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1000 Universities Global Outreach

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Impact / Alignment

How to broaden the Cardano adoption by engaging universities and colleges directly and to enable not only tech-savvy students but all communities for a grassroot level blockchain movement?

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Why is it important?

Lack of awareness makes Cardano/Crypto ecosystem to be biased by tech community, thus not reaching the true blockchain empowering potential

What does success look like?

College-level participation by use case trg of blockchain/Cardano: from Arts for NFTs/Gaming, Legal for crypto regulations, Tech for dApps.

Key Metrics to measure

1) Global number of college trainings organized and number of students undergoing awareness training

2) Number of students engaged in Upskill activities, participation in Cardano/Catalyst ecosystem

3) Number of ADA wallets/transactions enabled and new applications/products built by students

4) Number of peer-reviewed papers added into IOHK by college/professor/student partnerships

Challenge brief

Cardano and Crypto has a serious following as early adopters by the tech community who are also the creators of the blockchain ecosystem. But the blockchain technology is relevant in almost every topic taught by colleges and as early adopters, its important to take these ideas to student bodies in global colleges. By creating awareness training and exposing the students in different majors, the untapped minds be enabled to ask questions about the centralized banks vs decentralizing finance, Hierarchical organizations vs DAOs, Regional full-time teams vs global part time expertise, Plutocracy vs empowering tokenomics, etc. Every step taken in the new blockchain direction will enable a true global democracy which does not enable the "Winner Takes All" model, as community understands no one person deserves all the credits for the entire team's work. By enabling the students, we make them question the big banks through DeFi systems, instead of heading straight into their spider web of deceit and money laundering schemes designed fully to keep "the few UP" for generations, at the expense of everyone else. Blockchain is a revolutionary idea to bring the higher awareness to collaborate for the broader good of generations left behind.

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