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Habari za Cardano na Crypto

May 28, 2022
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By The Numbers Lido Nation

Cardano Project Catalyst by the Numbers

Cardano was founded and launched by IOG, Emurgo, and the Cardano Foundation. To a great extent these entities still lead development and decision-making for the network; in other words, it…


Announcing: LidoNation launches Cardano Blockchain Lab in Kenya

Last year, Lido Nation connected with a group of young college graduates, who worked with us as we started to explore what a partnership and training program could look like…


Cardano Flirts with Representative Democracy

Picking up where the United States stopped, and Britain before them, and the Roman republic before that, Cardano is flirting with representative governance. After months of hints that researchers at IOG were exploring the next phase of governance on Cardano, IOG introduced on their blog on “April 10 the concept of “Delegate Representatives (dReps).”


An Open Letter to News Media, Journalists, and Podcasters : There’s more to the Blockchain story!

By now I’m used to sighing and bracing myself when popular media covers blockchain technology news. No matter what the actual story is, someone will squeeze in a contemptuous sneer…

Chambua kwa kina kuhusu ulimwengu wa 'blockchain'

Dapps on Cardano - A Unique Approach

In previous articles, we learned that DApps are just “Apps” that allow people to use blockchain Smart Contracts through a friendly user interface. We…

DApps katika Ulimwengu Halisi: Ya Sasa na Yajayo

Sio wazi kila wakati ni nini maana ya “kujenga kwenye blockchain” au ni sehemu gani za bidhaa au huduma zitaishi kwenye blockchain. DApps ni…

Muhtasari wa Kiufundi: Usanifu wa Plutus

Kwa kuwa uko hapa, labda umesikia kuhusu Cardano. Ikiwa umekuwa hapa kwa muda, unaweza kujua “mkataba bora” ni nini. Hapa kuna kitu ambacho bado…

Utangulizi wa programu zilizogatuliwa (DApps)

Mitandao ya Blockchain ni teknolojia mpya yenye uwezo wa kubadilisha jinsi tunavyopanga kazi, kudhibiti uaminifu na hatari na kulinda thamani. Mikataba bora na DApps…

Kuwa Mpendekezaji wa Project catalyst - Sehemu ya Tatu: Tangaza wazo lako ili upate kura

Kitaalam, hatua hii ni ya hiari, na kwa hakika hatujui kuhusu mkakati kubwa unaofaa yote. Hata hivyo, kuweka juhudi katika kueneza neno kuhusu pendekezo…

Kuwa Mpendekezaji wa project Catalyst- Sehemu ya II: Muundo wa Pendekezo

**Kwanza, inasaidia kuelewa kuwa una hadhira mbili kwa pendekezo lako. Hadhira kubwa, kama unavyojua, ni wapiga kura. Nyingine, na muhimu pia, ni Washauri wa…


Promising consumer facing projects in the Cardano ecosystem Wallet Review

  • is a Cardano wallet for Chrome and Firefox browsers, or Android and iPhone mobile devices. provides a full set of features for interfacing with Cardano to receive and send ADA and NFTs, vote, manage stake pool delegation, and interact with decentralized applications (DApps).
  • gets high marks for having many great features: over 17 to date. However it has room to grow in the areas of newcomer-friendly interface and user experience.

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Yoroi Cardano Wallet Review

  • The Yoroi wallet provides a simple newcomer-friendly interface for Cardano ADA holders to receive and send ADA and NFTs, vote, and manage their stake pool delegation.
  • Yoroi gets high rating for its ease for getting started in Cardano via browser or mobile, however there’s lots of room to grow in the areas of stability and customer support.

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