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Cyber security & Cardano. Collaboration between a world leader in cyber security and the Cardano ecosystem. This collaboration will be essential to be able to offer Cardano technology to international corporations.
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Conduct workshops and research, collaborating with (a cyber security leader, active in the EVM network) to define the best strategy for Cardano smart contract security validation.



Security is one of the key issues for financial institutions and corporations, how can we make sure they have a high level of confidence when dealing with smart contracts?

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Cyber security & Cardano. Collaboration between a world leader in cyber security and the Cardano ecosystem. This collaboration will be essential to be able to offer Cardano technology to international corporations.

Please describe your proposed solution.

About Checkpoint is a world leader in cyber security and security of financial transactions serving the world leading financial institutions and corporations. Check point is very fintech oriented - all CC transactions, as well as strong with SWIFT, and banks clients worldwide. Checkpoint is developing a cyber security solution for the crypto industry and already implementing their solution for solidity smart contract scanning.

Checkpoint and Bridgebuilders are coming together with security knowledge and ecosystem knowledge to provide best in class solutions.

About Bridge Builders

Bridge Builders is an aligned team of highly engaged and committed Catalyst Community members coming together as a community driven Assembly to provide value to their environment through building bridges to corporates and investors.

We sensor and identify gaps within the ecosystem to co design and initiate required solutions. Bridgebuilders already created a bridge between many companies and the Cardano ecosystem including Ledger, Goodwall, Seedstars, Digifarm to name a few.

Many of the Cardano/catalyst projects, mainly bootstrapping, need support with investor & business development mentorship and channels.

In Fund 10 we have therefore presented 5 proposal covering different gaps that we have identified

We look forward to continue collaborating with the community and try to fill up some of the gaps we see to promote the Cardano ecosystem

Checkpoint & Cardano:

This proposal aims to create collaboration with one of the world leaders in cyber security to work together with the Cardano community to understand security potential gaps and define ways to verify smart contract security levels .

The objective is to make sure Cardano dApps can demonstrate the highest level of smart contracts security measures to support collaboration with corporates and financial institutions, where smart contract security will be an essential requirement.

Checkpoint and smart contract security:

Checkpoint is working with key financial institutions worldwide and they can see the growing interest from the market regarding blockchain tech. However, they are still at an early stage concerning their strategy for blockchain security. They have a dedicated team evaluating the market, needs, risks and opportunities.

Checkpoint has already developed an initial solution, that aims to identify and prevent attacks for web 3 and blockchain, looking for exploitation of transactions and sophisticated analysis to analyse any transaction and smart contract.

Already developed an Engine for ETH & solidity smart contracts that has 4 parts:

  • Static analysis of smart contracts
  • Security signature I.e. look for back door
  • Engine to find weaknesses. Dapps top 10 vulnerabilities, forth running, dynamic analysis
  • Embolization - upload smart contract to sandbox and start manipulation on the contracts to find issues

The solution already evaluates 100s to 1000s of smart contracts every day on the ETH network.

The solution can be used by

  • Any company developing smart contract and want to audit their work
  • Audit companies using Check Point engine to find issues for their clients
  • Offer an API related to smart contracts
  • Will create a smart contract firewall
  • Future public node

The focus of this Proposal

This Proposal is Check point very first step with Cardano and the Cardano Community. The goal of this proposals is:

  • Define the security infrastructure of the Cardano blockchain
  • Help to define the technology needs for smart contract security by a third party
  • Map the Cardano ecosystem and define key collaborations related to smart contract security
  • Define go to market strategy for checkpoint and for collaboration with Cardano and how it could benefit the ecosystem (i.e. participate/create joint events with Checkpoint and corporates)
  • Brainstorm and support checkpoint product ideation
  • Create connection and collaboration with key ecosystem players in the Cardano community (CF, IO, Emurgo, Gimbalabs, Defi solutions…)

Bridgebuilders strategy is to support Checkpoint path towards Cardano blockchain security and through that create a strong collaboration that will position Cardano blockchain at the top of the list for corporates looking to implement blockchain solutions.

How does your proposed solution address the challenge and what benefits will this bring to the Cardano ecosystem?

The challenge asks: How do we equip and support developers with tools and working infrastructure? How do we make Cardano their first choice when it comes to building dApps, innovating and collaborating?

Smart contract security tools and collaborating with a company like checkpoint can achieve both objectives.

• How do we attract developers from outside of our current community to participate in Catalyst?

• What would make it a developer motivated to grind through the docs

and code no matter how hard it is to create a dApp?

• What are enterprise dev managers looking for in order to be able to build out enterprise projects -either internal or commercial?

Having smart contract security verification tools could be attractive to many developers and will show the strength of the blockchain. It will definitely be attractive for developers building enterprise solutions and aiming to have corporate clients

Potential directions - the proposal covers the areas below

• Knowledge base & Documentation

• Deployment, testing, and monitoring frameworks

• DeFi and tokenization

• Support structures

• Collaborative structures

The project will be done in collaboration with the community through open sessions, discord, and knowledge sharing

• Community involvement (discord, cardano stack exchange, youtube, twitter, etc.)

How do you intend to measure the success of your project?

Key Metrics to measure

One of the key metrics to measure is how the community came together with thriving project collaboration to establish collaboration with a leading cyber security company in the path to building tools that will serve the community, help to build more tools and attract more developers and open source projects coming to the ecosystem.

Collaboration on this proposal with checkpoint is already a success. However, our goal is to create a successful long term collaboration between checkpoint and the Cardano ecosystem. The benefit of this collaboration is the confidence it will give corporations, financial institutions, investors and even governments about the quality of the networks and smart contracts being developed on it.

Some metrics that we will evaluate:

  • Number of ecosystem companies/people participating the workshops
  • Number of ideas related to the chain security needs
  • Number of connection between Checkpoint and companies in the ecosystem

Please describe your plans to share the outputs and results of your project?

All project deliverables will be available to the community through the milestone reporting. Following the initial research we will conduct we will aim to invite to the workshops all key companies & orgs that could be relevant for Cardano blockchain security. We will announce the meetings in Townhalls and Cardano social channels so anyone can join.

The 3 main workshops with Checkpoint will be open and available for the community. They will also be recorded and the presentation of the workshops will be available for the community. The workshops will be recorded and shared at community channels.

Finally, the team is well known in the community and very accessible. Our goal is to provide ongoing business development services in a collaborative way to contribute to the growth of the ecosystem.

Bridgebuilder will share all available information. Check Point is a publicly traded commercial company and might choose not to share some information, although in this case we do not believe it will be, as it is a proposal with community interactions.

What is your capability to deliver your project with high levels of trust and accountability?

The Bridge Builder team is active on the Cardano community and Ecosystem since several years, including their engagement at project Catalyst since earliest funding rounds. The team has a strong track record of contributing to the community and successfully completing funded projects. This specific proposal is highly related to the core activities of the team.

We have already had multiple conversations with checkpoint strategy and blockchain teams and we will continue those discussions with the wider community. We already did some intros to companies working on the ecosystem such as Coti.

What are the main goals for the project and how will you validate if your approach is feasible?

The goals of the project is to:

  • initiate a collaboration with one of the world leading cybersecurity companies,
  • collaborate with the community,
  • help to define tools to secure and verify security of the network.

It will help to shape the technical standards of the network and support research and development of security measures.

Over time this collaboration will give higher credibility to the network and will help significantly in business development efforts to onboard corporations, investors and governments to the ecosystem.

Please provide a detailed breakdown of your project’s milestones and each of the main tasks or activities to reach the milestone plus the expected timeline for the delivery.

All development work will be made by the team of checkpoint. Dedicated Project Management will be assigned by Checkpoint to collaborate with the Bridgebuilders team

  • Phase 1, week 0-6: Available Security infrastructure & solutions

  • Research re market needs and market potential & opportunity

  • Interview key ecosystem players (IOG, CF, Emurgo, Defi players, Refi players, fintech, Smart contract developers)

  • Creating a knowledge base for what is already available and new finding

  • Phase 2, week 0-6 (in parallel): ecosystem map

  • develop a clear overview of the ecosystem today and potential growth areas related to smart contract usage

  • Define key players to participate at the workshops (the session will be open but we want to make sure key people will be present)

  • Phase 3, week 7-10: workshops

  • 3 workshops with Checkpoint blockchain & strategy teams

  • Checkpoint overview solutions & directions & possible business opportunities for collaboration

  • Cardano & checkpoint possible solutions

  • Checkpoint product ideation & go to market

  • Extra "ask me anything session" between the community and checkpoint team

  • Between workshops, have discussions with ecosystem players discuss key learning, issues and ideas. Those sessions might be one on one sessions or group sessions - will be decided based on needs and opportunities.

  • Facilitate discussions between ecosystem companies and checkpoint

  • Phase 4, week 10 - 14: follow-ups and report

  • Facilitate discussions between ecosystem companies and checkpoint

  • Facilitate discussions between community members

  • Summary of finding, collaboration opportunities, next steps and timeline

Please describe the deliverables, outputs and intended outcomes of each milestone.

  • Phase 1: reports of the information gathered and analysis done
  • Phase 2: Map the Cardano ecosystem and define key collaborations related to smart contract security
  • Phase 3: conduct 4 workshops open for the community
  • Phase 4:
  • Facilitate meetings between key players and checkpoint
  • Summary report and next step recommendations

Please provide a detailed budget breakdown of the proposed work and resources.

Based on the milestones and deliverable here is an estimation of time spent per team member and resources required for this project.


There will be no financial compensation to checkpoint and they will participate with the interest to learn and collaborate with the ecosystem.

Total budget: ₳ 87,500

Who is in the project team and what are their roles?

Nori Nishigaya – project manager

Nori has 30 years of experience in software development, agile methodologies, management, and organizational systems design. Nori is dedicated to foster inclusiveness and community, building and exploring decentralized governance models, and enabling collaborative decision making in complex and emergent environments. He is also a co-founder of SANADA, Cardano Ambassador and stake pool operator (SAMON pool). Nori also served as a Member of the Catalyst Circle Admin Team, Cardano4Climate, and Rapid Funding Challenge Team. He is also a Cardano Ambassador, CA, and Funded proposer.

Felix Weber – community lead

Felix has a strong track record of leading and implementing community governance, infrastructure, and innovation funds, demonstrating his passion for driving constant progress in the field. He is a Cardano and SingularityNET Ambassador, co-founded Catalyst Swarm and has initiated numerous grassroots projects and networks in the DLT ecosystem.

Yoram Ben Zvi – partnership lead

Yoram has 20 years of experience in entrepreneurship, management, and business development, working with multinational teams. Since 2018, he has focused on helping impact-driven companies adopt technology solutions for community engagement, new business models, and social and environmental impact. Yoram is a cardano ambassador, active at Cardano4climate, New member onboarding challenge team, CA/VCA and overall very active in creating partnerships and onboarding companies to the Cardano ecosystem.

Juliane Montag – executive advisor

Juliane has 15+ years of experience in the professional service industry with focus on strategic planning, governance, stakeholder management, business development, PMO and talent in Latin America and Europe. Since 2020 she fulfilled several roles in the Cardano community, is actively involved in Blockchain community innovation and collaboration, as well as a Co-founder of Gimbalabs, dedicated to Blockchain Education.

Dean Taylor – investment advisor

With over 25 years in the tech sector, Dean is a seasoned marketing executive with a deep understanding of "pre-chasm" marketing and partnership activities. He played a key role in the open-source movement as VP of Marketing and Channel Sales at Caldera Systems during the '90s, contributing to the company's IPO and market growth. Dean has been active on Cardano and Catalyst since 2022.

Check Point Team to support the project:

Itai Grinberg - Chief Strategy Officer LinkedIn profile

Amit Sharon - Head of strategic initiatives LinkedIn profile

How does the cost of the project represent value for money for the Cardano ecosystem?

Collaborating with one of the world leaders in Cybersecurity is a great opportunity for the ecosystem not only to find ways to verify and secure the network but also with great collaboration, potentially, get access to opportunities related to exposure to the customers of checkpoint looking to come use blockchain technology.

In addition the deliverable will be available to the community and can be used for other purposes.

The proposal represents a small % of the challenge while meeting many of the challenge questions and goals.



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