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Prototype Diversified Voting Method

$150,000.00 Requested
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<p>Can we implement a prototype demonstration of diversified voting and flexible funding for one challenge fund?</p>

Yes Votes:
₳ 48,353,873
No Votes:
₳ 19,684,863
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Why is it important?

Prior to implementing a modification to the Cardano Catalyst voting mechanism, a trial is necessary to test the proposed recommendations.

What does success look like?

25% of the voting wallets participate in the prototype vote.

The results demonstrate important differences in selected projects.

Key Metrics to measure

* Was the outcome of the vote substantially different from the current method?

* If the outcome was different, what was the measurable influence of smaller sized wallets?

* Did the flexible funding capability influence the selection of awarded projects?

* Are there any detectable security risks with this rebalanced influence?

* How did the participation in the prototype vote compare with the current Cardano Catalyst voting?

Challenge brief

Proposed Objectives

* Execute a demonstration vote using square-root, quadratic, or related generalizations of these weighted voting methods.

* Allow for a flexible funding award so that high-quality projects are not eliminated by small differences in the proposed and available budget.

* Provide evidence for evaluation of the effectiveness of the weighted voting to:

a) Provide a balanced influence across cohorts of wealth

b) Increase the participation in the Cardano Catalyst voting process

c) Provide flexibility in deciding on the funding level for projects



  1. Establish the category for the voting. This can be either an existing category that will then have two voting processes or a separate voting category that will only use the alternative process.

  2. Utilize the recommendations from the Diversified Voting Influence analysis to prototype a promising methodology for executing the diversified voting and flexible funding.

  3. (Optional Detail) In addition to weighting the votes, establish a vote influence budget across all the proposed projects rather than per project. In this manner, votes have to decide how much of their influence to allocate to each project.

  4. (Optional Detail) Include an adjustable weighting of how many budget funds are allocated to an awarded project. The purpose of this flexibility is to ensure that projects are not eliminated due to small differences in the proposed budget and the remaining budget left in the category.

  5. Provide analysis of the outcomes and recommendations for implementation into the Cardano Voltaire roadmap.

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