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Cardano is a network that uses third-generation blockchain technology that is uniquely fast, useful, and earth-friendly. Blockchains are all about decentralization - shared work, shared responsibility, and shared rewards. This applies to the technology of course, but it also applies to the people. Where do you fit in?

Reviews Wallet Review

  • is a Cardano wallet for Chrome and Firefox browsers, or Android and iPhone mobile devices. provides a full set of features for interfacing with Cardano to receive and send ADA and NFTs, vote, manage stake pool delegation, and interact with decentralized applications (DApps).
  • gets high marks for having many great features: over 17 to date. However it has room to grow in the areas of newcomer-friendly interface and user experience.

Yoroi Cardano Wallet Review

  • The Yoroi wallet provides a simple newcomer-friendly interface for Cardano ADA holders to receive and send ADA and NFTs, vote, and manage their stake pool delegation.
  • Yoroi gets high rating for its ease for getting started in Cardano via browser or mobile, however there’s lots of room to grow in the areas of stability and customer support.

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July 01, 2022
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By The Numbers Lido Nation

Cardano Project Catalyst by the Numbers

Cardano was founded and launched by IOG, Emurgo, and the Cardano Foundation. To a great extent these entities still lead development and decision-making for the network; in other words, it is largely “Centralized”.

Someday, however, this power will be transferred…


Tangazo: LidoNation yazindua Cardano Blockchain Lab nchini Kenya

Mwaka jana, Lido Nation iliungana na kundi la vijana waliohitimu chuo kikuu, ambao walifanya kazi nasi tulipoanza kuchunguza jinsi mpango wa ushirikiano na mafunzo unavyoweza kuonekana nchini Kenya. Darlington alianzisha programu ya ushauri wa wasanidi pamoja na vijana wawili, na…


Cardano Flirts with Representative Democracy

Picking up where the United States stopped, and Britain before them, and the Roman republic before that, Cardano is flirting with representative governance. After months of hints that researchers at IOG were exploring the next phase of governance on Cardano, IOG introduced on their blog on "April 10 the concept of “Delegate Representatives (dReps).”

Open Letter+

An Open Letter to News Media, Journalists, and Podcasters : There’s more to the Blockchain story!

By now I’m used to sighing and bracing myself when popular media covers blockchain technology news. No matter what the actual story is, someone will squeeze in a contemptuous sneer or dismissal: Bitcoin uses more energy than Argentina! Crypto is…


Uchovu wa uvumbuzi: Jamii ya Cardano inachukua pumzi la pumziko

Cardano Staking, iliyowezekana na hafla ya Hard fork Combinator (HFC) mnamo Julai mwaka wa 2020, ilileta "Era ya Shelley" ya ramani ya njia ya mtandao. Hafla hii ilileta uongezeko wa hamu na shughuli katika jamii. Tangu wakati huo, kumekuwa na…


Kunawiri kwa utawala wa hazina maalum ya 8 ya Project catalyst

Siku ya Alhamisi Machi 17, Hazina maalum ya 8 ya project catalyst ya cardano ilistawi. Maelfu ya mapendekezo yamewasilishwa, Kuboreshwa, na Kukamilika. Sasa awamu ya "Utawala" imeanza, kuanzia Tathmini na kumalizika mwezi ujao kwa Upigaji Kura. Yote yakiisha, tutakuwa tumeshuhudia…


Stephanie E King

Stephanie is a consultant and educator, bridging the gap between the tech nerds and the rest of us.

Darlington Wleh

Darlington has the brains of an engineer and the heart of a humanitarian. He’s using his skills and experience to present blockchain to the 99%.

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