Community collaboration standards
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A purpose driven community to build common standards, processes, and tools to increase synergies across projects.


There are limited standards and tools for catalyst communities to operate and coordinate

Addresses Challenge
  • Project Information
  • Community Reviews
  • Team Information
Community collaboration standards

Proposal for this challenge:

Introduce common standards and processes that will incentivize project collaboration and sharing.

As the community grows, we find greater need to develop processes and standards that will facilitate efficient information sharing, effective tools and systems development, and inclusive collaboration to attract new members and projects to drive greater engagement and results.

This community work can be divided into the following key areas that we will be looking into improving and developing new processes around:

  • Community identity and purpose, roadmap and goals
  • here is a first draft we have created in December 2021 for the year 2022 Please read it to follow the various activities done by the community. This framework should be furthered developed
  • Websites, logos
  • Meetups
  • Core team meetups and coordinations
  • Agenda
  • Taking notes
  • Recording & sharing
  • Core team engagements
  • Weekly Meetup management
  • Agenda
  • Taking notes
  • Weekly PPT
  • Recording & sharing
  • Community engagements
  • Thematic meetups
  • Community information and education center
  • Dedicated social channels dico
  • Preparing educational materials of why Cardano - the work already started with a dedicate telegram (C4C Education Collaboration) and a dedicated discord channels (<>)
  • Members
  • New members onboarding process
  • Members database - linkedin
  • Projects coordination
  • Project database
  • Joint marketing
  • Coordination with Cardno companies (IOG, CF, Emurgo)
  • Coordination with catalyst communities
  • Connect with other companies in the ecosystem i.e. Cardashift
  • Community support for the project (the community could serve as an accelerator)
  • Social channels
  • Surveys
  • Twitter
  • Youtube
  • Telegram
  • Discord
  • Calendar of event
  • Github
  • Coordination frameworks with other communities
  • Catalyst communities i.e. WADA (
  • Research and marketing. SustainableADA (
  • SPO: Climate Neutral Cardano (
  • Communication and info sharing
  • Within the community
  • With other communities
  • External
  • Build community tools
  • A framework for collaboration and community tools development and sharing sharing
  • For example: SDG proposal tool (designed by C4C community members and AIM) <>, open source project (part of the proposal process)

As you can see, there are many frameworks needed to be developed. For this proposal we will cover most areas if not all. We will develop the frameworks and check then in practice through the ongoing community activities.

Some examples of initial form:

Comments for fund 7 proposals:


Fund 8 Impact proposals form

Meeting scheduling:

Agenda template core team <>

Agenda template community weekly meetings <>

Weekly PPT Template

Fund 7 assessment form <>

Fund 7 impact proposals joint docs

Challenge question: Can we build an Open Ecosystem to drive growth, give equal opportunities to all, and increase the synergies across Cardano projects?

Cardano4Climate already proved in the past 6 months that it could achieve the challenge question and become one of the most active and engaging communities on Catalyst. This proposal aims to focus on the process and standards to continue and grow the community and impact on the catalyst projects.

Guiding questions:

  • How can we build a common identity and increase awareness on Cardano projects?

If you have been in key community meetings, you probably saw the Cardano4Climate logo. We have build an identity that attracts individuals and projects - and we need to continue and grow it

  • How can we increase the discoverability and the commercial adoption of our projects?

This is a key element to work on. We started to do it already through connecting internally as well external collaboration with like minded companies (,, and more), and we need to further develop it

  • How can we increase the degree of collaboration across different projects?

A key focus of our work and working on the collaboration framework

  • How can we lower the barriers and increase open participation to our ecosystem?

A key focus of our work and working on the collaboration framework

  • How can we provide equal opportunities to all projects no matter the size?

A key focus of our work and working on the collaboration framework

This proposal covers some key directions mentioned in the challenge:

  • Introduce common standards and processes and incentivize their adoption across projects
  • Provide cross-project infrastructures and tools needed to co-ordinate
  • Ensure the existence of a cohesive knowledge base
  • Support a network of professional technology ambassadors

Risk: Too much specialization on the core team can lead to issues when a key member leaves the team or is unavailable for extended periods of time.

Mitigation: We will ensure that there are at least two people who are able to perform any key role or function (this is an example of a best practice that we will be sharing as part of this proposal).

Risk:There is not enough time to uncover meaningful mechanisms and best practices in three months.

Mitigation: C4C has been experimenting for the past 6 months, so we have a significant amount of lived experience to draw from in community building and knowledge sharing. We will also operate on a principle of rapid experimentation, to try new things, reflect on how they worked, and iterate. This will allow us to evolve and grow our body of best practices and successful mechanisms much faster.


  • Initial preparation 0-2 weeks:
  • Selecting a team member to lead the various frameworks.
  • Prioritization of tasks
  • Survey 2-6 weeks:
  • Week 3-4:Launch survey through C4C channel as well as Catalyst school, WADA, townhalls. The survey will collect information from other communities about frameworks already adapted by them, so we can share between communities.
  • Week 5-6: Analysis and results, Initial frameworks guidelines
  • Developing key Frameworks Week 7-12
  • Ongoing developing frameworks
  • Testing and improvements through the community activities
  • On going:
  • Breakout rooms in weekly C4C meetups
  • Weekly proposal team meetup for info sharing and progress report
  • A monthly dedicated meetup
  • Feedback sessions with other communities
  • Improvements
  • Report week 10-12
  • Final report of work
  • Info and models are available for the general Catalyst community
  • Full implementation phase week 13-24
  • Test and improve the frameworks
  • Develop key missing frameworks
  • Info sharing and collaboration with other communities

Deliverables and KPIs (in addition to the

  • Communities survey
  • 12 Dedicated meetups weekly meetups
  • 3 monthly meetups
  • Sessions with 5 communities for feedback and alignments
  • Over 10 processes, databases, recommendations and frameworks
  • Final report in week 12

Budget for initial 3 months

  • 2 Project leads to manage and coordinate the process. It will be two members from the core team. USD 2000 for 3 months for 2 people = USD 12000. The estimated time dedicated per month is between 60 and 80 hours.
  • 2 supporting community members taking the lead on certain areas. USD 1000 per month for 3 months for 2 people = USD 6000. The estimated time dedicated per month is between 30 and 40 hours.
  • Additional budget dedicated to community members supporting in certain expertise (i.e. database development) 100 hours in total for USD 30 per hour = USD3000

Budget for second 3 months

  • 2 Project leads to manage and coordinate the process. It will be two members from the core team. USD 1000 for 3 months for 2 people = USD 6000. The estimated time dedicated per month is between 30 and 40 hours.
  • 3 supporting community members taking the lead on certain areas. USD 500 per month for 3 months for 2 people = USD 3000. The estimated time dedicated per month is between 10 and 15 hours.
  • Additional budget dedicated for certain tool required (i.e. database development) 100 hours in total for USD 30 per hour = USD3000

Admin and Other USD 2000

Total budget USD 35000

The core team members is very active with the community and in addition to their rules being active as challenge setting members, impact activities, other communities and in the overall spread of the Catalyst and the Cardano community

  • Melanie - creativity, empathy, co-facilitator, outreach to community groups focusing on preservation, education, organizing, social media moderation
  • Nori - inclusivity, awareness, co-facilitator, organizing, collaboration, SPO, active Salmon Nation member
  • Seomon - reliability, hosting, recording, website, GitHub, miro boards, Catalyst School & Swarm connection, proposal writing
  • Tyler - engaged regenerative agriculture & mushroom farmer, ideation, writer, social media discussion facilitator
  • Cem - professionalism, high quality video production, website design, presentations, business owner, programmer, leading Littlefish Foundation: Kiva-like DAO proposal
  • Yoram - compassionate co-facilitator, organizing, NGOs, ideation, organization, regenerative agriculture, marketing, content, humor
  • 200 plus members from around the world

We are a global community of over 200 members, grown in 6 months around communication channels, meetings & a shared vision. 8 active core team members.

Since mid October, we have hosted weekly 90 minute zoom calls. We moderate a Telegram channel & Discord server with more than 200 members as well as maintain a YouTube channel & website. In the past 3 months we have hosted several Project Catalyst after town hall breakout rooms.

We have partnered with other Catalyst communities to collaborate such as Climate Neutral Cradano SPO group, DLT360, WADA, SWARM, Catalyst school, SustainableADA and more.

We have become a point of reference to connect community activities with ecosystem players such as Cardano Foundation, IOG, Cardashift, and Empowa all becomes activate members in the community

We have co-created a safe environment conducive to engagement

  • Open discussions
  • Consistent growth in participants
  • Initiating ideation and collaboration
  • Proposal improvement interactions
  • Relevant content for Project Catalyst
  • Transparent bottom-up design

We organized, hosted, & recorded three "Catalyst Sustainability Goals" events in the last 4 months:

  • Cardano & Climate Change:
  • Cardano & Trees:
  • Regenerative Agriculture:

Clearly have demonstrated the ability to grow the number of members and create a platform for collaboration and interaction as well to develop an initial collaboration platform. As we continue to grow it is key to give focus for the development of the process and standards.

In collaboration with Catalyst and Cardano communities such as WADA (, SustainableADA (, and Climate Neutral Cardano (, Cardano Foundation and IOG impact teams.


  • Weekly meetups - recorded
  • presence at Catalyst Townhalls - - recorded
  • Strengthen Core Impact Team through weekly meetings (open for external people to join)
  • Support C4C community connections, collaborations, education & initiatives - interactions with other communities
  • Organize Monthly Event
  • Upload videos to YouTube

More activities:

  • Collect existing educational material for onboarding off-chain communities

  • Core Impact Team distributes remuneration by consensus - financial external auditing team overlooking to process: The Catalyst Treasure Guild (

  • Organize information in Telegram & Discord channels available for all

  • Create forms for community input & feedback

  • Coordinate times with Eastern & Western hemisphere to host C4C meetups

  • Initiate selection of first incubation project through an application and due diligence process

  • Onboard & collaborate with off-chain project

  • Cardano educational component


We are committed to improving the transparency of our process & decisions with increased accessibility of this information to all of our stakeholders. We have initiated a public GitHub repository where all ongoing tasks and actions will be tracked regularly. During the next fund, we will hold and record weekly planning meetings and record issues and resolutions on GitHub.

Join us Cardano4Climate: <>

On Telegram:

On Discord: <>

On Twitter: <>

On YouTube:

As part of the evaluation process of this proposal we invite CAs to join our social channels and weekly meetup Wednesday 3PM UTC, so they can evaluate the community activities.

A well-oiled open innovation platform where people fulfill roles that are meaningful for them and that contribute to shared success.

Being able to demonstrate a clear model, framework, tools needed for an active catalyst community to function and continue to grow and support projects and the overall catalyst community. Having stronger engagements by community members and between communities and having other communities adopting relevant frameworks.

Related to our core work at

Cardano4Climate Community Events (



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