurs that yields future proposals in the Cardano Ideascale by the participants.

This proposal consists of an entirely new one.



  • EP2: epoch_length

    Authored by: Darlington Kofa

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    Darlington Kofa
  • EP1: 'd' parameter

    Authored by: Darlington Kofa

    4m 3s
    Darlington Kofa
  • EP3: key_deposit

    Authored by: Darlington Kofa

    3m 48s
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  • EP4: epoch_no

    Authored by: Darlington Kofa

    2m 16s
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  • EP5: max_block_size

    Authored by: Darlington Kofa

    3m 14s
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  • EP6: pool_deposit

    Authored by: Darlington Kofa

    3m 19s
    Darlington Kofa
  • EP7: max_tx_size

    Authored by: Darlington Kofa

    4m 59s
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