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Plutus Video Sub for Vietnam Devs

$13,900.00 Requested
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Impact / Alignment

Translate IOHK's pioneering Plutus course videos into documents for Vietnamese developers to easily access and learn. Forming a team of developers using the Plutus. programming language


The scarcity of documentation on the Plutus programming language in Vietnamese makes it difficult for talented developers in Vietnam to access Cardano's resources.

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[IMPACT] Please describe your proposed solution.

Recruit people with specialized knowledge and good translation skills in the community with the test https://fimi.vn/kiem-tra-blockchain/ for the best quality translations.

Translations will be evaluated according to the following criteria:

  • Accuracy: Based on fidelity to the original
  • Timeliness: Based on the delay of the translation compared to the original message
  • Interesting: Based on the content of viewer feedback
  • Spread: Based on the number of viewers, the speed of sharing.

We will select the video of IOHK's pioneering Plutus training program to translate into Vietnamese in the form of captions.

[IMPACT] Please describe how your proposed solution will address the Challenge that you have submitted it in.

This proposal is impact:

<u>To developers:</u>

  • Get access to correctly translated videos.
  • Have the opportunity to become a developer in the Plutus programming language.
  • Opportunity to exchange and discuss to develop yourself

<u>To Cardano Ecosystem and this Challenge</u>

  • Attract Vietnamese developers to build new dApps on blockchain Cardano.
  • Developers will contribute their products to the Cardano ecosystem to make it more diversified and sustainable.

-> This Proposal fits and addresses the requirements of the Challenge

[IMPACT] What are the main risks that could prevent you from delivering the project successfully and please explain how you will mitigate each risk?

Risk: The self-learning ability of each developer is not equal.

Solution: Form a group to exchange, discuss and study together.

Risk: Slippage of ADA

Solution: Ask for a backup budget

[FEASIBILITY] Please provide a detailed plan, including timeline and key milestones for delivering your proposal.

1.Q4 2022

  • Recruiting and training translators from the community: 10 people
  • Recruiting video publishing technicians: 01 person
  • Translation achieved more than 400 minutes of video
  • Publishing 20 videos with Vietnamese subtitles

2. Q1 2023

  • Recruit more members of the video editing team
  • Translation achieved more than 500 minutes of video
  • Publishing 20 videos with Vietnamese subtitles

3. Q2 2023

  • Translation achieved more than 500 minutes of video
  • Publishing 20 videos with Vietnamese subtitles

4. Q3 2023

  • Translation achieved more than 500 minutes of video
  • Publishing 20 videos with Vietnamese subtitles

Beside of this proposal, we are implementing a proposal that funded from Fund 7: Reward for Community Translators

It is in progress

In this fund, we are requesting for 6 new proposals:

Blockchain Course for Vietnam Devs.

Marlowe Course for Vietnam Devs.

Cardano Talk for Vietnamese.

CatalystTalk: Grow Vietnamese DReps.

CatalystTalk: Grow Vietnamese Devs.

Plutus Video Sub for Vietnam Devs.

Each proposal has a clear assignment to each participant, so we are committed to ensuring that the proposals are completed on schedule.

In case someone doesn't get the job done in the long term, we will recruit available members in the Fimi community to ensure the proposals are completed on time. We always have enough people willing to complete our proposals.

[FEASIBILITY] Please provide a detailed budget breakdown.

  • IOHK Plutus Pioneer Program brochure: $2000
  • Translation: 1980 minutes x 4$ = 7920$
  • Editing and publishing video: 1980 minutes x 1$ = 1980$
  • Consulting fee: 1000$
  • Provision for ADA slippage: $1000

Total request: $13,900

[FEASIBILITY] Please provide details of the people who will work on the project.

The following people will be responsible for implementing this proposal:

Do Manh Hung

  • Community Management
  • Haskell, Plutus Pioneer
  • Influencing and inspiring trainers
  • Lecturer of Fimi's training courses

Is the Quality assurance. Will final check all the translations to ensure the content of the videos is closed to the original before uploading to YouTube. So we make sure the content of the Plutus videos are as close to the original as possible.

Do Viet Cuong

  • Community Management
  • HighSchool teacher
  • Video producer
  • Translator team leader

Is the Project manager: Will select the original videos that need to be translated, then assign them to the translators, and control the progress of completing the translations.

FIMI Translator team

  • Consists of about 20 translators with a deep understanding of the Cardano blockchain and extensive experience in translating blockchain documents. Their completed videos are being enjoyed by the Cardano Vietnam community.
  • Many of them have or are still taking the Plutus Pioneer course organized by IOG.

Will translate the video that assigned by the Project manager.

[FEASIBILITY] If you are funded, will you return to Catalyst in a later round for further funding? Please explain why / why not.

If this proposal is funded, we will come back in the next funds for more funding. Because: the Cardano platform is always updating and evolving, the Plutus programming language also has innovations in line with the development of the Cardano platform. Our proposal is stretchable to serve developers with a sustainable Cardano ecosystem.

[AUDITABILITY] Please describe what you will measure to track your project's progress, and how will you measure these?

  1. Number of videos published on Youtube channel. This metric means that the amount of work that we have completed.
  2. The number of developers accessing the Plutus program through video.
  3. The number of responses to each video on Youtube
  4. Total views of the videos

[AUDITABILITY] What does success for this project look like?

  • The Vietnamese developer community has access to the Plutus programming language.

  • Developers' interest and participation in the Plutus programming language learning exchange group increases over time.

    [AUDITABILITY] Please provide information on whether this proposal is a continuation of a previously funded project in Catalyst or an entirely new one.

This Proposal is a continuation of the proposal that have funded in <u>Fund 7</u>

In terms of our team, I have translated 3666 quality minutes from Cardano-related videos (IOHK, Charles Hoskinson…). You can check it out <u>here</u>

Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) Rating

This proposal is consistent with the Challenge and sustainable development of the technology platform of the Cardano ecosystem in particular and of the United Nations' sustainable development goals in general. Specifically: this proposal works toward Goal 4: Ensure quality, inclusive and equitable education and enhance lifelong learning opportunities for all, and Goal 9: Build sustainable infrastructure firmly, promote open and sustainable industrialization, and encourage innovation.

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