Inc. Train the Trainer Africa MVP
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 Adapt our proven SPO incubator into a ‘Train the Trainer’ model for African NGOs, as a blueprint for other developing regions. 


There is a lack of support infrastructure for SPOs in Africa to create sustainable and scalable business models. 

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Inc. Train the Trainer Africa MVP

Our Fund 7 funded proposal is the delivery of an MVP of our Impact Incubator programme. This proposal builds on this project, taking the learnings from the MVP and the participating SPOs and developing an MVP ‘Train the Trainer’ product so that the Impact Incubator programme can be scaled up and implemented in the wider Cardano network. In particular, this project will look at developing this MVP in Africa, encouraging the development and growth of sustainable SPO networks in the region, but with the scope for scaling this to other geographies in later funds, once proven.

This project ensures Cardano gets the greatest ROI on the previous investment from F7 as it develops a sustainable, knowledge sharing, training programme that can be embedded in the Cardano ecosystem.

Impact can be further divided by the Trainer (end users of the programme) and Cardano.

<u>For the Trainers – The end users of the programme </u>

At the completion of this project, there will be in place a fully formed and structured online training programme that will enable prospective trainers to deliver a version of our Impact incubator programme tailored specifically to meet the needs of SPOs.

This programme will provide trainers with all of the instructions and other relevant tools, information and other collateral necessary to ensure consistency around delivering a high impact, high value SPO training experience.

For SPOs, participating in the Impact incubator programme will provide them with following value:

  • Clarity on their purpose, impact and value add,
  • An audit that delivers clarity of where their business is now, where they would like it to be and how to get there, which produces,
  • A practical top level impact driven business plan

<u>For the Cardano Catalyst Project Community </u>

  • Implementation of an impact focussed innovation incubator programme that can be used to embed good business practice into the SPO community in Africa.
  • A ‘Train the Trainer’ Blueprint for establishing SPO Innovation Incubator programmes across Africa.
  • A research report on the feasibility of running similar programmes in other geographies (namely India and Asia)
  • Begin developing a ‘generational’ SPO impact innovation programme in Africa, with opportunities for Alumni participation and direction.
  • This is one of two proposals rolling out this product to SPOs of various sizes and geographies as outlined in our F7 MVP project “Small SPO Impact Business Programme”. The target groupings in this Fund are:
  • Train the Trainer SPO Africa (this proposal)
  • SPO Incubator Rollout (submitted in F8 Misc)

This proposal addresses some of the key KPIs in the following ways:

  • Number of new African projects seeded in 2022
  • This MVP Train the Trainer project will lay the groundwork for future Incubator Programme project to be conducted through the 2022 funds, and will also reveal other opportunities to support SPOs or NGOs in Africa.
  • Local impact (measurable through user activity and reach)
  • This is a project that has potential across the continent, whether conducted locally in-person, online for participants across Africa, or a blended approach combining the two.
  • Local partnerships formed (size of institution + influence)
  • We will be partnering direct with local institutions working to support the development and adoption of Cardano in Africa.

Upon completion of the programme, outcomes will be communicated by our social media channels on Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube and after the town hall.

During the research and marketing pre-programme phase of the project, we will be entering into conversations with multiple stakeholders in the Cardano ecosystem, these relationships will also form the core of our communication strategy post completion of the incubator programme. These are made of SPO groups and network, as well as other stakeholders within the community.

We envisage the main challenge to be securing partners for the training. To mitigate this, we have been networking with WADA who would be able to take part in the training and then deliver Accelerator programmes in Africa, on completion of this project. Should this project receive funding, we are in a position to move ahead with WADA as a partner.

A secondary challenge would be ensuring the project adequately prepares the participants to lead their own Incubators. This project is part of a ‘See one, Do one, Teach one’ pedagogical approach. Participants will be invited to observe an existing Incubator programme before going through the programme themselves. The next phase (in a following Fund) will involve them running their own MVP of the Incubator programme. This will ensure participants are well prepared and supported along the journey.

<u>Project Roadmap:</u>

After voting takes place and funding is successfully secured:

<u>Project Management:</u>

Develop detailed project plan, liaise with stakeholders and manage the programme elements throughout duration – 10 hours

<u>Develop the Pre-Programme phase and get it fit for purpose:</u>

Meet with WADA / local community hubs to discuss project – 6 hours

Agree desired deliverables from training programme – 12 hours

Map the process – 4 hours

Adapt material for ‘Train the Trainer’ delivery – 32 hours

<u>Refine, run and manage the Programme delivery phase:</u>

Refine and deliver the programme – 12 hours

Conduct mid-session reviews – 10 hours

Programme administration – 10 hours

<u>Refine, run and manage the Post-Programme phase: </u>

Collate key metrics - 4 hours

Conduct feedback interviews – 10 hours

Report consolidation and delivery – 10 hours

Overall, the project will have a duration of 8 weeks dependent on the availability of participants.

This is based on up 10 to participants

The total cost of this proposal is US$24,200

The cost rates that we have estimated are:

Edify R&D & management team – US$200/hr

Edify workshop delivery team – US$500/hr

Freelance support (Admin, VA, Marketing etc.) – US$100/hr

<u>Project Management: - </u><u>$2,000</u>

Edify R&D & management team – 10 hours – $2,000

<u>Develop the Pre-Programme phase and get it fit for purpose: </u>– $8,200

Edify R&D & management team – 28 hours – $5,600

Freelance support (Admin, VA, Marketing etc.) – 26 hours – $2,600

<u>Refine, run and manage the Programme delivery phase: - </u>$9,200

Edify R&D & management team – 12 hours - $2,400

Edify workshop delivery team – 12 hours - $6,000

Freelance support (Admin, VA, Marketing etc.) – 8 hours - $800

<u>Refine, run and manage the Post-Programme phase: - </u>$4,800

Edify R&D & management team – 24 hours - $4,800

Skills required

The following skills are required to deliver our proposal.

  • Capability to organise and run an incubator programme
  • A platform to run an online programme
  • An ability to attract appropriate people to the programme
  • A method of measuring the success of the programme
  • The ability to mentor, coach, consult and train participants in the programme
  • The ability to adapt our existing programme into an SPO focused MVP programme
  • The ability to construct and deliver a research report on the MVP programme
  • The ability to engage with the Catalyst community to launch and leverage the programme

We have many of these skills within our current team and will welcome the contribution of others to further expand our collective capability.

From Edify Business Ecosystem:

<u>Harry Hellyer </u>

NED, and chairman, executive and business coach specialising in full value-based impact innovation programmes for enterprises and organisations.

Founding partner of 50th Generation – one of the UK's first Social Business Generational Accelerators – 2014-2018

Credited for supporting the development of the NHS's first Sustainable Development Vision and Strategy programme.

Coached Fellows on the Cambridge University, Programme for Sustainable Development,

Coached Fellows and Lectured for the Cambridge University, Centre for Entrepreneurial Learning - Social Enterprise

VP and director of strategy, marketing strategy and business development for several global IT, media and telecoms companies.

<u>Alan Casey </u>

Manager of a sovereign national grid control centre during a period of technological and cultural change.

Founder and consultant in an organisational effectiveness measurement system deployed into a global advertising and marketing communications network.

Founder of a conversational AI company creating systems that evaluate and improve competence in key organisational skills.

Member of the Edify Community.

Fellow of the RSA.

<u>Jon Arnett </u>

Background in Operations and Project Management with startups, small businesses and social enterprises.

Founder of a coaching and consulting business supporting small businesses and startups.

Experience in coaching, facilitation, workshopping and programme delivery (online and in person)

Member of the Edify Community.

<u>Mark Constable</u>

25 years+ working in small business as a Leader, Founder, consultant and coach - Supporting impact focused business leaders in building future fit organisations

Proven track record of helping clients in building high value, high performing organisations focused equally on both wealth and wellbeing.

Relevant Experience:

Development and delivery of high impact leadership programmes for fast growth businesses.

Launched a business line providing specialised business development training to bid management and sales teams globally.

Member of the Edify Community.

In terms of measuring and tracking progress of the project, we will be evaluating along a number of metrics.

Key Metrics:

  1. Number of potential trainers engaged in marketing
  2. Number of applications received
  3. Number of successful applications
  4. Number of participants starting the programme
  5. Number of participants completing the programme

These metrics will be measured on an ongoing basis throughout the project and will then we summarised in the end of project report, along with end of project debriefs with participants.

We will also be running weekly project management meetings, assessing progress against the project roadmap, which will also be communicated through the Catalyst coordinator meetings.

This project has tremendous scope for far reaching impact for the Cardano network, both in Africa and Internationally.

Should this MVP Train the Trainer Incubator programme be successful, we will have a blueprint that would allow:

A) the creation of incubator programmes across Africa, for the explicit support of SPOs using the Cardano blockchain, which would naturally support the development of hubs and centres of excellence.

B) similar MVP’s to be developed for other geographies I.e. India and Asia

As a result, our success indicators are split into short and long term.

Success indicators:

  1. Short Term: All participants make it to the end of the programme
  2. Short Term: We have a blueprint Train the Trainer programme that is portable and scalable.
  3. Short Term: Participants have begun to engage SPOs in Africa for potential participation in an MVP Incubator.
  4. Longer Term: A series of follow-on Incubators are run independently of ourselves (we will be available to support/advise, but we should not be required to attend or deliver)
  5. Longer Term: Increase in the number of African based Cardano SPOs, who are building sustainable and scalable businesses.
  6. Longer Term: Development of regional hubs in Africa delivering their own Incubator programmes based on this blueprint.

F7 Small SPO Impact Business Programme: <>

This project is a variation of a validated product, of which an MVP was produced in Fund 7 under the New SPO Business Opportunities challenge. The F7 project sought to prove the viability of this programme to support the SPO ecosystem with a small cohort of early adopters. This F8 proposal takes the lessons from the MVP and will start to roll it out to the wider ecosystem as a Train the Trainer programme for the wider Cardano ecosystem.



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