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FIMI-Vietnamese Cardano Talk

$45,000.00 Requested
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Build a rewarding mechanism to encourage members to find out the news, documents of Cardano, then present them to the community every week.


How to raise awareness among Vietnamese about Cardano so that it can be adopted into real life in 2022 and after that?

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Problem statement

  • The rapidly increasing community size requires that Cardano documents and news be presented in a more timely and understandable way.
  • Technical information needs to be presented more interesting.
  • Translating documents is also difficult because technical documents about Cardano and blockchain contain many technical words that are difficult to understand for newcomers. Even translators with a high degree of proficiency in English have a hard time achieving fluency, intelligibility, and closeness in their translations.
  • The number of documents and news sometimes increases dramatically (due to news related to government policies, Beartrap markets, Bulltrap markets, crash markets…) so a small number of full-time translators is not enough to meet the need.
  • Although all documents have been translated and presented in text format, there is still a large number of members of the community who wish to hear the verbal presentation with visual stimulation and possibly ask their questions and answers.

Our solution

Build a rewarding mechanism to encourage elite members of the community to dig deep into Cardano and then present it to the community to make it easier for busy people and newbies to grasp new information about Cardano.

The talkshow will be organized every week in the evening time via meeting zoom, lasting 2 hours.

All the meetings will be recored and upload on the FIMI youtube channel.

We currently have 4 core teams and will develop a few more.

  • Every week, any members of the community will propose a list of priority topics that they are interested in and want to know.
  • Each core team will take on a topic on the list. Then, they will go together to find out information and analyze those topics.
  • The core team that has the best prepared with the most information will be selected to present to the community through a meeting via Zoom.
  • There is a base reward for the Good presentation and an extra reward for the Excellent presentation.

Topics to present, here are some of the examples:

  1. Technical documents (Hydra, sharding, smart contract, UTXO…)
  2. Cardano update (Cardano 360, Hoskinson's livestream video…)
  3. Market news
  4. Catalyst news
  • The Rewarding mechanism for presenters will increase the activity of the Cardano Vietnamese community, giving more people the opportunity to access news and resources that are related to Cardano

  • This project will give busy people in Vietnamese the opportunity to timely grasp information and knowledge related to the Cardano project to help them better understand the project.

  • Slippage of ADA price. Sometimes, the price of ADA reduces suddenly, we cant not sell ADA to get USD or VND in time. This might make us not have enough budget to rewarding for presenters and stakeholders.

Solution: Request an additional ($5.000) budget to reserve out of this.

  • Too many topics were requested from the community members.

Solution: Select some of the most important topics only.


<u>In the first month after approval</u>

  • Recruiting and training for the core team to present in the meetings.
  • First presentation

<u>After the first month:</u>

The following process will be repeated every week in 12 months after approval.

  1. Community members request their topic.
  2. The topics will be assigned to the core teams
  3. The best presentation for each topic will be choice to be present in weekly meeting.
  4. Question and answer in the meeting.
  • $6.000 Training for new core team
  • $2.600 Editing video (50$ per weekly video)
  • $18.000 Support community members (500$ x 3 supporters each month)
  • $10.400 Reward for presenters (200$ per week)
  • $3.000 - Consultant fee
  • $5.000 Reserve to watch out of flippage ADA price

Total request: $45.000


👉Do Manh Hung

  • Master of financial
  • Community manager
  • Plutus Pioneer
  • Influence and inspire trainer
  • Main lecturer of Fimi's course

👉FIMI's Community

Founded by Mr. Do Manh Hung (master of finance) in 2016, we focus on training the community to know and change their mind in financial and investment management. When the crypto market emerged in 2017, we realized that blockchain and crypto are the future trends of human beings, so we focused on finding investment opportunities in the blockchain field. Luckily, we found a great project, which is Cardano.

During the past 5 years, we have built a youtube channel dedicated to Cardano. As of March 15, 2022, the channel has achieved:

  • More than 120 Cardano and Blockchain videos published
  • More than 15000 channel subscribers
  • More than 554,000 views
  • More than 138,000 hours of watch

👉FIMI's Community Analyst Coreteam

  • Jaguar core-team (Báo Đốm)

https://www.youtube.com/embed/l8XyTvFHgsM?start=&t=92s- Owl core-team (Cú Vọ)

https://www.youtube.com/embed/Cl5yRH_7xsQ?start=&t=7s- Viet core-team (Việt)

https://www.youtube.com/embed/lY68ny0LHCk?start=&t=210s👉FIMI's Community Translators



  1. Number of audience attend to the Zoom meeting every week.
  2. Number of topic were be presented and discussed.
  3. Number of questions during the meeting.
  4. View of Uploaded meeting video.
  • Cardano Vietnam community has one more reliable, fast, and timely information channel.
  • Community presenters get an extra income from the rewards for their presentation.
  • The Youtube channel reached the milestone of 100,000 subscribers.

This proposal is continuation of previously funded proposal:

Reward for Community Translators. You can check here or F7 Voting Result

For the received fund, we made a list of videos to report. See more here.

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