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Cardano for Corporate ₳ctivation
Current Project Status

Aim to present Cardano and the Catalyst platform to software engineering companies, enabling developers to unite as active Catalyst members.


How might we engage software engineering companies to use their State Of The Art Technologies to improve Cardano Ecosystem?

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Cardano for Corporate ₳ctivation

This proposal aims to compose a set of educational materials and visit different companies presenting Cardano technology and the Catalyst platform. We focus on:

  1. Enable developers teams to submit high-quality proposals in Catalyst funds;
  2. Engage qualified people to become proposers, Cardano developers, community advisors, voters, and ADA holders;
  3. Advise new proposers and company teams on how to submit solid and relevant proposals to respond to future Catalyst challenges.

This proposal will contribute by presenting Cardano technology and the Catalyst platform to software engineering companies. We aim to highlight to these companies the opportunities related to the development of Cardano technology, habilitating and assembling developer teams inside the companies that would collaborate as active Catalyst members.

In summary, this proposal aims to:

  • Convert passive ADA holders into active Catalyst members
  • Increase awareness of Project Catalyst as the most active open innovation platform
  • Increase more meaningful participation from challenge teams, proposers, advisors, mentors and voters
  • Encourage new members to utillize the tools and services availalbe for onboarding

The risk is very low. We will present the Catalyst funds opportunities to software engineering companies via in-person and online meetings. There will be no costs for the companies.

<u>Month 1 KPIs</u>

  1. Cardano Fund 8 engagement: CA's and community
  2. Presentations and training Design (planning phase)

<u>Month 2 KPIs</u>

  1. Communication and companies engagement
  2. Presentations, consulting & training

<u>Month 3 KPIs</u>

    • Presentations, consulting & training
  1. Input and feedback
  2. Final Report

<u>Fund 8 schedule</u>

Project Kickoff 1800 USD

Month 1 1800 USD

Month 2 1800 USD

Month 3 1800 USD

Investment 7200 USD

The proponent is an associate professor with experience in connecting Universities and Companies into innovation projects. The proponent is the editor of important scientific journals and this experience will be important for advising and revising Catalyst proposals from companies.

❯ Lindedin:

  • Number of companies presented to the Catalyst ecosystem

  • Number of new proposals submitted by the companies

  • Number of new community advisors, voters, and ADA holders

  • Number of approved proposals in Catalyst funds

The project will succeed if we enable several developer teams from different companies to contribute distinctively to the improvement of the Cardano community. We expect an increase of high-quality proposals coming from the companies to respond to future challenges. We will support these companies through their submitting process. We seek industry-grade ideas to the Catalyst platform through corporate State of the Art technologies.

This proposal is an entirely new one.



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