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Cardano sponsorship for Professional Fighter Michael Heckert
Current Project Status

Sponsor professional fighter Michael Heckert to prominently display the Cardano logo on his fight kit in global combat sports events, significantly boosting brand visibility and fan engagement.


Cardano currently does not market any combat sports events, which significantly limits their branding’s visibility and reach within the sports community, restricting potential growth opportunities.


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Cardano sponsorship for Professional Fighter Michael Heckert

Please describe your proposed solution

Perception of the Problem:

Cardano's current absence from the combat sports marketing arena limits its visibility and potential influence within a global, engaged sports audience. This missed opportunity restricts growth in a demographic known for its enthusiasm and loyalty.

Approach to the Solution:

We propose to bridge this gap by sponsoring Michael Heckert, a professional fighter in the Bare Knuckle Fighting Championship (BKFC). By featuring the Cardano logo on his fight kit, we aim to tap into the vast marketing potential of combat sports. This approach leverages the excitement and high visibility of televised fights, directly engaging a passionate sports community.

Engagement Strategy:

The project will engage combat sports fans, Cardano community members, and the broader cryptocurrency audience. By intertwining Cardano's innovative technology with the primal and popular appeal of combat sports, we aim to create a new nexus of interest that will attract enthusiasts from both worlds.

Demonstration of Impact:

We will measure the impact through increased brand visibility, tracked by media mentions and social media engagement metrics during and after fight events. Additionally, we will monitor the growth in Cardano community numbers and engagement levels, assessing how effectively the sponsorship converts interest into active community participation. Testimonials and surveys from the combat sports audience will further validate the reach and influence achieved through this sponsorship.

Please define the positive impact your project will have on the wider Cardano community

Positive Impact on the Cardano Community:

Our project will enhance Cardano's visibility and appeal by integrating its branding into the high-energy world of combat sports. This exposure is expected to elevate Cardano’s profile among a new, diverse audience, fostering broader adoption and interest in Cardano as a leading cryptocurrency platform. By associating Cardano with the excitement and dedication of professional sports, we aim to resonate with values of perseverance and innovation, further solidifying the community's growth and cohesion.

Measuring Impact:

We will adopt both quantitative and qualitative methods to gauge the effectiveness of our initiative.

Quantitative Metrics: We will monitor social media engagement rates and analyze audience growth on official Cardano community channels.

Qualitative Feedback: We will gather feedback from community members through surveys and interviews, assessing their perception of Cardano’s involvement in combat sports and its effect on community sentiment.

Sharing Outputs and Opportunities:

The results and successes of our project will be shared openly with the community through multiple channels:

  1. Regular Updates: Progress and impact reports will be published on official Cardano forums and social media platforms.
  2. Community Engagements: Webinars and live Q&A sessions will be organized post-event to discuss outcomes and future steps with community members.
  3. Collaborations and Partnerships: We will actively seek partnerships within the combat sports industry and beyond, leveraging these relationships to create further opportunities for community involvement and brand exposure.

Through these approaches, the project not only aims to expand Cardano's reach but also to reinforce its standing as a community-centric, innovative blockchain platform.

What is your capability to deliver your project with high levels of trust and accountability? How do you intend to validate if your approach is feasible?

Capability and Trustworthiness:

Our team, consisting of active members from the Cardano community, has experience in managing straightforward, community-focused initiatives. Our direct engagement with the community and familiarity with Cardano's ecosystem equip us to handle this project with efficiency and dedication.

Accountability in Fund Management:

  1. Fixed Cost Clarity: The cost for Michael Heckert to wear the Cardano logo is predetermined and will be fully disclosed to ensure transparency with all stakeholders.
  2. Regular Updates: We will provide regular updates to the community about the project's progress and Michael’s participation in events, maintaining clear and open communication.

Validation of Approach:

  1. Community Engagement: We will solicit feedback from the community before and after events to gauge satisfaction and gather insights, ensuring our approach meets their expectations.
  2. Visible Impact: The visibility of the Cardano logo in combat sports events will serve as a direct indicator of our project's success and will be easily observable by the community and wider public.

What are the key milestones you need to achieve in order to complete your project successfully?

Milestone 1: Completed

Cardano logo on fight shorts and T-shirts

Milestone 2: To continue including the Cardano logo on future fights.

Final Milestone: Cardano logo will be displayed on Fight Kit Apparel. Cardano Logo Featured On Fight Night Banner.

Who is in the project team and what are their roles?

Michael Heckert- Cardano Fighter, BJJ Purple Belt, Mike Heckert broke onto the bare-knuckle scene in late 2023 where he faced a big power-puncher in Scott Lampert and outclassed him. Heckert was an amateur MMA champion in the promotion, Blackout FC based out of his home state of Kansas. He has a great frame for middleweight at 6’0“ and he tends to use his reach and speed advantage to overwhelm his opposition.

Chad Giardina - BBHMM SPO, BJJ purple belt

Please provide a cost breakdown of the proposed work and resources

Budget & Costs Breakdown:

  1. Sponsorship Fee:
  • Fighter Sponsorship: Fee for Michael Heckert to wear the Cardano logo on his fight kit during BKFC events for one year.
  • Cost: 15,000 ADA

2. Marketing and Promotion:

  • Included within Sponsorship Fee: Design and production of promotional materials, and social media advertising campaigns are covered under the total sponsorship agreement, ensuring maximum visibility.

3. Community Engagement:

  • Included within Sponsorship Fee: Costs for hosting online and potential local community events, as well as tools for conducting surveys and gathering feedback, are included.

4. Operational Costs:

  • Included within Sponsorship Fee: Project management and reporting are covered to ensure effective coordination and communication.

5. Third Party Services:

  • Included within Sponsorship Fee: Legal and compliance consulting to adhere to advertising and marketing regulations is included.

Total Budget: 15,000 ADA

Funding Sources:

  • Primary: Requested from Cardano Catalyst funds. No additional external funding is required.

How does the cost of the project represent value for money for the Cardano ecosystem?

The sponsorship fee of 15,000 ADA to have Michael Heckert wear the Cardano logo on his fight kit during BKFC events provides substantial value for the Cardano ecosystem. This fee is justified considering the following points:

  1. Visibility and Reach: Combat sports, particularly bare-knuckle fighting, attract a large, dedicated viewership. Associating Cardano with a fighter like Michael Heckert, who participates in widely viewed events, ensures significant brand exposure. This exposure is far-reaching given the broadcast and streaming of these events, aligning the cost with potential global visibility.
  2. Engagement and Growth: The project is designed to engage not only current members of the Cardano community but also to attract new users interested in sports and sports betting. The visibility of the Cardano logo in such a dynamic setting promotes interest and discussion around Cardano, potentially increasing user adoption and wallet creation.
  3. Community Involvement: The sponsorship includes community engagement activities like meet-ups and interactive sessions, which are vital for community growth and satisfaction. These activities encourage current users to deepen their engagement and attract new community members by showcasing Cardano's commitment to supporting diverse interests.
  4. Cost Comparison: The cost of 10,000 ADA for a year-long sponsorship aligns with industry standards for sports sponsorships, which often run into the equivalent of tens of thousands of dollars. Considering the unique audience and high engagement level of combat sports, the fee is competitive and reasonable. Moreover, the inclusion of marketing, promotional activities, community engagement, and operational costs within this fee makes it particularly cost-effective.
  5. Economic Context: When setting the cost, we considered the average sponsorship and marketing costs in similar sports contexts, confirming that our fee is on par with or below typical rates for similar exposure in other sports. The cost in ADA also reflects the current exchange rates and economic conditions, ensuring that the project remains financially feasible and attractive in terms of potential ROI for the Cardano ecosystem.

By accounting for these factors, the sponsorship represents not just an expenditure but an investment into the broadening of Cardano’s reach and influence, ensuring it is a cost-effective strategy that benefits the community and promotes the Cardano brand in a new and vibrant market.



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