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Migrate our Full Value Business Valuation Tool onto the Cardano Blockchain
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Convert our Full Value Dashboard tool to an interactive blockchain-enabled, website-based solution. Allowing companies, at scale, to assess, grow, evidence & leverage their full value


Current business valuation models miss up to 80% of a company’s value. Meaning founders/leadership teams lose out significantly when raising investment funds, growing and selling their businesses.

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Migrate our Full Value Business Valuation Tool onto the Cardano Blockchain

Please describe your proposed solution.


The Full Valuation Issue for Organisations

It is now reported that up to 80% of the value of an organisation does not show up on its balance sheet when it is sold. This ‘intangible value’ is based upon the people in an organisation, the capabilities they bring to it, and the people based (i.e. performance and relationship assets) they create. If this value remains intangible – then it is not measurable by current accounting methods which are by definition primarily Tangible - monetary based, meaning that most of the value of an organisation remains hidden.

This causes problems both in getting a fair valuation for a business (especially a purpose driven, impact focussed one) and also in leading and managing a business effectively. This is based on the proviso that if you don’t really know or have a full understanding of what the assets of your business are, then how can you manage and grow them effectively?

Our Solution - the ‘Full Value’ Audit tool

We have coached and mentored leaders from start-ups to large private and public organisations for over twenty years, and have developed a method of understanding how to measure and value the: full commercial wealth, cultural wellbeing, purpose, worth and impact, delivered by the companies and organisations.

Our approach allows them to measure and value both the current tangible – physical based, commercial funds and assets as well as the intangible – people based, capabilities and assets - that they have created, and now hold.

The Value Added by Our Solutuion

Our Full Value Audti Dashboard allows us to work with them to create a full value audit of their current operations, and it allows them to create a purpose-based business upon both a commercial vision and a cultural intent.

We provide this information as a dashboard that allows them to understand where they are today, in terms of their purpose and alignment and their full value, and also where they would like these to be in the future.

From here they can codify the current combined ‘worth’ of their organisation which can then be future-paced to provide an attainable purpose-led full value impact future.

Our dashboard can then be used as a measurement tool to be repeated regularly in order for them to stay on track to achieving their purpose.

There is then a consequential value created for the companies that use the tool as their effectiveness is improved and greater profitability is achieved.

Driving long term Business Sustainability

Our product is centred around helping organisations and their leadership teams build in long-term business sustainability by accounting for and leveraging both their tangible and intangible assets (whilst being aware of both the positive and negative impacts that their purpose and strategy will have). Our product supports organisations in delivering long term business sustainability by having the right resources in the right place at the right time to be able to make long-term sustainable profits. - Since 2012 our overall product set has been built to work in conjunction with the VRF’s Integrated reporting framework.

Environmental sustainability and impact

We adopt a 5 P model with the clients we work with, covering: people, planet, purpose, performance and profit. Our full value impact dashboard supports leadership teams in gaining a clear understanding of purpose and focus on their external Impact on their workers, team’s organisation, community, society and planet. This is done both internally by considering both commercial and cultural impact within their operations and leadership teams, and externally by identifying and running to delivering on the appropriate environmental sustainability goals. Our purpose is to support our clients in becoming Impact focussed organisations – that consider and include the UN’s sustainability goals in their own purpose, vision and intent and are aware of the concepts of impact monetisation.

However, although these programmes add fantastic value to our participants, the process is manual: they are at present provided primarily synchronously with live clients and coaches, with limited time slots, and restricted participant numbers available - with programmes maybe 80% live, 20% automated.

We would like to change that, now we would like to dramatically increase the number of leaders who can access our Full Value Valuation Dashboard enabling them to get access whenever they want, and work on auditing the full value of their businesses at their own pace and level of interaction.

Automating our existing business valuation tool to provide access at scale

We have an existing tool and educational material for measuring the ‘full value’ of current and future worth created by organizations and communities. However, this tool is currently based on MS Excel spreadsheets and therefore relies on a very manual and labour-intensive process to complete.

This proposition will automate our solution: allowing its delivery at scale - meaning any organization could have the ability to, define, record, validate grow and leverage both their Intangible and Tangible ‘full value’. Enabling them to appreciate, manage, show, and realize their ‘people and things’ asset value more effectively. And so grow and receive much more of the value that they create.

This solution

DCypher will build out the solution to migrate our Full Value Dashboard tool to an interactive blockchain-enabled, website-based solution.

Future Plans

Following this project, our roadmap includes building out the web3 framework, so that those findings can be publicly available to the audience that needs them. Stacking data on-chain enables scaling the metrics and gaining insight from big data. Transitioning this into a fully interactive community, managed by a governance model, and a tokenomics model for our business model.

About Edify Business

The Edify Business Ecosystem (Edify) - an impact, innovation, investment-focused consultancy, coaching practice, and partner Ecosystem that specialises in supporting organisations as they scale. The Edify team were founding partners of 50th Generation – one of the UK's first Social Business Generational Accelerators – 2014-2018. They were also credited for supporting the development of the UK NHS's first Sustainable Development Vision and Strategy programme. They have coached Fellows on the Cambridge University, Programme for Sustainable Development. And currenly coach the Education Department at Imperial College London. Edify have also worked with Investment and Commerical bank leadership teams, several Mid Tier enterprises and many Tech businesses.

About Edify Collabs

Edify Collabs is the onchain expression of the Edify Colabs was formed to work within the Catalyst community - and have been a proactive members for over 18 months. .

About DCypher

DCypher, an innovative Blockchain Member Based Organization (MBO), plays a crucial role in building the tech stack for Edify. DCypher is a collective of professionals that drive to reshape community building, collaboration, education, development, sustainability, and governance.

The full vision can be found at: d.Cypher_Lite_Paper

How does your proposed solution address the challenge and what benefits will this bring to the Cardano ecosystem?

Our proposed solution addresses the challenge of scaling and automating the business valuation process by transitioning from a manual, Excel-based tool to a more accessible and automated blockchain-based platform. This digitization not only allows for scaling but also adds transparency, credibility, and security to the process due to the inherent properties of blockchain technology.

Driving Adoption of Cardano: By building a solution on Cardano, we are contributing to the growth and adoption of the Cardano blockchain. As our tool scales and more businesses use it, the Cardano ecosystem will expand as well.

Showcasing the Utility of Cardano: Our project serves as a use-case demonstrating the utility of the Cardano blockchain for building complex and scalable solutions. This could inspire other businesses and developers to leverage Cardano for their own projects.

Enhancing Transparency and Credibility: By using the Cardano blockchain for business valuation, we ensure that the process is transparent and immutable. This enhances the credibility of the valuation process, and by extension, it enhances the credibility of Cardano as a reliable platform for business processes.

Stimulating Economic Activity: The tokenomics model we plan to implement will create an economy within the Cardano ecosystem. This will stimulate economic activity, potentially increasing the value of the native ADA token.

Building Community: By transitioning into a fully interactive community, we're not just building a tool but also a community within the Cardano ecosystem. This could lead to higher user engagement and increased interest in the Cardano platform.

Promoting Decentralization: Our project aligns with Cardano's core principle of promoting decentralization. By democratizing access to business valuation, we're taking a step towards the wider vision of decentralized and equal access to resources and opportunities.

By addressing the challenges and bringing these benefits to the Cardano ecosystem, our project aims to be a valuable addition to the Cardano community.

How do you intend to measure the success of your project?

Success for this project is a functioning automated online tool that provides feedback to users as described in the scope of work.

Valuable experience feedback we gather that cannot be measured with tangible metrics, is not lost, but in fact is just as valuable to us. We will be using tools like to discover insight into user experience and how the tool is adding value to their toolbelt. We also have a list of application behavioral requirements that we will use as a measurement of successful completion throughout the project.

Once developed the Full Value Audit Dashboard will be available for use by external clients on a global basis - which will be achieved through marketing of the tool by Edify.

Of course, the Full Value Audit Tool will also be available for use by the Catalyst Community for their own teams performance measurement and valuation estimation

Please describe your plans to share the outputs and results of your project?

Making Findings Publicly Available via Web3 Framework

Once the web3 framework is implemented. User surveys can also help gather feedback on the usefulness of the publicly available findings.

Both Edify and DCypher are working with the mindset of Open source. However In some cases for business, legal, or privacy reasons some information will not be available.

What is your capability to deliver your project with high levels of trust and accountability?

Edify Collabs

Edify have been a proactive member of the Catalyst community for over 18 months and have several successfully funded proposals in F7, F8, and F9 that are now ongoing or successfully closed out. .

Team activity within the community - we have worked on multiple projects and successful community initiatives with several partners - and programme clients including: WADA, SWARM, Treasury Guild, Sanada, Fluid7, CNC, and the Catalyst Coordinator team.

Fund 7, Fund 8, and Fund 9 results

Our completed Fund 7, and Fund 9 programmes - both funded and Pro Bono, have proven to be highly successful. Our three closed-out programmes: Innovation Accelerator and 2x Small SPO incubators received highly positive reviews, with all 17 reviewers stating that they would recommend the programme to other community members.


Prepared: DCypher is well-prepared to build on our experience and community-driven insights. Through our first-hand experience working on the full value business valuation, we have gained valuable knowledge and understanding of the value of d.Cypher and the Insight.IQ platform. This program has proven to be effective in gathering insights and evaluating the potential of our platform. With this foundation, we are confident in our ability to deliver a robust and impactful solution for community management.

Collaborative: We demonstrate our collaborative nature by engaging with various communities and decentralized groups in developing governance strategies, such as hosting a Cardano CIP-1694 Governance workshop, and by integrating community-driven insights into our platform development roadmap.

Committed: Our commitment is showcased by our active participation in initiatives like the Emurgo Hackathon, our relentless pursuit of innovative solutions such as using LLMs for generating insightful charts from voting results, and our dedication to advancing governance practices through collaboration with various communities and decentralized groups. We have been active in the Cardano community since the early Catalyst funds, and Dave has been an SPO since 2020.

Check out our submission to the Emurgo Hackathon: DCypher Emurgo Hackathon BUIDL 2023 SUBMISSION

We have identified many of the suppliers, inputs, and outputs needed for the project, which will reduce friction during development. We intend to delegate budget management to the Treasury Guild, and community event management to Swarm services, to allow us to focus on development.

What are the main goals for the project and how will you validate if your approach is feasible?

Goal# 1:

Develop a user-friendly and accessible application for understanding your businesses full value.


Monitor the level of engagement, active discussions, and collaborations among community members facilitated by the platform. User feedback collected during beta testing will help validate whether the tool meets its intended purpose. We will track common issues, usability, scalability, and functionality through a mix of usage metrics, issue reports, and user feedback surveys. These data points will provide a holistic view of how well the tool serves its users and inform further refinement.

Goal# 2:

Enhances accessibility for business leaders, enabling them to use the tool when and where they need it.

Validation: User adoption rates will serve as a direct metric for assessing increased accessibility. We can track the number of users who register for the automated valuation tool and how frequently they use it. User surveys can also provide qualitative insights into whether the tool meets their needs and expectations.

Goal #3:

Facilitates auditing of full business value at the user's pace and level of interaction.

Validation: The successful implementation of this goal can be validated by tracking the number of completed valuations using the tool. Additionally, metrics such as the completion rate, the average time taken to complete a valuation, and user satisfaction ratings can provide a comprehensive view of the tool's effectiveness in facilitating business valuation.

Goal #4:

Onboard users of the Cardano network and Integration with Cardano Blockchain

Validation: Successful integration with the Cardano blockchain can be validated by testing the tool's functionality on the blockchain. This includes checking if transactions are correctly recorded and if the blockchain provides a transparent and immutable record of these transactions.

Goal #5:

Promote transparency and credibility by allowing organizations to show their tangible and intangible value.

Validation: User feedback and third-party audits can validate the transparency and credibility of the valuation process. Surveys could question users about their perceptions of the tool's transparency. For third-party audits, we can invite reputable external auditors to assess the tool's process and offer an unbiased perspective on its credibility. Gather feedback and opinions from community members, token holders, and projects on their experience with the platform and the impact it has on their participation within the ecosystem.

Goal #6:

Transitioning into a Fully Interactive Community

Validation: The creation of a vibrant, interactive community can be measured through metrics such as the number of active community members, the frequency of their interactions (posts, comments, likes), and the growth rate of the community. Surveys and feedback sessions can help understand the community's sentiment and level of engagement. Develop and implement community engagement strategies. Track community growth and engagement metrics and adjust strategies as necessary

Some goals require metrics like user experience and community involvement necessitating non-numerical evaluation methods, such as feedback loops, surveys, and discussions. Our approach to gauging the project's success in achieving its targets will employ a mix of user feedback, adoption statistics, level of community participation, and trends in market activity. Embracing an agile approach in our development process, we will ensure the potential for continuous enhancements, underpinned by user insights and shifting requirements of the ecosystem.

Please provide a detailed breakdown of your project’s milestones and each of the main tasks or activities to reach the milestone plus the expected timeline for the delivery.

Milestone 1: Automating the Full Value Valuation Dashboard (Timeline: 2 months)

1.1. Planning and Designing (1 month)

Assess the current Excel-based tool to identify core functionalities and areas for improvement.

Design a detailed plan for the automated system, including interface, user journey, and core functionalities.

Collaborate with the development team to finalize the technical architecture of the system.

1.2. Development and Implementation (1 month)

Develop the backend and front end of the system based on the agreed design.

Test the functionalities of the system and debug as required.

Launch the first version of the automated tool for internal testing.

Milestone 2: Building Out the Web3 Framework and Integration with Cardano Blockchain (Timeline: 3 months)

2.1. Planning and Designing (1 month)

Identify the necessary changes needed to make the findings publicly available via a web3 framework.Work with the development team to plan the integration of on-chain data storage and access.

2.2. Development and Integration (2 months)

Implement the web3 framework and develop the necessary components for public data access.

Implement the blockchain integration and develop the required smart contracts. Test the system's functionalities with web3 integration and debug as needed.

Launch the second version of the system, updated system with web3 integration with blockchain integration for internal testing.

Milestone 3: User Testing and Refinement (Timeline: 2 months)

3.1. Beta Testing (1 month)

Launch a beta version of the system for a select group of users.

Collect user feedback and track issues reported during the testing phase.

3.2. Refinement and Final Launch (1 month)

Refine the system based on the feedback and insights gathered from the beta testing.

Fix reported issues and improve user experience.

Conduct final internal testing before the public launch.

Milestone 4: Implementing a Tokenomics Model (Timeline: 2 months)

4.1. Planning and Designing (1 month)

Identify the mechanisms and principles for the tokenomics model.

Work with the development team to plan the implementation of the tokenomics model.

4.2. Development and Implementation (2 months)

Develop and implement the tokenomics model.

Test the model's functionalities and debug as required.

Launch the tokenomics model and monitor its adoption and performance.

Please describe the deliverables, outputs and intended outcomes of each milestone.

Milestone 1: Automating the Full Value Valuation Dashboard

Deliverables: A fully automated, digital version of the Full Value Valuation Dashboard.

Outputs: Enhanced user interface, easier access, and scalable tool usage.

Intended Outcomes: Improved user experience, increased efficiency, and scalability of the Full Value Valuation Dashboard.

Milestone 2: Integration with Cardano Blockchain

Deliverables: A blockchain-integrated Full Value Valuation Dashboard with required smart contracts in place.

Outputs: Immutable and transparent recording of transactions, enhanced security, and data integrity.

Intended Outcomes: Increased transparency and credibility of the valuation process, leading to wider adoption of the tool.

Deliverables: A Web3-enabled Full Value Valuation Dashboard that allows public access to data.

Outputs: On-chain data storage and retrieval system, increased data transparency.

Intended Outcomes: Enhanced public access to the valuation findings, improved transparency, and trust in the valuation process.

Milestone 3: User Testing and Refinement

Deliverables: A refined and user-validated version of the Full Value Valuation Dashboard.

Outputs: Feedback report, list of identified issues, and solutions implemented.

Intended Outcomes: A user-friendly and robust tool with minimized glitches, ensuring smooth operation and a positive user experience.

Milestone 4: Implementing a Tokenomics Model

Deliverables: An implemented tokenomics model within the Full Value Valuation Dashboard.

Outputs: Tokens distribution, transactions involving the token, market value of tokens.

Intended Outcomes: A vibrant token economy encouraging community participation, incentivizing use of the tool, and fostering the growth of the community.

Please provide a detailed budget breakdown of the proposed work and resources.

Milestone 1: Automating the Full Value Valuation Dashboard

Planning and Designing: 15,000 ADA

Development and Implementation: 21,000 ADA

Milestone 2: Building Out the Web3 Framework and Integration with Cardano Blockchain

Planning and Designing: 30,000 ADA

Development and Integration: 45,000 ADA

Milestone 3: User Testing and Refinement

Beta Testing: 15,000 ADA

Refinement and Final Launch: 15,000 ADA

Milestone 4: Implementing a Tokenomics Model

Planning and Designing: 15,000 ADA

Development and Implementation: 6,000 ADA

Other Expenses

Project Management and Administration costs: Sweat, Blood, and Tears

Contingency (10% of total): Included in milestone budgets

Total Budget: 178200

This budget has been estimated based on standard industry rates and averaging rates on bounty boards, which may vary depending on unforeseen technical challenges, and other variables. We plan to operate as cost-effectively as possible, ensuring the maximum value for every dollar spent.

Who is in the project team and what are their roles?

Harry Hellyer - Edify Colabs

Harry specialises in helping enterprises and organsations of all sizes and flavours, deliver scalable growth based around full-value based, impact innovation. He believes that Education should be delivered debt free - as a basic human right. And his focus is to support people to appreciate, attain and realise their full value. Previously he coached the NHS's Sustainable Development team to produce their first coordinated national vision and strategy rollout. He has coached and mentored hundreds of client members from small tech firms to global organisations, including Fellows at Cambridge University, and Imperial College London’s Education dept. For the last 18 months he has been actively involved in the Catalyst community, working with the Edify Colab team to deliver funded proposals in F7, F8 and F9.

Jude Ugwuegbulam - Edify Colabs

Project manager

Jude help’s Coaches & Consultants digitise their customer journey and turn strategic ideas into business assets through more automated support - enabling them to gain more clarity, control and, accountability within their business.

Dave Patterson - DCypher

DCypher Project manager, Cardano SPO of Digital Ark Pool since 2020, Emurgo Academy Cardano Professional Program, CEO of OMNI Ark INC

Curtis Myers - DCypher

Curtis Myers - DCypher LinkedIn: Assets: Project Management application, knowledge management database, Document templates Value Contribution: Emurgo Professional and Solutions Architect, Cloud Engineer, Enterprise Admin, Orchestrator, Information Security, plutus/haskell developer, AI engineering Why are you here?: Looking to gain knowledge/relationships/opportunities so that I can pay it forward. Growth is the collective expansion Experience: Proven track record in managing similar scale projects, risk management, and excellent communication skills. Plutus Pioneer Program cohort 3, Atala Prism Pioneer, Program, Marlowe Pioneer Program

Demilade Jaiyeola - DCypher


Demilade is a Cardano based web3 developer dedicated to building and integrating solutions that utilize Cardano’s toolchain. He is here to be a part of solution builders that remodify how the world works. Value Contribution: Being a web3 developer, he would bring his insights and understanding of the Cardano blockchain, to dissect the feasibilities of Cardano’s technology regarding blockchain integration and with his knowledge in blockchain development with Cardano’s tool-chain, build and integrate those solutions.

How does the cost of the project represent value for money for the Cardano ecosystem?

Increased Utilization of Cardano Blockchain: The project aims to integrate our Full Value Valuation Dashboard with the Cardano blockchain. This utilization is expected to drive additional traffic to the blockchain, potentially increasing the value of the Cardano network overall.

Promoting Transparency and Credibility: By leveraging the transparency and immutability of blockchain technology, our project will strengthen the trust and credibility in business valuation processes. It will showcase Cardano's potential in facilitating reliable and transparent business procedures, thus promoting Cardano as a trusted solution provider in the wider business community.

Tokenomics Model: The implementation of a tokenomics model can stimulate activity within the Cardano ecosystem. It can encourage participation and foster a sense of shared ownership among the users. Such an active economy could potentially increase the value of the native ADA token.

Building a Community on Cardano: By transitioning into a fully interactive community, the project would drive user engagement and increase participation on the Cardano network. This, in turn, could attract more projects and developers to the Cardano ecosystem, further enhancing its value.

Future Potential: The project’s success could pave the way for similar projects that leverage the Cardano blockchain for automation, transparency, and community engagement. As more businesses see the tangible benefits of utilizing blockchain technology in their operations, this could result in increased adoption of the Cardano blockchain.

Promotion of Decentralization: By democratizing access to business valuation, the project aligns with the ethos of decentralization that is core to Cardano. This project is, therefore, not just a business venture but also a step towards realizing the larger vision of Cardano.

Hence, while the project comes with an upfront cost, it has been designed to generate sustainable, long-term value for the Cardano ecosystem. The benefits that it brings — from driving blockchain utilization and promoting transparency to building a community and encouraging decentralization — make it a worthwhile investment.



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