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Catalyst Built AI Art Generator 🌅

₳12,800,000.00 Requested
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Impact / Alignment

Can Project Catalyst collectively build the best AI Art Generator native to Cardano for everyone in the community to use? Can Project Catalyst collaborate and grow with this DAO tool?

Yes Votes:
₳ 10,768,418
No Votes:
₳ 148,323,854
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Why is it important?

Project Catalyst will have a unified vision that can onboard Cardano users by providing the best AI Art Generator service in the World.

What does success look like?

Project Catalyst builds the most secure, reliable, and social AI Art Generator that showcases Cardano's DID, CNFT, DAO, and AI capabilities.

Key Metrics to measure

  • how many new users onboarded to Catalyst and Cardano?

  • how many creative, new philosophies and ideas about the Cardano blockchain tools?

  • is there greater community engagement in discussion of ideas represented through art?

  • are there real world use cases to encourage political engagement?

  • has bravery decentralized in the community?

  • how important is culture within community?

  • has culture developed through art?

  • how does the community moderate itself?

  • do CNFTs allow for more exchange of ADA in the ecosystem?

  • how much valuable data is generated for the Cardano ecosystem?

  • how many new DIDs?

  • has a social network developed?

  • has Catalyst become a DAO through a shared vision of providing everyone with the ability to accessibly share their own individual vision?

  • has community communication improved?

  • can data and lessons learned from this project be applied to other areas?

    Challenge brief

@pace had a vote of 70+ community members that decided these were the proper budget weightings for Project Catalyst. However, the community has no unified vision. These categories and budgets can provide the basis for the work that needs to be done to build the AI Art Generator.

Community & Outreach - $1,800,000 in ADA

Products & Integrations - $3,000,000 in ADA

Governance & Identity - $2,000,000 in ADA

Development & Infrastructure - $2,925,000 in ADA

Nurturing Ideas & Teams - $1,000,000 in ADA

Catalyst Contributors - $1,100,000 in ADA

Cardano Contributors - $975,000 in ADA

I propose Project Catalyst utilizes all the community resources to build a unifying project where We can test all of the tools and relationships built so far and finally become a <u>TRUE</u> DAO. The Cardano native Art Generator can provide everyone with a unified vision and by building it, Catalyst can finally show the world how collaborative it can be. If Art doesn't save the World, what does?

To be clear, this proposal assumes that the $12,800,000 in ADA is not the whole F10 fund. It is assumed that IOG is still setting Challenges and there will still be millions in ADA for other goals.

This is a continuation of my Fund5 F7 Challenge Setting proposal: PROJECT CATALYST'S FIRST NFT ART 🌅

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