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Gamified Education -Play to (L)EARN
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In a world where education is misconceived yet undervalued we aim to bring in a massive change with Gamified Education and Learning.



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Gamified Education -Play to (L)EARN

The data shows that the percentage of enrolled students who completed the course has a median value of 12.6%. Learners get bored, lack the attention span, and lack engagement + entertainment.

With the advent of innovations and technologies across education, eCommerce, trading, investing, gaming, jobs, etc., it becomes a crucial time for every individual to stay ahead of upskilling oneself and that is where Konma Upskill comes into the picture wherein users across the globe will be able to upskill while they play!

Some of the predominant functionalities or components of our project will be:

  1. To educate users across technology domains (across blockchain, gaming, etc), designing, soft skills, finance, self-development, etc.
  2. To educate the community members while we reward in various ways across our eCommerce store, jobs, etc.
  3. To build a gamified learning management system for users to play and learn.
  4. To host webinars, hackathons, job fairs, etc wherein users will be building their own credibility while passing through various levels of upskilling.

The gamified learning experience will keep the users active in learning and have clear goals as the end goal would require users to clear missions/levels and a very interactive game driven by rewards lets users come back and win smaller milestones in return making the user finish a learning challenge easily.

Our vision for Konma Upskill addresses education in general with regard to educating users across the globe and increasing the awareness of the importance of getting upskill across the respective domains through an immersive gamified learning management system.

Some of the key challenges addressed are:

  1. Users get easily bored over online courses.
  2. Users not finding a similar mindset community with respective interests or domains.
  3. Users to be able to understand the importance of getting and keeping oneself upskilled.
  4. Users to be able to up-skill their interests and earn CNFTs.
  5. Users who complete the courses will get a certification in the form of NFT which could be leveraged as it will be valid all over the world.

Once most of the users finish any courses online he/she will take the learned skills to a different place and grow. But at Konma we make sure that once any candidate finishes a course:

  1. The candidate will be a lifetime alumnus and ambassador of Konma.
  2. The candidate will have full access to the relevant community.
  3. The candidate will respectfully grow further taking the knowledge and skills learned at konma as all mentors of Konma will be in touch with the candidate.

How will Konma reach the Market?

  1. At Konma, we will run multiple programs such as Konma Flair, Tech boot camps, Hackathons, etc where users who participate will join the community and the multiple programs.
  2. At Konma, we already have a 2-Dimensional metaverse platform that acts as a workplace and a hub for users across the tech and crypto communities to come across for a chat.
  3. At Konma, we will collaborate with multiple institutions across schools and colleges in terms of becoming their education and innovation partners.

At Konma, we are at a stage where we are gradually growing in terms of sowing up the seeds for the project in terms of development, marketing, community building, and credibility.

Currently, we are looking to strengthen ourselves with challenges across:

  1. Development - We have a small team of developers but are very strong in terms of execution. Also, to be able to expedite the Gamified education project we would require strong interns and an expert to build the platform.
  2. User retention - e-learning has been booming since COVID and hence it has become easier for users to access the courses online but for the platforms, it has become difficult to retain the learners as the attention span of users are less, learners give up very easily, and learners find it difficult to get practically well-versed with their niche.
  3. Incentivizing - A user will not find a platform to be amusing unless and until they reap consistent rewards and benefits when they spend their time, energy, and money. We are looking to incentivize the entire e-learning module to keep the users active and return to finish what they started.
  4. Credibility - As an e-learning platform it is important to build a learning base for students to not reap benefits alone but consume value that shall benefit the learners over the period of time in terms of skill set, knowledge, and upskilling.

Here is how we are planning to mitigate this:

  1. We are envisioning ourselves in building the platform where users shall not only look at onboarding to learn but to be in a learners community and build relationships over the longer horizon of time.
  2. We shall have a dedicated team of developers active and running in terms of keeping the platform up and running wherein we shall offer internships for users across the tech stack to work with us as well on our projects.
  3. We shall seek continuous advice from the Cardano community and senior management who has always been key players in supporting the projects built on Cardano.
  4. We shall look at keeping the users warm with multiple challenges to not just reap benefits from the platform but to give back to the community which makes our platform more credible.
  5. Every user shall have opportunities to partake in the Konma community in one way or the other as the users end up not just being part of the community but will also build a strong network which also builds the platform’s credibility.
  6. User retention shall eventually happen once the users will realize the importance of keeping themselves upskilled across their niche and technology which happens while they are part of the community.

This could include the project roadmap, your planned milestones, plus the main deliverables and outputs of the project.

We are at a stage where we have already created a learning virtual space with a metaverse look and feel for all our team members, visitors, learners, and trainers to jump in for all sorts of communication.

We are currently planning to have a dedicated learning space for all users across the world to be able to access free education with learn-to-Earn, Play-to-Earn, and Teach-to-learn.

Here is what the project roadmap looks like:

Phase 1: The objective here is to be able to Design, Develop, Deploy, and Onboard the learners and trainers in the system. We started the planning from February on the idea and are as of now at a stage with a complete project roadmap and planning.

Here is a detailed plan in terms of Timelines and Delivering the solution:

  1. Month 1-2 (Design) - We are looking at designing the complete e-learning modules with regard to the gamification starting from the start of the course till the end of the course for an end-user with well-defined design thinking expertise. We will be sprinting this project and hence in the first month will be able to design gaming modules for the complete course in terms of colours, avatars, games, protocols, dashboard, rules, steps, etc.
  2. Month 3-4 (Development) - We are looking at developing two forms of games - adventure and arcade which are similar to games that we usually find on our app store. These games shall be a clear indication for a user to be able to move left, right, straight, and back. We will be developing a very simple 2-Dimensional arcade/adventurous game including the instructions, levels, protocols, rewards table, leaderboards, rules, and modules with respect to the courses.
  3. Month 5 (Deployment): In the initial 2 weeks, all existing users of Konma Upskill will be learners and experts using the platform; this phase also includes testing of all sorts including automating the test scripts, building new test scenarios, etc wherein the major bug fixes and minor enhancements will be taking place to get the platform up and running seamlessly well for the end-user as we start the onboarding process.
  4. Month 6 (Onboarding): This is a stage where the platform shall be open to all users to be able to create and manage their own profile and experience the two-dimensional virtual space as a community.
  • All users will go through a week of the program to understand the usability of the platform along with protocols, instructions, process, benefits, tech, and the entire Konma Culture.
  • All users will be able to opt for a course and start Play-to-learn and Teach-to-learn.
  • All users will be able to access the learning modules in the form of levels.
  • All users will be able to earn reward points as they complete the stages/levels of the game.
  • All users will be able to earn a certification in the form of CNFTs.

Note: Phase 2 and further phases will only foresee enhancements, bug fixes, and integrations across education, tools, third$ party applications, etc.

Game design - 8 weeks $ 20,000

Webpage development - 4 weeks $ 2,000

Coding - 8 weeks $ 10,000

Marketing - 3 weeks $ 3000

Total Budget: $35,000

*Rakesh Raveendra, Head of Konma Upskill

3+ years of experience in edutech, 18+ years of experience in disliked traditional education, and 5+ years of passion towards developing the right stream/mode of education for learners across the globe.


*Sangeet Muralidhar - CTO - Konma Labz

Commerce Graduate | Cyber security specialist | Blockchain Developer | Crypto native | Advisor and consultant for crypto projects | Technical Analyst | On-Chain Analyst


*Sathya Vijayan, Head of Konma Flair

Computer Application graduate with 10 years experience in Logistic Supply chain, Train the Trainer, SAP MM Consultant


We are a team of professionals who are very keen on integrating the technology tools for better productivity and management across Konma.

We set timelines, stakeholders, project assignments, brainstorm sessions, to-do, etc in the weekly/monthly plan using a project management tool ‘Clickup’.

This not only helps achieve the desired goals on a project to project basis but will also help track the progress vividly.

Also, since the project ideation, we have been managing to set the ideations, marketing requirements, development requirements, project timelines, stakeholders, etc already in our project management tool.

We are already at a stage wherein we have an open-source community gathering virtual space and hence are taking step by step approach to gradually gamify our entire Konma System for all DAOs.

We are a team that believes in a staggered approach towards achieving the end goals and are a huge fan of Elon Musk’s first principles.

We are looking at

  1. The platform to be able to access the new innovative methods of learning technology.
  2. The platform to reach all communities across all main chains and side chains like Cardano, Polygon, LUNA, Ethereum, BoredApe club, and others.
  3. The platform grows by itself majorly with word of mouth.
  4. The platform is a one-stop solution for all learners across all major technologies across Blockchain, Crypto, NFTs, Website/App Development, AR/VR, etc.
  5. All 3 of our models (Play-to-learn, Play-to-Earn, and Teach-to-learn) are strong enough to be able to connect with each other and grow as the community pillars of Cardano/Konma’s education hub.

No, this is entirely a new project.



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