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Automation and Scaling of current funded Catalyst Developer Mentorship Program using Andamio learning management system and Cardano Blockchain capabilities
Current Project Status

A blockchain-enabled, project-based learning platform, that enables Dev’s and tech companies to access Edify’s proven, powerful suite of business mentoring tools and frameworks, at scale.


Mentorship programs for tech companies are very demanding in terms of human resource and time, limiting access for companies and the scale of programs available.

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Automation and Scaling of current funded Catalyst Developer Mentorship Program using Andamio learning management system and Cardano Blockchain capabilities

Please describe your proposed solution.

Why mentorship & coaching is important

There are incredible tech people working with Cardano technology. However, to grow a solution into a successful company, tech is not enough, even if you have the most innovative solution. To build success and scale, teams also need to foster an entrepreneurial mindset and capabilities. We know blockchain developers hugely benefit from, learning about: clarifying their purpose as individuals and a business, market analysis, customer acquisition, funding, and strategic planning. This empowers developers to not only create innovative blockchain solutions but also build sustainable businesses around them.


We have been working on those issues for many years as mentors, coaches, and consultants, for fast-growth technology startups and mid-tier enterprises.

In the last two years, in particular, we have been proud to be working as part of the Catalyst ecosystem. During this, we have been funded by Catalyst to undertake several projects, to transpose our proven set of tools and frameworks into a bespoke Toolkit designed to support blockchain developers and the wider community, as they undertake the journey from technical solutions to successfully scaleable enterprises.

Our projects include:

F7: Dev Accelerator - closed out

F7 SPO Incubator - closed out

F8: SPO Incubator productisation - closed out

F8: Dev Accelerator - 2:2 bespoke mentoring, Pro bono - closed out.

F8 Train the Trainer Africa - ongoing

F9: Full Value, Organisation Valuation Dashboard - ongoing

Our closed-out projects have been deemed a great success and value-add by the 20-plus community members that have reviewed the closed-out projects so far - as well as the project catalyst team and audience: where we delivered some of our modules as part of the catalyst coordinators programme.

We Are Ready to SCALE

The IP build phase of our projects is now complete.

We have an integrated suite of Fit For Purpose, proven programmes to support teams and companies reach scalable growth.

However, although these programmes add fantastic value to our participants, the process is manual: they are at present provided primarily synchronously with live mentors and coaches, with limited time slots, and restricted participant numbers available - with programmes maybe 80% live, 20% automated.

We would like to change that, now we would like to dramatically increase the number of developers who can access our programmes, enabling them to get access whenever they want and work on them at their own pace and level of interaction.

The opportunity -

Automating mentorship

We have developed a huge amount of content through the programs and our work over the last 20 years, and specifically the last 2 years on Cardano. Our programmes are based upon Exponential Organisation growth (ExO) principles - focussing on how companies can scale through solving ‘wicked challenges’ to harness ‘exponential opportunities’.

With blockchain technology and AI, there is a great opportunity to take our programme delivery to the next level: by automating the process, while providing personalised high service as appropriate to teams and companies.

Our vision is to build an online Dev Accelerator Academy that will overtime automate 80% of the mentorship process and keep 20% for specific areas where companies need help. For that, we are partnering with blockchain and AI companies to develop ‘mentorship 3.0’.

With Web-3. there is also the opportunity to build out our solution to create a mentorship community supported by a dynamic learning environment.

Our Solution for this proposal - A Mentoring programme for Developers, based on a Project Based Learning platform

The main objective of this proposal is to build and deliver a high-value mentorship programme aimed at supporting blockchain developers on their journey from technology solutions to successful scalable businesses. Where the programme itself, being delivered from the Andamio project-based-learning (PBL), enabled platform, can be delivered asynchronously, but with a rich learning experience and is both easily accessible, interactive, affordable and scalable.

The programme will be based upon our highly successful coaching and mentoring suite - that forms the basis of our Exponential Organisation Growth platform.

The Edify Colabs Online Mentoring Programme for Scalable Growth

We have 8 unique PBL Modules to create for this proposal covering the following subject sessions:

  • Programme overview
  • Business Audit
  • Purpose and Intent
  • Business Model
  • External Business Environment
  • Product Proposition
  • Customer Proposition
  • Positioning and Market
  • Channel Proposition
  • Building Passive Assets: Systems and Things
  • Building Active Assets: Leadership Teams and People
  • Commercial Vision
  • Business Plan Development and Scenario Planning
  • Avenues for Funding support

Link to miro board for full programme overview of modules and sessions:

About Edify Colabs

Edify Collabs is the on-chain expression of The Edify Ecosystem (Edify) - an impact, innovation, investment-focused consultancy, coaching practice and partner Ecosystem. Edify Colabs was formed to work within the Catalyst community - and have been a proactive member for over 18 months. .

The Andamio platform (by Gimbalabs)

Edify Collabs is partnering with Andamio to provide the core technology required.

The Andamio Platform:

  1. Provides a Learning Management System (LMS) for onboarding new contributors to your project/organization
  2. Is built on Cardano with Plutus smart contracts and UI components for treasury management, skill accreditation, project contribution, and emergent reputation

The Andamio MVP was built and tested around the Plutus PBL - for more info check

You can find an introductory overview of the Andamio platform here:

As a result of the work Gimbalabs has done over the past years through the Plutus Project-Based Learning (PBL) program, Gimbalabs Playground, and Gimbalabs Live Coding, the Gimbalabs team created Andamio which provides an LMS platform for any organization to onboard and reward contributors. Contributors can earn skills that enable them to contribute to projects. Our Plutus PBL ( is a good example.

Link to example Plutus PBL course, which is the Andamio MVP: <>

Image file

Fig 1. The PBL Framework. A high overview description of a PBL module.

Project based learning courses (PBL):

Edify Collabs will use the Andamio platform to develop the following courses:

  • ExO programme for mentoring developers and businesses to begin and succeed on their journey to sustainable exponential growth

Andamio features to be used by Edify Collabs:

  • The Project Based Learning Platform
  • Proof of Completion
  • Register skills and knowledge acquired by completing PBL course module
  • Register contribution generated by each partnership generator (partnership generated)
  • Smart contract for skills and credentials
  • Web interface

How does your proposed solution address the challenge and what benefits will this bring to the Cardano ecosystem?

Essential Toolkit development

It is well known that around 50% of new enterprises fail within 2 years of inception and 80% fail within 5 years. Many of the reasons for this failure rate are not because of a lack of technical expertise, but a lack of time, knowledge or experience about how to build a successful enterprise around the initial team. Our solution addresses this need by providing an integrated Catalyst-developed and proven system for supporting tech-based teams as they start the journey of transitioning into successful scalable Exponential Organisations.

Attracting developers

This platform and programme development is centred around being able to deliver our content in a PBL format at scale. Therefore after the initial launch, it will be proactively marketed both internally to catalyst developers and externally to other blockchain and AI-focused developers and teams.

Supporting Developer wants

Over many years working in the tech space we understand that all developer teams need entrepreneurial smarts alongside a system to support them to successfully scale their business.

Our programme for scaling mentorship on Cardano will provide entrepreneurial developers in the Cardano dev ecosystem with access to a structured, proven system for achieving scalable growth for their enterprise over time. It will be there to support those that need it within the Catalyst community, when they need it as they need it, at a cost that they feel reflects the value they have received.

Augmenting and developing dev motivation

Blockchain devs are notoriously focused and hard-working. Our programme provides them with the Business Toolkit: covering areas such as purpose and business model, product and go-to-market strategy and funding support- that will enable them to more effectively undertake the business growth journey, focus on what they love and so set and reach their desired outcomes.

Delivering easier, more effective, faster, enterprise project development

From our experience successful dev teams have developed the balance between technical capabilities, entrepreneurship focus and financial acumen. Which allows them to deliver better projects, in less time, and more easily. Our programme will help support them to develop their entrepreneurial and business capabilities allowing them to scale their business: easier, faster, and with better results

How do you intend to measure the success of your project?

We plan to measure the following KPIs

  • Number of developers/companies engaging with the Edify Collabs team / Andamio platform for programme
  • Number of developers/companies entering the programme
  • Number of participants completing the programme.

Additional programme metrics will be developed with Andamio, but will typically include:

  • Successful business audits completed
  • Successful vision and business plans completed
  • Number of business/product ideas per member

Finally, as we have done with all our F7 and F8 projects, participants will be asked to complete a review survey of the programme - which is also used to iterate the programme structure, content, and delivery.

Please describe your plans to share the outputs and results of your project?

As with our previous F7 and F8 projects all KPIs and reviews are included in our project close-out reports and the community will have access to it.

Also as this is an MVP, and we have used online Learning Management Systems before we understand how complex and time-consuming this process can be. Therefore we plan to compile a brief set of - train-the-trainer videos explaining the main elements of the programme development initially as a guide - for use by Edify team members and partners. We plan to make this open access as well, to support subsequent members of the Catalyst community that may wish to use the Andamio platform.

We also plan to run multiple taster sessions during the programme development and delivery period to both build on the MVP and also build awareness of the programme within the community.

Edify and Andamio are working with the mindset of Open source. In some cases for business, legal or privacy reasons some information will not be openly available.

What is your capability to deliver your project with high levels of trust and accountability?

Team activity within the community

Our team has been actively involved within the Catalyst community for around 2 years now, and we have worked on multiple projects and successful community initiatives with several partners - and programme clients including: WADA, SWARM, Treasury Guild, Sanada, Fluid 7, CNC Bridgebuilders, C4C and the Catalyst Coordinator team.

Our Catalyst Website:

Fund 7 and Fund 8 results

Our completed fund 7 and fund 8 programmes - both funded and Pro Bono, have proven to be highly successful. Our three closed-out programmes: Innovation Accelerator and 2 iterations of the SPO incubator, received highly positive reviews, with all 20 reviewers stating that they would recommend the programme to other community members.

Our F7 and F8 Accelerator Participant Reviews:

Testimonials for Edify CoLabs Accelerator programmes within the Cardano Catalyst Innovation hub

Text Reviews

Catalyst Treasury Guild - decentralised, emerging tech treasury function

"It was great to be a part of Harry's workshops. As a team, we went through interesting aspects that Harry elaborated down to the smallest details that are necessary for the success of individuals, teams, and large companies. Harry made a great impression on me with his humor, seriousness when needed and vast knowledge. The entire workshop concept was prepared with great experience which Harry seems to have been building for many years. I would definitely recommend the workshops because there is something for everyone. The period we spent together definitely broadened my horizons and gave me tools that help me in my business! Harry with his personality left a positive impression on me as an individual and on our entire team."

Miroslav & Andre

Catalyst Treasury Guild

Carpool SPO - Emerging Tech, decentralised Education Tech developers

"The Edify Accelerator program is an outstanding resource for any entrepreneur looking to better define and align their own personal purpose with their business. The program provides a comprehensive framework to work from, and yet starts with foundational tools and skills from which to build on. The program is designed to help businesses of all sizes and in any specialization to clarify their vision, refine their strategy, and execute more effectively. The step-by-step guided process along with coaching has been tremendously helpful and has assisted, in some small or large part, the development of nearly every aspect of CarPool Education. One of the most impressive things about the Edify Accelerator program is the breadth of expertise of the team that leads it. The program leaders are experienced business professionals who have a deep understanding of the various challenges that businesses face in today's fast-paced and constantly evolving environments. Edify provides valuable insights and guidance on a wide range of topics, from developing a clear and compelling vision to creating a business model that is sustainable and scalable. The program is also very hands-on. There was a strong focus on helping CarPool Education to put the ideas and concepts that are covered into practice. We had access to ample support throughout and beyond the program. The program leaders work closely with every participant to help them identify the areas that may need the most work, and then provide then coach you through the steps to make progress. This includes things such as marketing and sales, customer and product propositions, and business culture. In sum, I highly recommend the Edify Accelerator program for any business, new or established, that is looking to gain a deeper understanding of its purpose, business models, customers, product, and more. The program expertly led and provides a wealth of resources and support to help any entrepreneurs or company take their business to the next level".

Fletcher Carpool Education

<u>Video Reviews</u>

One Up One Down - AI-based decentralised mentoring platform

<>Dzhuliana & Natalie

Loxe Inc - Decentralised dispute resolution platform developers

<>Victor & Mathius

SWARM - Organisational structure experts for decentralised impact innovation hubs

"Very valuable program for projects to have strong fundamentals and a strategy to help SingularityNET community".

<> Tevo

Also, the collaboration with the experienced Andamio team itself, and the fact that Andamio is already functional and powering the Plutus PBL course at Gimbalabs, gives high confidence for the success of the project as we will be incrementally evolving with Andamio, not writing it from scratch.

What are the main goals for the project and how will you validate if your approach is feasible?

Immediate Goals

  • The main goal of this project is to augment the capabilities of our Catalyst: funded developed and proven integrated coaching and mentoring system by enabling it to be delivered via the Andamio Learning Management System.
  • This will allow it to be delivered as an asynchronous project-based learning programme, that can then be scaled for mass provision, resulting in a significant cost reduction for delivery.
  • The final result will be that all Catalyst developer teams will have access to our Online Business Growth Toolkit and Mentorship programme to develop their business skills as required.

Future plans

This programme is the foundation (MVP) of our online digital PBL offering.

We plan to use this platform and programme to expand our delivery of our service offerings, both in terms of the depth and breadth of programmes offered and our business model offerings.

Planned future product, market and business developments will include:


  • More courses based upon our proven ExO growth offerings - such as programmes focussed more tightly on scalability, effective leadership, effective asset growth and community build and management.


  • Expanding market reach to include Blockchain Developers and businesses currently on other networks, SPOs, and external enterprises such as corporates who would like to understand more about engaging in this area

Business platform expansion and integration

  • We plan to use this platform as the basis from which to develop our own business model to support the building of W3-enabled, blockchain-based communities:
    1. supporting our proposed Dapp for our Full Value Dashboard.
    1. supporting our coach community business that supports coaches in using our IP and Systems.
    1. supporting the build-out of our Full Value, Valuation product and build community.

All of these programmes and initiatives will both serve members of the catalyst community as well as bringing potential users of Cardano services into the community.

Please provide a detailed breakdown of your project’s milestones and each of the main tasks or activities to reach the milestone plus the expected timeline for the delivery.

Milestone 1,

Weeks 0-4

This phase will include:

  • Customer Avatar Defined - Determine who will be taking the course and understand their needs, prior knowledge, and learning preferences.
  • Learning Objectives Defined - Clearly articulate what we want learners to achieve by the end of the course. With specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and time-bound (SMART) learning objectives
  • Course Structure Defined - Break down the course into modules or lessons, considering a logical flow of topics. Create an outline or storyboard to visualize the structure and organization of the content.

Milestone 2,

Weeks 0-16

This phase will include:

  • Site Structure Developed - Work with Andamio experts to build front-end and back-end site structure into LMS.
  • Smart contract development

Milestone 3,

Weeks 5-20

This phase will include:

  • Course Content Developed - Creating engaging and informative content for each module/lesson. Utilising a variety of media such as text, images, videos, audio recordings, interactive quizzes, and practical exercises to cater to different learning styles.

Milestone 4,

Weeks 5-20

This phase will include:

  • Assessments and Evaluations Developed
  • Interactive Elements Developed as appropriate

Milestone 5,

Weeks 21-29

This phase will include:

  • Testing completed - Testing with small group to ensure all content, assessments, and interactive elements work correctly. Gather feedback and make any necessary improvements or adjustments based on their input.
  • Treasury established - Establish treasury for the project
  • Certification element completed - develop the ability to certify participants' completion of the course.
  • Adjusting Andamio/Edify platform based on feedback

Milestone 6,

Weeks 25-34

This phase will include:

  • Course Launched - Launch it on Andamio.
  • Course promoted to Catalyst Ecosystem - Develop a marketing strategy to promote the course to Catalyst members and beyond: through social media, email newsletters, or targeted advertising. Deploy the marketing plan as developed.

Milestone 7,

Weeks 34-36

This phase will include:

  • Close-out report produced - Project closing report, summary, and confirmation of successful MVP. Ready for the next phase of onboarding more companies (clients) and community members.

Future plans - revenue/opportunities

The next phase of the project will include considering and evaluating different potential revenue models for the project, such as:

  • Charging companies for the courses - this could fit detailed courses where people/companies can pay a fee to take the course
  • Transaction fee - when Andamio register skills & contribution or pay through the smart contract it can add a fee per transaction (i.e. 1 ADA) - this will fit projects with a high volume of students and transactions (i.e. teaching to open a wallet)
  • Have a small fee for a course and at the course to get a certification with blockchain credentials there will be an additional charge i.e. 10 ADA plus the opportunity for the student to donate more

Please describe the deliverables, outputs and intended outcomes of each milestone.

Milestone 1: Weeks 0-4

Deliverables and Outputs:

  • Customer Avatar Defined: A clear definition of the target audience and characteristics of the Teams who will benefit from the program.
  • Learning Objectives Defined: Clearly outlined learning objectives that specify what participants will achieve by completing the program.
  • Course Structure Defined: A structured outline of the course, including modules, topics, and sequencing.

Intended Outcomes:

  • Establishing a clear understanding of the target audience and their needs.
  • Clearly defined learning objectives that align with the desired outcomes of the program.
  • A well-structured course framework that provides a roadmap for the development of course content.

Milestone 2: Weeks 0-16

Deliverables and Outputs:

  • Site Structure Developed: The development of the online learning platform's site structure, including navigation, sections, and user interface.

Intended Outcomes:

  • A well-designed and user-friendly online platform that ensures a seamless learning experience for participants.
  • Clear organization and accessibility of course materials and resources.

Milestone 3: Weeks 5-20

Deliverables and Outputs:

  • Course Content Developed: Creation of course content including slide structuring, slide deck production, and scripting.
  • Slide Deck Production and Editing: Refinement and editing of slide decks to ensure high-quality visual presentation.

Intended Outcomes:

  • Well-crafted course content that effectively delivers the necessary knowledge and skills to Developer participants.
  • Engaging and visually appealing slide decks that enhance the learning experience.

Milestone 4: Weeks 5-20

Deliverables and Outputs:

  • Assessments and Evaluations Developed: Development of assessments and evaluations to measure participants' understanding and progress.
  • Interactive Elements Developed as appropriate: Creation of interactive elements to enhance participant engagement and interactivity within the course.

Intended Outcomes:

  • Effective assessment and evaluation methods to measure participants' knowledge and progress.
  • Interactive elements that promote active learning and participant engagement.

Milestone 5: Weeks 21-29

Deliverables and Outputs:

  • Testing Completed: Testing the online learning platform and course materials to ensure functionality and usability.
  • Treasury Established: Implementation of the treasury functionality within the Andamio platform to manage financial aspects related to the course.
  • Certification Element Completed: Development of the ability to certify participants upon successful completion of the course.
  • Adjusting Andamio/Edify Platform Based on Feedback: Incorporating feedback and making necessary adjustments to improve the functionality and user experience of the Andamio platform.

Intended Outcomes:

  • A fully tested and functional online learning platform ready for deployment.
  • The establishment of a treasury system to manage financial transactions related to the course.
  • The ability to provide participants with certificates of completion, validating their achievement.
  • A refined Andamio/Edify platform that reflects user feedback and enhances the overall learning experience.

Milestone 6: Weeks 25-34

Deliverables and Outputs:

  • Course Launched on Andamio: The official launch of the course on the Andamio platform, making it available to Dev Teams.
  • Course Promoted to Catalyst Ecosystem: Promotional efforts to raise awareness and encourage participation in the course within the Catalyst ecosystem.

Intended Outcomes:

  • Wide accessibility of the course to Dev Teams through the Andamio platform.
  • Increased visibility and participation from Dev Teams within the Catalyst ecosystem.

Milestone 7: Weeks 34-36

Deliverables and Outputs:

  • Closeout Report Produced: Preparation of a comprehensive report summarizing the project's achievements, confirming the successful completion of the Minimum Viable Product (MVP), and outlining recommendations for future phases.

Intended Outcomes:

  • A well-documented summary of the project's outcomes, learnings, and recommendations.
  • A smooth transition to the next phase of onboarding more companies and community members for the program's expansion.

Link to miro board for full programme overview of modules and sessions:

Please provide a detailed budget breakdown of the proposed work and resources.

Milestone 1,

Weeks 0-4

This phase will include:

  • Customer Avatar Defined - 1 x hours x ₳ 480 = ₳960
  • Learning Objectives Defined - 1 x hours x ₳ 480 = ₳960
  • Course Structure Defined - 20 hours x ₳480 = ₳9600

Total ₳ 11520

Milestone 2,

Weeks 0-16

This phase will include:

  • Site Structure Developed - 20 hours x ₳384 = ₳7680

Total ₳7680

Milestone 3,

Weeks 5-20

This phase will include:

  • Course Content Developed
  • Slide structuring, slide deck production, scripting - 48 hours x ₳384 = ₳18432
  • Slide deck production and editing - 48 hours x ₳384 = ₳ 18432

Total ₳ 66434

Milestone 4,

Weeks 5-20

This phase will include:

  • Assessments and Evaluations Developed - 16 hours x ₳384 = 6144
  • Interactive Elements Developed as appropriate- 16 hours x ₳384 = 6144

Total ₳12288

Milestone 5,

Weeks 21-29

This phase will include:

  • Testing completed - 24 hours x ₳480 - ₳11520
  • Treasury established - see Andamio Costings
  • Certification element completed - develop the ability to certify participants' completion of the course. Ses Andamio Costings
  • Adjusting Andamio/Edify platform based on feedback see Andamio costings

Total ₳ 11520

Milestone 6,

Weeks 25-34

This phase will include:

  • Course Launched on Andamio
  • Course promoted to Catalyst Ecosystem - 24 hours x ₳360

Total ₳ 8640

Milestone 7,

Weeks 34-36

This phase will include:

  • Close-out report produced - Project closing report, summary, and confirmation of successful MVP. Ready for the next phase of onboarding more companies (clients) and community members - 5hrs x ₳ 480 = ₳ 2400

Andamio costings

Image file

Programme Development and Deployment Costs

Course Development and Promotion

Total ₳ 119920

Loading onto the Andamio platform as a Project Based Learning Course

Total ₳ 125000

Total Investment Requested to deliver working PBL Mentoring Course

₳ 244520

Rates used are average for those in each industry, in Europe. Tech and Content IP in this area are specialist driven and in very short supply.

Link to miro board for full programme overview of modules and sessions:

Who is in the project team and what are their roles?

Harry Hellyer Course Expert, Content Expert

Harry specialises in helping enterprises and organsations of all sizes and flavours, deliver scalable growth based around full-value based, impact innovation. He believes that Education should be delivered debt free - as a basic human right. And his focus is to support people to appreciate, attain and realise their full value. He has coached and mentored hundreds of leadership team members from small tech firms to global organisations, including Fellows at Cambridge University, and Imperial College London’s Education dept. For the last 18 months he has been actively involved in the Catalyst community, working with the Edify Colab team to deliver funded proposals around scalable exponential growth, in F7, F8 and F9.

Yoram Ben Zvi, Course Expert, Content Expert

Yoram has 20 years of experience in entrepreneurship, management, and business development, working with multinational teams. Since 2018, he has focused on helping impact-driven companies adopt technology solutions for community engagement, new business models, and social and environmental impact. Yoram is a cardano ambassador, active at Cardano4climate, New member onboarding challenge team, CA/VCA and overall very active in creating partnerships and onboarding companies to the Cardano ecosystem.

Jude Ugwuegbulam

Jude help’s Coaches & Consultants digitise their customer journey and turn strategic ideas into business assets. Resulting in more leads, more sales and automated support. Helps Professional Practices (HR, Legal and Dental) struggling to implement and manage their data protection/GDPR compliance to gain clarity, control and, accountability.

Dr Julie King, Programme Advisor

Head of the Centre for Academic English, Imperial College London.

Julie is an educationalist and head of Imperial’s world renowned CfAE, and long time Edify client. Experienced at building and providing education modules internationally, delivered both asychronously and synchonously for students and Academics. Julie will overses the process of adapting our course content successfully into the LMS envisonment and Andamio platform

Roberto Mayen-Hess, Andamio project lead

Roberto is a Business and Innovation Manager and brings a diverse skill set to the project encompassing software development, business, program management, and law. Roberto’s experience with early stage startups in Latin America allows him to offer a unique perspective on problem-solving and driving innovation. He’s also involved in leading efforts to bring Cardano to spanish-speaking communities through initiatives like Cardano Sin Tecnicismos and the Spanish translation of the Plutus Project-Based Learning program.

LinkedIn: <>

M.Ali Modiri, Andamio Smart Contract Developer

is a versatile individual with experience in Mechatronic studies and a background in the Iranian young mathematics association. With a cybersecurity background as a malwares analyst and penetration tester, he excels at addressing digital threats. Ali's programming proficiency spans from low-level languages like Assembly and C to high-level languages like Golang and JavaScript. As a proud student of Gimbalabs, he specializes in Plutus smart contract development for blockchain projects. He contributes to the Cardano community as a member of the Cardano Certification Group and an author of CIP 96, while his ultimate passion lies in helping humanity transcend its current struggles.

LinkedIn: <>

James Dunseith, Project advisor

James is a Teacher, Coach, Smart Contract Developer and Facilitator with extensive experience in creating engaging learning experiences and facilitating problem-solving. James has successfully implemented project-based learning and mastery-based grading methodologies. Additionally, he has contributed to developing, creating resilient and reusable components. James leveraged his expertise in learning design and community engagement for this project.

LinkedIn: <>

Twitter: <>

How does the cost of the project represent value for money for the Cardano ecosystem?

Exponential leverage of existing catalyst investment

This proposal is designed to allow us to leverage our existing funded catalyst projects - where we have transposed our proven set of tools and frameworks into a bespoke Toolkit designed to support blockchain developers and the wider community, as they undertake the journey from technical brilliance, to successfully scaleable enterprises.

Now we want to be able to provide those resources at scale to the developer community - and loading our proven content onto the Andamio platform developed by Gimbal Labs allows us to do that in a robust, cost-effective solution.

Our robust toolkit for scalable business growth - once delivered as an online PBL programme will allow developers to turn their tech solutions into successful businesses, more systematically, and with more confidence: supporting them to generate more revenue, in less time, with less stress.

this will result in more successful business growth for more developer teams already in the network

Bringing more developers into the Cardano ecosystem

As this programme is highly scalable it will mean that it can be promoted to other developers within the blockchain ecosystem - so engaging more developers into the catalyst community. Both driving more Dapps on the network and increasing network usage and so overall building the brand of Cardano across the blockchain developer world.



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