SPOs Supporting Community Projects
Current Project Status

Créer un registre des FS intéressés, les associer à des projets communautaires, et établir des normes pour l’attribution des récompenses, la sécurité et les rapports.


Les petits OSP ont du mal à obtenir une délégation. Les projets et groupes communautaires ne savent pas comment gérer un pool de pieux. Réunissons ces deux éléments !

Addresses Challenge
  • Project Information
  • Community Reviews
  • Team Information
SPOs Supporting Community Projects

( who have been running a mission-driven stake pool to support the Salmon Nation Decentralized Alliance ( This team is also highly engaged with the Catalyst community and community projects. We form a unique bridge between these two communities and understand well the challenges and issues both small SPOs and community projects face.

Strong ties to the Cardano4Climate group make that an ideal community in which to start a second Community Pool Network alongside Ryuuki. The community already has a number of strong community projects as well as SPOs collaborating and adding some organization and structure for forming a pool network would be a logical next step there.

<u>Core Team:</u>


<u>Transparent from the beginning</u>

  • SPOs and projects interact on a public community forum to get to know each other, collaborate, and interact.
  • Suitability of participation for SPOs and projects will be audited for fairness by peers through well-documented criteria and procedures
  • Community Pool Networks will be encouraged and will reference the first example in Ryuuki <>

Roadmap (3 months):


  • Establish a panel of project peers to evaluate and determine "proof of soul" for community projects.
  • Establish a panel of SPOs to verify the security, configuration, and ensure candidate stake pools are following best practices
  • Establish best practices around wallet management and margin allocation between stake pools and projects


  • Begin working with Cardano4Climate to find projects that are interested in stake pool support
  • Outreach to xSPO and other SPO communities to find interested stake pools to come meet the projects
  • Begin peer evaluation process and matchmaking


  • Launch a second community pool network like Ryuuki.
  • Publish open-source documentation on how peer review happens for projects and stake pools


Input Metrics (leading indicators):

  • number of promotions for the service on public forums, telegram groups, and twitter
  • number of qualifying projects (peer verified)
  • number of qualifying stake pools (peer verified)

Output Metrics (lagging indicators):

  • number of SPOs and projects that work together
  • amount of delegated ADA to these pools before and after partnering
  • amount of rewards generated before and after partnering


  • Have a set of criteria and documented procedures for peer-reviewing stake pools and projects by the end of March, 2022
  • Form a new Community Pool Network comprised of Cardano4Climate projects and aligned stake pools by the end of April, 2022

Budget breakdown

  • Marketing Campaign (to SPOs and projects) = $40/hr * 10 hrs = $400
  • Setting up Website = $50/hr * 10 hrs = $500
  • Community Management = $50/hr * 40 hrs = $2000
  • SPO security review process = $50/hr * 40 hrs = $2000
  • Pool Network Coordination = $50/hr * 20 hrs = $1000
  • Communication Hub Management (Discord, Telegram) = $25/hr * 10 hrs = $250
  • Technology and infrastructure = $500


  • EP2: epoch_length

    Authored by: Darlington Kofa

    3 min 24 s
    Darlington Kofa
  • EP1: 'd' parameter

    Authored by: Darlington Kofa

    4 min 3 s
    Darlington Kofa
  • EP3: key_deposit

    Authored by: Darlington Kofa

    3 min 48 s
    Darlington Kofa
  • EP4: epoch_no

    Authored by: Darlington Kofa

    2 min 16 s
    Darlington Kofa
  • EP5: max_block_size

    Authored by: Darlington Kofa

    3 min 14 s
    Darlington Kofa
  • EP6: pool_deposit

    Authored by: Darlington Kofa

    3 min 19 s
    Darlington Kofa
  • EP7: max_tx_size

    Authored by: Darlington Kofa

    4 min 59 s
    Darlington Kofa