The Impact Onboarding
Current Project Status

Build an onboarding model through an active catalyst community to welcome, connect, and support onboarding newcomers


It is difficult and overwhelming for newcomers to find their way within Catalyst. 

Addresses Challenge
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The Impact Onboarding

Proposal for this challenge:

Use the Cardano4Climate community, network to the catalyst & Cardano ecosystem, and projects in order to build a model for onboarding new members through a catalyst active community.

The solution will includes:

Cardano4Climate is already welcoming newcomers and contributing to the onboarding process through our media channel, info sharing and meetups.:

  • Preparing educational materials of why Cardano - the work already started with a dedicate telegram (C4C Education Collaboration) and a dedicated discord channels (<>) both in collaboration with communities teams from WADA (, SustainableADA (, and Climate Neutral Cardano (
  • Dedicated meetups and breakout rooms for purpose driven newcomers sessions for example after town hall, Cardano4Climate weekly meetup and other community meetups
  • Internal marketing - reach out to the community with information about the service to direct impact related initiative to Cardano4Climate so we could support with the onboarding
  • Use of media channel to reach out to a greater audience

Build the model for newcomers (main work for this proposal):

A 3 month process to collect information

  • New members survey: Conduct a survey with a minimum of 50 newcomers about their motivation and onboarding process. Understand how they got to Cardano, Catalyst and Cardano4Climate. Understand also their areas of interest and availability to dedicate to the ecosystem
  • Record weekly engagement touching points with the Cardano4Climate and catalyst community of newcomers
  • A monthly follow up survey
  • A monthly meetup to discuss newcomers engagement

Model development

  • Based on the information collected we will develop a model to onboard newcomers and evaluate what are the activities and interactions that helped to develop a successful onboarding process
  • Define a successful onboarding process
  • Test assumptions on a monthly basis

Cardano and Impact

Impact is a key element of the Cardano philosophy. The first sentence at is “making the world work better for all” and you can see this line in practically every video of Mr. Charles Hoskinson as well as many of the Cardano ecosystem activities.

Following fund 6 we have conducted the research matching Catalyst proposals with SDGs and the results were very promising. This research showed that 27.5% of the funded proposals directly connect to impact the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UN SDGs) and 68.5% indirectly connect to impact the SDGs. This is not a surprise as blockchain technology has the potential to have an impact on financial inclusion, governance, education, and other areas which comply with SDGs objectives.

This is a huge opportunity for Cardano to continue to be the leader in philosophy, technology, and initiatives that support the growing number of government initiatives, investors sentiment, and company projects aiming to “make this world better for all”.

Many purpose driven newcomers are therefore having an interest in Catalyst and Cardano. This proposal will focus on how we can support easy onboarding for those people and build a framework around it that could be shared with other communities as well.

How might we make it faster and easier for new Catalyst members to take on suitable roles and responsibilities in 2022?

The proposal suggests a unique framework to build a model for onboarding newcomers through an active community.

<u>Guiding questions</u>

  • How might we convert passive ADA holders into active Catalyst members?
  • How might we increase more meaningful participation from challenge teams, proposers, advisors, mentors and voters? What kind of additional roles are needed?
  • How might we encourange new members to utillize the tools and services availalbe for onboarding?
  • How might we improve the use of existing text, video and audio materials?

Purpose driven ADA holders will find their way to Cardano4Climate. This proposal will build a model to onboard them. We will include the guiding questions to form the surveys and channel activities accordingly .

Risk: ineffective onboarding and connection to the right community channels

Mitigation: continue to promote coordination and sync within the community, cardano projects IOG and CF

Risk: newcomers would not be inclined to provide ongoing information, or that they will not continue to engage with the community and therefore limited information

Mitigation: we will add more new members to the process as needed

Risk: Being able to follow and record newcomers activities while keeping their consent and privacy

Mitigation: We will obviously do it with approval, unless being completely annomissely

Risk: The number of survey newcomers will provide clear evidence for the proposal to understand some trends

Mitigation:We aim to reach 50 newcomers with the initial survey and follow the ongoing activities of 10. We believe it is possible considering the Cardano4climate community backing it up. If needed for more information we will increase the number of people under the survey and follow up. We will do it to up to 100 newcomers if we feel required for better results.


  • Initial preparation 0-2 weeks:
  • Selecting a team member to lead the project. It will be one of the core team of Cardano4Climate and we will assign it following the overall results of fund 8 to manage the workload.
  • Initial framework design
  • Survey preparations
  • Define a successful onboarding process
  • Survey 2-4 weeks:
  • Launch survey through C4C channel as well as Catalyst school, WADA, townhalls
  • Analysis and results
  • Model development
  • On going:
  • Weekly meetups
  • Record weekly engagement touching points with the Cardano4Climate and catalyst community of newcomers
  • 2 more follow up survey in week 6 and week 10
  • A monthly meetup to discuss newcomers engagement
  • Improvements
  • Report week 10-12
  • Final report of work
  • Model presentation
  • Recommendation for community hubs

Deliverables and KPIs

  • Monthly surveys
  • Final report and recommendation
  • Dedicated Meetups
  • 50 surveys per cycle
  • Minimum 10 members ongoing follow up


We are a global community of over 200 members, grown in 6 months around communication channels, meetings & a shared vision. 8 active core team members.

Since mid October, we have hosted weekly 90 minute zoom calls. We moderate a Telegram channel & Discord server with more than 200 members as well as maintain a YouTube channel & website. In the past 3 months we have hosted several Project Catalyst after town hall breakout rooms.

We have partnered with other Catalyst communities to collaborate such as Climate Neutral Cradano SPO group, DLT360, WADA, SWARM, Catalyst school, SustainableADA and more.

We have become a point of reference to connect community activities with ecosystem players such as Cardano Foundation, IOG, Cardashift, and Empowa all becomes activate members in the community

We have co-created a safe environment conducive to engagement

  • Open discussions
  • Consistent growth in participants
  • Initiating ideation and collaboration
  • Proposal improvement interactions
  • Relevant content for Project Catalyst
  • Transparent bottom-up design

We organized, hosted, & recorded three "Catalyst Sustainability Goals" events in the last 4 months:

  • Cardano & Climate Change
  • Cardano & Trees
  • Regenerative Agriculture

Clearly have demonstrated the ability to grow the number of members and create a platform for collaboration and interaction.



  • Project lead USD 1000 per month for 3 months USD 3000 - estimated time dedicated per month (organization, communication, presentation preparation, not including meetups) is between 30 and 40 hours
  • Survey support USD 1000 per month for 3 months USD 3000
  • Meetups & session management including hosting, post hosting admin (followup, recording…) USD 200 x 12 sessions (minimum once a week for 3 months) = USD 2400
  • Final report support: USD 1000

Total budget USD 9400

The core team members is very active with the community and in addition to their rules being active as challenge setting members, impact activities, other communities and in the overall spread of the Catalyst and the Cardano community.

In addition we will offer some new community members to be part of the proposal team for it relevance as well for increasing their engagement

  • Melanie - creativity, empathy, co-facilitator, outreach to community groups focusing on preservation, education, organizing, social media moderation
  • Nori - inclusivity, awareness, co-facilitator, organizing, collaboration, SPO, active Salmon Nation member
  • Seomon - reliability, hosting, recording, website, GitHub, miro boards, Catalyst School & Swarm connection, proposal writing
  • Tyler - engaged regenerative agriculture & mushroom farmer, ideation, writer, social media discussion facilitator
  • Cem - professionalism, high quality video production, website design, presentations, business owner, programmer, leading Littlefish Foundation: Kiva-like DAO proposal
  • Yoram - compassionate co-facilitator, organizing, NGOs, ideation, organization, regenerative agriculture, marketing, content, humor
  • 200 plus members from around the world

In collaboration with Catalyst and Cardano communities such as WADA (, SustainableADA (, and Climate Neutral Cardano (, Cardano Foundation and IOG impact teams.


We are committed to improving the transparency of our process & decisions with increased accessibility of this information to all of our stakeholders. We have initiated a public GitHub repository where all ongoing tasks and actions will be tracked regularly.

Deliverables will be presented and shared in Cardano4Climate channels and at town hall.

Join us Cardano4Climate: <>

On Telegram:

On Discord: <>

On GitHub: <>

On Twitter: <>

On YouTube:

  • Weekly meetups - recorded
  • presence at Catalyst Townhalls - recorded
  • Core Impact Team distributes remuneration by consensus - financial external auditing team overlooking to process: The Catalyst Treasure Guild (
  • Organize information in Telegram & Discord channels available for all
  • Create forms for community input & feedback
  • Coordinate times with Eastern & Western hemisphere to host C4C meetups

A well-oiled open innovation platform where people fulfill roles that are meaningful for them and that contribute to shared success.

Being able to demonstrate a clear model and framework on how to an active community could support meaningful onboarding.

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Cardano4Climate Community Events (



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