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Host a series of "Meet Proposers" for developers to present their ideas to the community and get critical questions and advisements from experts around the world before the Finalize stage expires.


Many developers have high-value ideas but aren't good at building them or promoting them to the community, so their proposals don't receive high PA scores and are not being funded.

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[IMPACT] Please describe your proposed solution.


Meet Proposer is a series of meetups held by the TIGER View community on an arranged and fixed weekly schedule.

The purposes of this program is:

  • Strengthen the connection between idea Proposers and the Cardano community.

By the Meetups the Proposers will have a chance to present to the Community. Each project will have a total interaction time with the Community up to 60 minutes. In which, there are from 5 to 15 minutes for the project owner to present, followed by a question-and-answer session with the community.

Every Meetup will be recorded and uploaded to 2 YouTube channels so that the project development team and those who have missed the Meet can review it.



Those who have ideas that are valuable to the Cardano ecosystem are planning to submit a funding proposal to the next Catalyst Fund. They can be developers, entrepreneurs, or startups. They come from all over and from all walks of life.

Core PA

  • A team of Proposal assessors. They have diverse backgrounds and are knowledgeable about Cardano, Catalyst. Their job is to prepare a list of potential projects for the community to vote on before setting up a Meet schedule. They are also the people who contact the Project Proposer to set up an appointment.
  • They will also prepare questions and provide valuable advice on proposed topics.
  • Core PA can communicate in English either verbally or in writing, while Native Core PA might not.

Host Meet

  • They are Core PAs responsible for coordinating the meeting. They will explain the project's confusing terms to the community and collect questions from Core PA and from the community, then paraphrase them back to the Proposer.
  • Host Meet can communicate in English either verbally or in writing, while Native Host Meet cannot. One person can speak Vietnamese well

Media Team

  • In charge of internal communication, building the image of MeetProposer, promoting the project's communication channels.
  • Promoting the Meets to the target customer groups of the project, depending on the project and the requirements of the Proposers.


  • Be anyone, from anywhere in the world. They can be Proposers, PA/vPAs, Challenge teams, Voters, dReps, etc., from the Cardano community or outside.
  • They come to Meet Proposer to learn about the project or seek similar advice
  • They can ask the Proposer questions and/or vote on responses from Meet participants to select from different responses.
  • They can apply to be any participant in Meet Proposer.

Native Meet

  • As Meets are held in a country-specific language for the Cardano community in that country, the MCs will run the Meet in bilingualism. The proponent can present in English, the MC will translate into that national language, Meet participants can give feedback in that language. Videos and documents will be presented in both English and the local language.
  • In order to organize a Native Meet, the following conditions must be met:
  • The Core PA group of that country is available.
  • MCs who speak that country are available.
  • The proponent wishes to present to the national community.

For example: Proposers around the world can choose to present their ideas at the Meet to the Cardano Vietnam community, in Vietnamese, according to the Vietnamese time frame, we will reach out to the community. Cardano Vietnam to invite them to the Meet. If we receive the cooperation of all parties, we will set up a Meet for the Vietnamese community.

Global Meet

A Meet is held in English for the global Cardano community. The MC will run the Meet in English. Proponents and Cardano community members can come from anywhere in the world to join the Meet. Videos and related documents will be presented in English.


This is a typical process for creating a Meet, applicable to each project. Different projects may have different schedules and overlap with other projects.

Project selection

  1. A registration form will be promoted on the media channels, and communities from around the world to reach developers with ideas who are going to submit proposals in Fund 10 and then, invite them to register for the Meet. The developers will provide some basic information related to the project.
  2. The PA community will vote to choose which projects should be presented at the next Meet.

Set Meet schedule

  1. The support team will send some documentation to help the project owner prepare to present in the Meet and set up an appointment.
  2. Send appointment notifications to PA, dRep, and Voter communities around the world to invite them to the Meet.


  • Send appointment notifications to PA, dRep, and Voter communities around the world to invite them to the Meet.
  • The Media team will set up advertising campaigns to promote the events to attract more people to attend the Meet.

Host the Meet

  1. The project owner presents ideas
  2. Participants ask questions and for advice.

After the Meet

  1. <u>Edit video </u>
  2. Add subtitles.
  3. <u>Impact Feedbacks</u> by the Proposer
  4. <u>Critical Feedbacks</u> by the community.
  5. The reward mechanism for the high-value feedbacks will be updated in this file.
  6. Get feedback from the Proposer
  7. Get feedback from the Community


Three months ago, we ran a pilot phase to meet 12 proposers. Please have a look at

Meet Proposer playlist

For reading in Vietnamese, please access the file.

[IMPACT] Please describe how your proposed solution will address the Challenge that you have submitted it in.

Participants at the Meets can obtain the following utilities:

  • For Proposers: have the chance to present and marketing their ideas in front of the community to receive some critical questions and advice from experts in the community before the finalized stage and PA round.

  • For PAs: gather more information about the project before entering the time-limited Assess stage of each Fund. They will then have more time to improve the quality of their assessment.

  • With the meeting's support, developers can come as observers to learn how to become a proposer and what chances they have to onboard their proposal and help build the Cardano ecosystem, as well as collaborate with other potential proposers.

  • Improve the quality of Developers' proposals by giving them the opportunity to present their ideas in front of the community and receive advice from experts from all over the world.

    [IMPACT] What are the main risks that could prevent you from delivering the project successfully and please explain how you will mitigate each risk?

  • Risk: Loss of connection during the meeting due to poor connection quality or power failure of the host.

  • Solution: Have a co-host to remind.

    [FEASIBILITY] Please provide a detailed plan, including timeline and key milestones for delivering your proposal.

This project implementation timetable depends on Catalyst's per-fund timetable as MeetProposer's purpose in each Fund is to help Proposers develop their ideas and finalize them before the deadline Finalize Proposal Editing (Finalize) of the next fund to make their proposals transparent, increasing their chances of being approved for funding.

MeetProposer will kickstart from the Voting period of the current fund to the Finalize Proposals & Deadline of the next fund.

Fund 9's Voting Period starts on August 11, 2022, and Fund 10's Timetable is expected to start on October 29, 2022, and will last for 4 weeks. It is expected to last for about 12 weeks. (3 months). In addition to the above, the time of assessing proposals of PAs and vPAs.

From August 4, 2022 - August 11, 2022: Start Vietnam Native Meet

  • Setup Vietnam Core PA
  • Setup Vietnam Host Meet
  • Setup Vietnam Community
  • Schedule for Media team
  • Select Vietnam Proposer

From August 12, 2022-October 29, 2022: Fund10 Meet Proposers

  • Complete 12 Vietnam Meets with 24 Vietnam Proposers
  • Complete 02 Vietnam Meets with 02 Global Proposers

From August 4, 2022-August 11, 2022: Fund10 Meet CoolDown

  • Proposer, Core PA, and Community take a 2-week break.
  • The Media team optimizes overall campaigns.

From August 4, 2022 - August 11, 2022: Start Global Meet

  • Setup Global Core PA
  • Setup Host Meet Guide
  • Setup Community Guide
  • Selective Global Proposer

From August 4, 2022 - August 11, 2022: Meet Proposers Fund11

  • Completed 6 Meets with 12 Vietnam Proposers
  • Complete 6 Meets with 12 Global Proposers

To April 30, 2023: Close proposal

  • Make an overall report to the Catalyst team.


Besides this proposal, some team members are also working on other projects:

Duc TIGER. The following proposals were previously funded by the Catalyst community:

All three proposals have been implemented and we are going to be reported as the Closed proposals by this August.

This proposal, along with other proposals of the BWORKs project, is being implemented together by the BWORKs development team on schedule.

Mr. Duc has not submitted any new proposals to Fund9.

Mie Tran: Has a proposal been previously funded by the Catalyst community:

This proposal is still being implemented on schedule and is nearing completion.

Ms. Mie also submitted some new proposals for her project, which are:

All of our members have arranged the work reasonably and are committed to ensuring the timely implementation of the proposals.

[FEASIBILITY] Please provide a detailed budget breakdown.

We are requesting:

  • $10.000: Reward for Community feedbacks (50 Meets x $200)
  • $10.000: Reward for Core PA's advice (50 Meets x $200)
  • $2.500: Host Meet (50 Meets x $50)
  • $392: Zoom Monthly Payment (8 Months x $49)
  • $2.500: English sub for recorded videos (60 minutes length) (50 videos x $50)
  • $1.500: Editor for the recorded videos (50 videos x $30)
  • $8.000: Project management (8 Months x $1.000)
  • $8.000: Digital marketing - target in Vietnam (8 Months x $1.000)
  • $3.000: Digital marketing - target in Global (3 Months x $1.000)
  • $4.000: Reserve for slippage of ADA


Total requested: $49.892

[FEASIBILITY] Please provide details of the people who will work on the project.

Duc TIGER: Project manager

  • He has researched on Cardano blockchain technology and the Catalyst ecosystem for the years; Participated on Catalyst to assess proposals as a CA (Community Advisor) from Fund4, and vCA (veteran Community Advisor) in Fund6.
  • He also founded and co-founded some funded projects: 2MIN and BWORK
  • In the MeetProposer, he will oversee all the processes of the MeetProposer project, connecting the community members to work together to make the project highly valuable.
  • Social network:
  • LinkedIn: Duc TIGER
  • Telegram: Duc TIGER
  • Twitter: Duc TIGER

Mie Tran: Global Host

  • She has been active in the pilot phase of the MeetProposer project as Global Host Meet and Core PA.
  • Cardano Catalyst TV host,
  • Funded proposer,
  • Eastern Townhall Moderator,
  • Interpreter and Translator,
  • Challenge Team member,
  • Sub-circle team member,
  • Cardano Passionate.
  • Social network:
  • LinkedIn**:** My Tran
  • Telegram: Mie Tran

Quynh Anh: Vietnam Native Host

  • Se has researched on Cardano blockchain technology and the Catalyst ecosystem for the years; Participated on Catalyst to assess proposals as a CA (Community Advisor) from Fund7.
  • She has been active in the pilot phase of the MeetProposer project as Host Meet and Core PA.
  • Telegram: Quynh Anh

Excellent PA team: This is the first Core PA. It consists of more than 20 PAs with experience in assessing proposals from previous funds, with expertise in different industries and fields.

  • Propose potential projects and contact project owners to arrange meetings; Edit meeting videos and add subtitles to meeting videos;
  • Provide some preparatory and high-value questions and comments on the project proposers.

TIGER Media team: A group of people with skills in communication and marketing on social networks.

  • The team will promote the content of the Meet sessions with the right audience to increase the recognition of the project outside society with the Meet Proposer program, and the project

    [FEASIBILITY] If you are funded, will you return to Catalyst in a later round for further funding? Please explain why / why not.

If we are funded, we will return to Catalyst for additional funding in a later round, as "Meet Proposers" currently generates no profit and serves only to spread Catalyst to a large segment of the community and also support developers to onboard themselves in this fruitful environment.

In the future, more services will be added to help raise funds for expansion.

[AUDITABILITY] Please describe what you will measure to track your project's progress, and how will you measure these?

For every Meet, we will need to consider some indicators:

<u>Number of Proposers registered to present at MeetProposer</u>

  • Although the number of Proposers selected for presentation within the budget of this proposal is only 50, the number of applications could be more than 50.
  • This indicator will tell us if the MeetProposer is attractive to the Proposer or not.

<u>Number of new PAs participating in Meet sessions.</u>

  • Through the recordings saved by Zoom in the cloud, we have data on how many people can participate in each Meet session.
  • This indicator helps us gauge how attractive MeetProposer is to the Community.

<u>Number of valuable critical questions from PAs and Communities.</u>

  • These questions will be voted on by Core PA. Based on that we will reward these responses.
  • This indicator tells us whether the community has asked truly objective questions.

<u>Number of high value advisors voted by Proposer.</u>

  • These are responses from the PA and the Community, curated by Proposer based on how useful it was to Proposer's project.

  • This indicator allows us to gauge whether the community has given the Proposer a sufficient amount of truly valuable feedback.

    [AUDITABILITY] What does success for this project look like?

  • The Catalyst developers get highly-value advice from PAs to help them improve their project proposals and increase their chances of getting approved by Cardano in the next fund.

  • PAs have a good understanding of the project to help them deliver high-quality assessments. This will increase PA's rewards by increasing the number of Excellent assessments.

  • Voters and dReps know the project well enough to make voting decisions.

    [AUDITABILITY] Please provide information on whether this proposal is a continuation of a previously funded project in Catalyst or an entirely new one.

This is a new proposal for the MeetProposer project.

Please VOTE for MeetProposer proposal to make the Developer's ideas more brighten.

Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) Rating

Not at all

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