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Cardano Adoption in D.R. of Congo

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Bitcoin scams have led the government to take a negative stance on crypto currencies that result in bans and discourage blockchain adoption.

Challenge: F4: Local Community Centers
completed Awarded 6% of the fund.
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  • Junior Haskell teacher
  • Family relations with local lawmaker
  • Access to WADA Network ressources
  • Community Engagement & Outreach


Create a local Blockchain Hub for Solution Design, for both developer and policy-maker onboarding.

Strategic Direction Establishing a Business Center style community hub in Kinshasa will consist of:

Renting a small office in a shared environment with a six-month rent caution paid Invite 5-10 local programmers to gather and learn about cardano (leaders and teachers for future events) Brainstorm local use cases using Cardano Provide basic Haskell training and inform them about other programming tools (Plutus, Marlowe and Blockly)

Marketing strategies

Paint the office to show crypto currencies, with a prominent role for Ada Produce two roll-ups, one for the entrance of the building and one at the door the office. Produce 10 t-shirts with logos and blockchain icons incorporated in a city-landmark.

Target outreach

Lawmakers Journalists Developers Community members Entrepreneurs


Event turn-out statistics Number of target audience attendees Blockly training attendance WADA website analytics

Roadmap Phase 1: First 3 months

Introduce small intimate group of developers to early access training Expand group to community and lawmakers blockchain business workshops Outcomes of workshops: prepare a presentation on the proposed use cases present the applications and benefits of distributed ledger technology publish video on local tv network

Risk Management

Need to secure accessible location at affordable cost

Will look for complimentary funding from subsequent Catalyst cycles and local partners

Negative connotation of crypto technology could discourage in-person attendance

Make virtual portal accessible for those who are uncomfortable joining in person

Budget Breakdown

Location costs $2000 Promotional cost (T-shirts, roll-ups) $500 Media $500

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Proposing Team and Partners

Genty SAMVURA: Hub lead in Kinshasa, technically savy, agropreneur LinkedIn Profile: Emmanuel BAVURIKI: Logistical coordinator on the ground in Kinshasa West Africa Decentralized Alliance (WADA): Starting in West Africa, but rapidly expanding with boots on the ground in Central Africa with this Hub and the Cameroon Hub. We are expanding WADA network into Central Africa, and eventually all of Africa.

Monthly Reports

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